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You should try, if you haven't already, Histoires de Parfums 1725, which is similar to Invasion Barbare.
I think Myths Man is good, but it's too much like Etat Libre d'Orange La Fin Du Monde to my nose. Today I wore Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui - one of my all time favorites and a leathery gem not unlike Guerlain Derby but for a very small fraction of the price.
I love the candle.
Today I'm wearing Thé Noir 29. This is some powerful stuff. There's actually a fermented/malted component to it that is not unlike Oud 27.
Today I am wearing Amouage Fate Man - a very arid smelling fragrance.
Today I wore Interlude Man again - I'm really digging this scent. This evening I am wereing Knize Ten.
From what I read, Santal 33 is a reconstruction of sandalwood's attributes with a bunch of components that have nothing to do with its namesake. And yeah, I'm a big fan of Le Labo but really don't like Santal 33 - it stresses me out when I've worn it.As for Tam Dao, I own four vintage bottles because I love it so. I get the sandalwood in it and less of the cedar, but many others feel the same way as Baron. Diptyque is one of my favorite houses and I also think that, for...
Today I'm wearing Amouage Epic Man.
Seventy pages into this book. My medieval European history kick is still going.
Never heard of this line and don't see it listed on Fragrantica nor any reviews.
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