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What a great performance by the Longhorns.
Today I wore CdG Harissa - such an interesting fragrance. Modern and juicy. A more accurate name would be Gazpacho. It always brings back good memories when I wear it because I bought it at the Comme des Garcons store in Tokyo and wore it during a trip there; it fit perfectly with the hyper-modernity of Tokyo.
This is one of my favorite photos:
Today, I am wearing Dia Man.
Today, I'm wearing Rien, which is a very well constructed fragrance. It leathery, dirty (with lots of civet, but I sense castoreum as well) and powdery iris. It hearkens back to the classic dirty perfumes like Cabochard and Cuir de Russie.
Budapest has to be one of the most underrated beautiful cities in the world.
Today, I'm wearing Dior Homme EdT.
Silver Mountain Water has immense longevity on me.Today, I'm wearing Fate Man.
The 49rs Organization is a comedic mess.
Jesus tapdancing Christ . . . http://www.burntorangenation.com/2015/10/3/9446293/kris-boyd-twitter-halftime-tamu-transer-texas-longhorns-tcu
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