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I sure am.Tonight I'm wearing Histoires de Parfums 1725.
I love that he's an infuriating thorn in the Lannister's side. And he's playing a game that we haven't seen his hand yet.
I'm wearing Diptyque's Eau de Lavande again today. Very nice.
Tormund and Brienne! I didn't know how bad I needed this to happen!
Today I wore Comme des Garcons Odeur 71, which is about as avant garde as you can get while still smelling fantastic. Tonight I put on a tester of Diptyque's Eau de Lavande, which is a very satisfying and somewhat edible (not gourmand) lavender fragrance.
I tried on Diptyque's Florabellio today, and it is a hologram of the smell of the beach. It's amazing in that regard, but definitely not for me. Tonight I put on some Luten's Santal de Mysore, which I bought 5 mL of from Surrender to Chance.
I 100% agree with you regarding DS&Durga.
Tonight I'm wearing Vero's Rubj EdP - this is just a fantastic fragrance and one which I will have to get a bottle of someday. Passion fruit? Just brilliant combined with the cumin. I wonder if she uses some special molecularly-distilled cumin note because it is different from full blown earthy cumin.
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