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Those are some interesting recommendations based on the information given, but your insight and wisdom allows you to penetrate into information available to all yet opaquely missed by most mere mortals. I didn't know you held 34 Blvd St Germain in such high regard - I agree though, thinking that it is actually a modern classic yet not given a whole lot of love in general.Tonight: Heeley Cuir Pleine Fleur - just a beautiful, complex, and very well-blended leather. I love...
Wow, you came to the right place!
Today: Silver Mountain Water - very versatile fragrance, with the metallic, black tea, and berry notes allowing both warm and cool weather wearing. It's the only Creed I've smelled that's worth owning.
No one I know, either closely or casually, would even know what No. 19 is.I kick myself for not buying a bottle of the extrait when I was in Tokyo last December.
Today: Avignon - I'm 3/4 of the way through the book The Name of the Rose and felt like this will be an appropriate scent to have around me during my immersion into this wonderful story.
Listen, I'm a straight guy living in The Castro, I can do sexual puns til the cows come home. And by cows I mean dykes.
Yes, that would be most likely. Then the spit shine.
I hope he cleaned the neutral-color wax out of the crevices.
I bought it a couple of years ago from a fellow on Basenotes whose relative had it for years. The original price is written on the box and the numbers are written a European style, i.e. the number one looked like a flaccid seven.Kolnisch Juchten is special to me as well, and I remember you mentioning it, plus Bandit, several years ago. I agree with you because of their age and therefore their persistence through the decades that they are in a league by themselves. Who...
Coincidentally, I wore Chanel Cuir de Russie EdC today - wonderful, floral, skanky stuff from a bottle I most closely dated to the 1940s or '50s. It was boxed, foil-sealed, and rubber stoppered until my hands unleashed it. It's stronger, much stronger, than any of the concentrations found today.
New Posts  All Forums: