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I'm pretty, pretty sure I fall into the mild end of the Asperger spectrum.
I will notice it while I'm driving to work, so I will then fuck with it until the surrounding skin becomes inflamed enough to where the whisker is obliterated for a little while.
This drives me crazy. I will use a scalpel blade at work to dry shave those bits off. If I see acquaintances with missed hairs, I can not focus on what they are saying to me.
All I ever got in my lunch were a bunch of hickory nuts and a rock.
I'm telling you, his shtick is aspergers.
Ugh, all I can think of is a sandwich made of coagulated blood.
Today I busted out Habit Rouge. I'm sorry, but it's a masterpiece.
"Hey, HORNS, do you watch basketball?" "Umm, yeah - have we met?" "Man, how about those Warriors and isn't Stephen Curry amazing and their coach should win the coach of the year award blah blah blah?" "Fuck you, fuck all of you bandwagon fans, and most of all fuck the Warriors."
New Posts  All Forums: