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The use of "yummy" makes this authentic.
Even his blog is down. http://irohsguides.blogspot.com/2012/03/irohs-guides-8-alden-dress-shoes-review.html
I rarely come to this thread, but I did so tonight to say just this. Not the bar part - you said it so well - but the rest.
My bracket is a dumpster fire.
Damn, I didn't see the shipping.
Dammit, Harvard!
So, looking on ebay, I see the older version (tall frosted bottle) going for $44 and a 1 oz of it for $20. I don't know how old you are, jcman311, and how nostalgic you are for the oakmoss structure in fragrances, but this is a very good deal on a longer-lasting citrus fragrance that doesn't smell dated at all.
It's interesting how the photos of the Damascus buckles you post have such contrast within the metal, between the layers, and what they look like in real life. On your photos, Charlie, there is a contrast of shiny silver and matte gray, whereas with my buckle it is all shiny silver, but clearly and texturally Damascus.
Is this the keeper you are referring to?
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