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Stop wearing so much floral perfumes.
Here's a glass burnishing rod.
Who uses an aluminum spoon?
I also recommend Peau D'Espagne and Eva.
Sorry, guys, I didn't mean to imply that this incident was the only thing that got him banned. From my recollection, it was the straw that broke the camel's back.
Very interesting, guys. Thanks for all the effort and information.
Thanks, guys. What is this machine here?
I just received an Perfumery Notes Kit from Perfumers Apprentice, which is a fantastic assortment of common synthetic and natural components of perfumery. I sniffed through some of them, just opening up the bottles and smelling the caps, and had a few aha! moments when recognizing some of them in some of the fragrances I own. I highly recommend this if you guys want to further educate yourselves as well as appreciating this art at a deeper, more geeky level. I also got...
Manton said to Metro that he would be ashamed to have his daughter date Metro, and Metro said that he would treat his daughter real well. That sent Manton off.
Interesting. I thought I saw a photo that had blades that twisted along a cylinder. Of course those are blades and not a "grit", so my use of the word "grinding" might not be accurate.
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