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I think a good indicator of this game is last year's game between Oregon and Stanford. Oregon did not fare well in that game.
You should get a sample of Santa Maria Novella's Nostalgia as well as Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather.
Too bad for Texas' David Ash - concussions have added up and he probably wont play another snap of football.
White Patchouli sure smells good on a woman, though. It almost requires tan skin for application and evaporation.
The SOTD was Satori Iris Homme and this evening I put on one of my night-time long-sleeve tee-shirts and it was still-infused with the Amouage Fate I applied last night, so I decided to layer over that some Cuir Pleine Fleure, which shares the same cumin-like component as the aforementioned Fate.
And neither should BYU.
I was going to mention those two as well. Va Tech should not be ruled out.
Damn, there are some great games this coming weekend: USC vs Stanford; Mich St vs Oregon.
It was OK until the second half.
Da U is not back.
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