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I think this would make a great boot.
Charlie, I'm going to need to get a belt made of an olive-green leather. Is there anything in your stockpile that approximates such a color?
That second one . . . goddamn.
Tonight I am wearing Montale Black Oud.
My fave.What kind of leather did you use on this shoe?
I'm wearing Iris Silver Mist today, and strangely enough it is not a cold steely sensation I get today but rather spicy and dirty. It has always had a lot of clove in it, but I'm detecting this in bucketloads today, along with something hard to describe. Skanky?
Tonight . . . make it a Knize Ten night.
Whatever it is, it's going to arrive to you with lots of mosquito bites.
Today, I'm wearing Comme des Garcons Hinoki - a fresh, green evergreen scent. Sometimes it can be too sharp and linear, but on a day like this, with me having some sinus congestion, it's perfect.
New Posts  All Forums: