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My boy is nine months old now and just started daycare.
Do people actually get laid on their first date?
I just looked that up. May I ask how much you paid in shipping? I was going to get the sample pack and the fig candle and the shipping was $40.
Since it is finally summer here in San Francisco, I put on some Dior Granville.
I'm so excited for this season. It's a very important one for Texas.
No, I haven't even though it's very popular. The whole praline note sounds unappealing.
Today I'm wearing Habit Rouge, which is one of those fragrances that could very easily be a feminine. Many fragrances, both masculine and feminine, have an edge to them, an olfactory hangnail, but not Habit Rouge - it's like a well-polished stone with lobes and indentations and curves, but no angles.
New Posts  All Forums: