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I like it when Harold Falcon channels hossoso.
Good episode as long as you weren't anticipating a switch over to King's Landing.
I'd love it if Wade and Ginobli got into a flop match - who could be the most cunning.
Let's go Spurs! I'm a Rockets fan at heart, and I certainly enjoyed them outcompeting them in the mid 90s, but I have to go with the Texas team and, well, I hate the Heat.
Watched The Grand Budapest Hotel last night, and delightfully at the Castro Theater. Best Wes Anderson movie ever, in my opinion. Perfectly quirky with lots of dark humor done in his quirky way.
Wow, it's so bizarre that you quote my post and then are wearing Aventus, because today a caught, for the first time in my wearings, a whiff of cooked pineapple in Yohji Homme.
Today: Yohji Homme. It's so bizarre, even still after twelve years of living here, the concept of "summer" in San Francisco. There's not a day that goes by that I don't wear a jacket. Ever. And the idea of just wearing light scents for a span of months is absent. On the other hand, the wearing of heavier scents year round, along with cashmere sweaters is a normalcy.
I like their always-accessible restrooms.
Today: Geranium Pour Monsieur.
You have a great weekend as well.Tonight: Dzing!.
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