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Tonight I'm wearing Onda extrait.
Today I'm wearing one I haven't in a while: Bel Ami Vetiver.
I was sent a sample of this one last year. It's certainly intense, but not hippified.
Today I'm wearing Derby. One spray, man, one spray and any more is too much.
https://instagram.com/p/BEHfnbcqoqk/ Sophie Turner is so hot.
Habit Rouge is definitely a complex fragrance - one of the most complex masculine so I own. It's also the most "dandified" fragrance I own. Today I'm wearing Lonesome Rider - I don't think Andy Tauer did anything innovative with this one, but it's hard for me to not like leather fragrances, and this one has a huge amount of good old fashioned birch tar in it. It has that typical radiance that all Tauer fragrances have, which is a unique take on leather, I guess.
I've used for years Vanicream bars - they're cheap, very easy on my skin (which dries out very easily), and ubiquitous here in the U.S. I use Jack Black scrub once or twice a week.
Oh yeah, I try to put on a fragrance every evening. Lavender is great for resting (I go through many Diptyque lavender candles) as well as sandalwood oil. I'll use Anat Fritz Classical because it's such a good lavender fragrance.
Today I'm wearing Dior Homme.
I need to revisit this one when I'm in the shop again. Is it still available?Cardamon is listed as a major note, and I have realized that I gravitate towards this note quite often.
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