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Tonight: George Sand. One of the few patchouli-heavy fragrances I like, but I really like this one. Re: Bijan, my father has a half-full bottle of this stuff and it has always been way too strong and stinky for me. I will have to try it again, though, when I go home for Christmas.
Apparently there is because of the ban on oakmoss especially, but rach informed us a while back that the bottles from the 1970s contained galbanum sourced from pre-revolutionary Iran and was superior to what is available elsewhere today.Today: CdG Hinoki.
Today: Chanel No. 19 parfum.
Today: Ouarzazate - I really like the dryness of this one as well as the tea component.
Do you like it, the fried chicken?
You've got your hands full for a while.
Today: Fille en Aiguilles.
Anyone have experience with Fille en Aiguilles by Serge Lutens? I've smelled the U.S. range of fragrances many, many times and somehow this has passed unnoticed until today. It's like a doped-up Jubilation XXV.
This is stunningly horrible. Poor, haunted young man.
What was McCoy's numbers for today's game? Edit: 31 for 47 with 397 yards and three TDs and 0 INT. I don't see this as a bad performance.
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