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Tonight I'm wearing Diptyque Eau de Lavande.
Pics aren't working for me.
Jordan was certainly no slouch on defense either.
Dragon glass.
Unless you have the bottles labeled, I think you have the Heeley and Knize mixed up. Well, even if you do have it labeled, they were probably mislabeled.
"I assume your offer comes with no such demand of marriage?" "I never demand, but I'm up for anything really."
I'm going up to Sonoma this afternoon, so I put on some Les Nuits d'Hadrien.
Tonight I'm wearing Neela Vermeire Ashoka. Don't know what to think about it right now.
Tonight I'm wearing something I haven't tried on for a long time - Kouros. I own a miniature from the 1990s. It's an intense fragrance, for sure. Extreme everything, from the rich brown spice and herb aromatics to the pissy animalics. When I put it on, I had a sneezing fit as if I got soap into my nostrils. I'm liking it tonight, though, after it mellowed out and the musk has less things to compete with. It's really reminding me of Muscs Koublai Khan.
Today I'm wearing Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui.
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