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I'd probably put Bruno Fazzolari's Lampblack as well as Chanel Bois des Iles somewhere in my top ten.
That you would simply call this fiction and essentially lumping it together with every TV show that is not a documentary proves what a clown you are.
Today I'm wearing Amouage Epic Man.
No, you should wait to hear what Ataturk and Why have to say about the episode before forming an opinion.
This evening I put on Nirmal by Laboratorio Olfattivo.
Yes, the Battle of Cannae was the father of many of these battle concepts, like the pincer maneuver and the crowding together of the enemy, but the subject of the article I posted was Medieval, not ancient. I suppose the author should have mentioned in passing the origin of that military strategy, but once again that wasn't the era he was discussing.
Today I'm wearing a heavy dose of Geranium Pour Monsieur.
Tonight I'm wearing Diptyque Eau de Lavande.
Pics aren't working for me.
New Posts  All Forums: