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Anyone here? Good game.
Today I am wearing one of the most amazing orris fragrances I've ever smelled: Masque L'Attesa.
Awesome choice, L'Inc. Today I am wearing Auphorie Zen. This is one of the best green fragrances I've smelled I a long time. Very natural smelling.
Today I wore Masque Russian Tea. This evening I am wearing Dzing!
That sounds very good.I smelled a magnificent fragrance yesterday and promptly bought it: Auphorie Miyako. It has an extremely intense osmanthus component to it that is combined with some stone fruit like peaches and dried apricots and then joined to a leather and sandalwood base. I strongly recommend you guys search out a sample and, if you like it, purchase a full bottle because it's high quality and very cheap for what it is - $100 for 50 mL - and will not stay that...
Yeah, speaking of good tobacco fragrances, Journey Man is excellent.
I have a pretty good collection of tobacco fragrances and one of my first loves is the original Carolina Herrera for men. But when my child was born and he was in ICU, there was a nursing assistant who was taking care of my boy who reeked of cigarettes and was wearing this fragrances heavily and on a daily basis - this has changed my perception of this fragrance and I will have to wait a long time to use this one again.
If it makes you feel better, I know on good authority (is that how that term is used?) that many of those people have painful conditions, like arthritis, which do not necessarily manifest themselves visually to onlookers but are exacerbated by activity. There are other conditions that are truly catastrophic, like a diabetic condition where there is an absence of pain which results in stress fractures and the person suffering from that cannot walk long distances.
Last night I wore Vero Rubj - such a fantastic scent with a fascinating evolution over the hours.
I'm saddened that The Onion wont be covering Joe Biden anymore - the personality they gave him has been one of the best ongoing jokes over the past eight years.
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