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Last night I slapped on (spritzed from an atomizer [sorry L'Inc, for poaching your schtick {or is it a schtick?}]) some MPG George Sand - high, HIGH quality patchouli with lots of amber at first, sandalwood (creamy), and to me just a hint of rose.
Today: MDCI Cuir Garamante - an awesome vetiver, but like wines, saying a Bordeaux is an "awesome Burgundy" makes it NOT a good Bordeaux.
This is something that one comes across when dealing with a group of people who, as a whole, do not think critically and have a bad case of intellectual laziness when you see so many individuals spouting out absolutes about something as fragrances. I made a recommendation to someone on a Basenotes discussion that he should let the son, of whose age was in the mid-teens from what I remember, try Eau Sauvage. Another poster found it preposterous, but I abstained from...
I wanted to explore Camus more so I'm now 1/3 of the way through this: Yes, it's about a plague. And people undergoing suffering in manners that are physical, emotional, and psychological, but it is such a pleasure to read each sentence. I always wonder/worry what I'm missing in these translated books - the ones I enjoy, at least - that make them even more wonderful if read in the original tongue.
Last Night: Dzing! - I got a split from here and a full bottle from Basenotes, with the latter having the older non-octagonal but instead round flared cap. Great fragrance and I'm glad I have a surplus. Today: Portrait of a Lady - got some compliments on this one today. Dirty rose, from the patchouli, yet brightened by red berries. This sample has less, though, incense/oud than the bottle I sold. I wish I had that bottle back.
Really?? It's my favorite of the Jardin series, but I'm a big fan of cardamon. The lactones used really give this a focused concept of India in an almond milk chai way.Last night, at 21:00 (for you international folks), I sprayed onto each wrist Diaghilev and I think I'm just now approaching the mid-notes.
I'd like to see him play one on eleven.
I wanted to like the MPG range so badly, especially the Santal Noble and Route de Vetiver, but there is a quality to them that makes me wince - you say they feel "dense", and I understand exactly what you mean, but to me it is like the line emits a rather loud humming olfactory noise that, rather grating on the ears is grating on the nose. Anyhoo . . .Yesterday: Artemisia Ondine - made by an Oakland, CA perfumer and has this great narcissus and petrol-like smell to...
Fuck, what an opportunity by the Swiss.
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