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Hey Parker, there's no sales/swap thread on here, but there certainly is one on Basenotes, if you're a member.
Today I'm wearing Comme des Garcons Hinoki.
No, I haven't. I wonder what the percentage of Iso E Super is in Black Pepper?
Those are some beautiful urushi pens, guys, and it's amazing for you to have that many - I'd love to just write with one for a few days!
I think the Amouage Myths Man smells a lot like Le Fin du Monde.Today I'm wearing Diptyque Oud Palao.
Another fragrance I recommend is Lampblack by Bruno Fazzolari.
I've been wearing 34 Boulevard St Germain over the last few days/evenings.
Have you tried Geranium Pour Monsieur?
It's a typical San Francisco misty summer day, so I'm wearing Portrait of a Lady.
Is anyone else reading Luca Turin's Perfumes I Love? I'm a huge fan of that guy and think he's one of, if not the most, important people in the world of perfumery, even though he is not a perfumer.
New Posts  All Forums: