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Today I am wearing Onda.
I really like Patchouli 24, but it in no way is a patchouli fragrance (Le Labo's Iris 39 has more patchouli in it than Patchouli 24!). Of course, what am I saying, it is a patchouli fragrance that is so well made that its facets are connected with other ingredients to a degree where you cannot discern its silhouette. It is, to me, a leather fragrance. And their Cuir 28 is first and foremost a vetiver one, but that's what Le Labo is notorious for - unlike wines, where I...
The first thing that popped into my mind was Guerlain's Derby - it has just about everything you are asking for, but not so much the smoke.I also highly, highly recommend you try Amouage's Memoir Man, it also has just about everything you are looking for, and this one, to me, is a classic just like Derby. Both of them are stunning fragrances, and I am not using hyperbole. Memoir is more recent, while Derby is a creation from the 1980s, so you might have an aversion to...
Today I wore Geranium Pour Monsieur.
This review makes me excited.
Today I am wearing Annick Goutal's Les Nuits d'Hadrian. I received in the mail today a bottle of Amouage Epic Man and my third bottle (second backup) of older Tam Dao. I don't ever want to be without Tam Dao.
I'm so impetuous with blind buys that sampling before buying is a rare occurrence. Today I'm wearing Korma Kamali Incense.
Today I'm wearing Maison Francis Kazakhstan (or whatever the hell his last name is) Aqua Vitae - very fresh and green.
I'm a quarter of the way through this book. Very well written.
I'm in love with these.
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