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When I have smelled Escentric 01 over the years, I get the smell of the alcohol solvent and then . . . not a goddamn thing. This is the same experience as Odeur 53 over the years.Today was CdG Blue Santal.Tonight, as well as last night: vintage Coco extrait.
gdl called me out a few years ago when I brought this up.
Today I went to Tiger Lily, a perfume shop in the Mission here in San Francisco, and tried on Papillon's Anubis - a leather, incense, and tobacco fragrance with obviously high-quality ingredients. The tobacco is not sweet and overall the fragrance is dry with the incense being a resinous sort, as opposed to a burnt incense. I'd really like to have a bottle of this but will have to think out a justification for putting it into my collection since I have so many incense and...
Yeah, this would make me feel like an accessory to the crime.
This should be in Things That Are Making You Happy.
I sprayed the recently-arrived Russian Tea on a tissue this morning and don't know how to feel about it over the past four hours.There's an accord or single component to it that is similar to Cuir Cuba Intense that is very, very strong and overwhelming to me, and I think it's magnolia.
Pio is a Canadian fact bot.
This morning I applied Tuscan Leather, and this stuff lasts for twelve hours, so this evening I decided to layer over the remaining scent Kolnisch Juchten. What does Kolnisch Juchten smell like, you may ask? Imagine Puredistance M and Patchouli 24 had a lovechild, that's how it would turn out.
Yesterday and today I've been wearing Lampblack.
This was a conversation betwixt your mentes.
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