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But that's why the Cardinals lost tonight - because L'inc wore it.
Bullshit pass interference call on TCU!
Baylor and TCU! Great game.
How about Miss State and Auburn? Not as close but CLANGA! CLANGA! CLANGA!!!!
Damn, I need three or four televisions right now!! Lots of great games!
Today: MDCI Cuir Garamante. My favorite bottle:
I do NOT like linden. It's definitely the most unpleasant scent in fragrances to me, but I've enjoyed the smell on trees when I've been in Europe during the spring.I have always wanted to try this line, which is sold at Saks here yet I've never gone through the effort to try them. i didn't know they were that expensive.
Texas almost always plays Oklahoma well despite how much they suck.
I will be there - I have a serious itch that needs scratching.
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