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Today: Yohji Homme - perfect anise, which I'm usually not a fan of.
Finished The Name of the Rose on Saturday and very much look forward to reading more of Eco's books. A colleague gave me this to read and now 1/5 into it:
Today: Hermes Vetiver Tonka - this is my favorite among the Hermessence line, with Santal Massoia being the second. Vetiver Tonka is definitely a unique scent that fills a niche for those who love vetiver, but it's also a good introduction to vetiver because of the sweetness of the tonka.
No, I never heard of that line. Just looked it up, though.
Luca Turin made two comparisons in his guide, that I can think of: Coromandel and Borneo 1834 and Sycomore and Timbuktu. These were in the same context that the former perfumes I mention are almost copies of the first ones created but then were improved while keeping the same atmosphere.Tonight: Amouage Fate for Women - best Labnanum-dominant fragrance I've ever tried.
I finally watched it last night, and what a disappointment it was. It seems like Peter Jackson has become enamored with anime and either consciously or subconsciously made this series to mimic the narrative and pacing of many anime movies I have seen.
Tonight I put on some Dior Leather Oud, from a great miniature bottle I got over a year ago and wore it last over a year ago. I'm by myself and can smell like a I finger after I scratch my butthole if I want to. It reminds me a lot of Kouros.
I'd recommend getting a sample of Malle's Geranium Pour Monsieur. What I love about this fragrance is that it is something to grab that is fresh yet not citrus because Dominique Ropion uses mint and what seems primarily the leaves of the rose geranium. It's a great one to wear to dinner and is my go-to fragrance to apply heavily before going on a flight.
Those are some interesting recommendations based on the information given, but your insight and wisdom allows you to penetrate into information available to all yet opaquely missed by most mere mortals. I didn't know you held 34 Blvd St Germain in such high regard - I agree though, thinking that it is actually a modern classic yet not given a whole lot of love in general.Tonight: Heeley Cuir Pleine Fleur - just a beautiful, complex, and very well-blended leather. I love...
Wow, you came to the right place!
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