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Today, I am wearing Dior Homme.
Today I am wearing Cartier L'Envol.
Today I wore Annick Goutal's Vetiver - an almost unnerving saline beginning which dries down into one of the best smoky vetivers. Very interesting fragrance. This evening I am wearing Sultan Pasha's Nankun Kodō, which is in my top three favorites from this guy. Excellent opening of Japanese incense and anise with the dryness of hinoke wood. Very soothing.
This evening I am wearing Monsieur Balmain for a warm spring evening. This is a great lemongrass chypre.
Today I am wearing a healthy dose of Guerlain Vetiver in the hopes to pick up any tobacco component, which I do not.
Today I am wearing a healthy amount of Penhaligons Ostara - a wet, green, and fresh narcissus. Perfect for a warm spring day.
SSpeaking of Labdanum 18, it's pretty much the only one that smells like its name. It's an excellent fragrance.Today I am wearing Amouage Epic Man - it's a warm day and I wanted something to radiate.
Today I'm wearing Le Labo Thé Noir 29. Is it tea? Hell no, just like all Le Labo fragrances it has nothing to do with its eponym. It's a fig and actually my first fig fragrance purchase.
Speaking of leathers, I'm wearing Histoires des Parfums 1740, which is a fantastic leather and immortelle fragrance.
Today I am wearing Bruno Fazzolari's Au Dela Narcisse des Montagnes.
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