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Very good game.
That's quite the software to do this.
Rach, I remember the dreadful French roommate story, but not the details.
Today: La Fin du Monde - this one has just a fantastic dry iris radiance.
Today was Memoir Man, which has such a good dry-down of incense and wormwood. Last night was Habit Rouge there's really nothing out there like it after all these years of being a classic.
Yeah, that's hard. If you live in Houston, then I think the path of discovering Creeds is reasonable because they are pretty light. I'd also investigate Diptyque for a fragrance. Why do I say Diptyque? I don't know - I have worn Tam Dao over the past few days and would probably say that it would be my signature scent if I had to purge my 150+ bottles.
Me too!
"You calm the fuck down, or you're going to the bench."
I think Conne meant Ohio State College Football Playoff history.
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