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What a great movie poster.
Shiiiiit, I am thinking about undergoing hypnotherapy to forget about those fucking movies. I want my childhood memories back.
Yeah, as much as I dislike Urban Meyer and Ohio State, my philosophy is that if you don't like them scoring then you should stop them.
Yeah, it's hard to make Oregon a victim considering their history of doing such.
Do NOT worry about notes right now - just let it be a non thinking, visceral experience with each wearing. And be confident in what smells good to you because it really only matters to you because everyone will have a fragrance that they really like, but which many people with more experience will hate or consider mediocre.I apply to my chest.Oh, and Green Irish Tweed is an analogue to Cool Water, therefore being similar to hundreds if not thousands of copycats.
Oh yeah, I forgot about Hinoki.
Por que?
Congrats to Ohio State and their illustrious alumni - it was a great run this year for you guys and you sincerely deserve this title. But . . .
THE world's largest junior college.
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