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I don't know about these. Interestingly enough, those are two that I tested again while I was there on Saturday and they smelled the same as what I experienced before. I never tried Limette 37 until Saturday, and that is one that I think you should smell while you are there as a possible alternative to Bergamonte 22.
Well, my concerns, and my actions based on them, are from the purchase of Frederic Malle and Le Labo by Estee Lauder late last year. These moves are good for the spread of such fragrances to markets that may not have access to such superlative niche fragrances, but certainly by my definition removing them from the category of "niche". However, such changes to corporate ownership have historically ALWAYS resulted in a sacrifice of quality for profit. Hell, Patchouli 24 used...
I am wearing the vintage Chanel Pour Monsieur today.Speaking of "Pour Monsieur", I bought a backup 100 mL bottle of Geranium Pour Monsieur yesterday because I wanted to stock up on it before Estee Lauder fucked it up. I also got a bottle of Patchouli 24.
That's weak, edina - I understand your disappointment, but not watching any more of the tournament? What if you lost in the Elite 8, would you still be a big puss about it?
My scent of the evening is Bel Ami Vetiver - required sniffing .
I love that Ga St. coach.
The use of "yummy" makes this authentic.
Even his blog is down. http://irohsguides.blogspot.com/2012/03/irohs-guides-8-alden-dress-shoes-review.html
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