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That is SO weird - I was thinking about the Cars' albums this afternoon and how I liked Shake It Up the best.
I'm an Affliction man, myself.
You're Hermes Man, aren't you?
Today is Monsieur Balmain .
Today I am wearing the ancient and powerful Kolnisch Juchten.
That was a great game, and at this point who gives a shit about brackets - I was rooting for the Irish. The way those Kentucky players responded after the game is why I love college basketball so much. Many of them are going to be playing in the NBA next year, but after that game they were still kids, and responded to that win with an ecstasy that will be soon be gone.
Today, I am wearing Frederic Malle's Noir Epices, which is a tester I've had for years. It's lovely, and I recommend that L'Inc try it because of its rose component. It also has a geranium that pops up immediately and stays persistent through the spices - nutmeg and cinnamon are the most evident. Something that keeps popping into my head while the smell wafts up from my wrist is an olfactory memory of Kusmi Russian Tea that is in the baby blue tin. This is a very good...
It's interesting, after reading most of Camus' works over the past year, that there's a strong sentimentality in his work - not unlike Charles Dickens. I will be scorned for that last part of the sentence, but I can't get it out of my mind.
Nice! I look forward to hearing your opinion on it.
Today, I am wearing Silver Mountain Water. I really couldn't wear this during the summertime - it's just too strong for me.
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