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Oops, yeah, it's Tam Dao. I can't see well when posting on my phone. Today, I'm wearing Amouage Memoir Man - it's my favorite Amouage by far. I'm excited to try the new Sunshine Man, though.
This is a good fragrance - not for me, but good. I'd love to smell it on a chick.Today I wore Tam Dak layered with Mysore sandalwood oil.
You should follow this up with Arthur Koestler's Darkness at Noon.
This evening I am wearing Caron Third Man.
Today, I'm wearing Dolce & Gabbana By Man - it's a good, very well-constructed fragrance that has lots of sandalwood but absolutely no sweetness, yet it is quite rich.
Has your faith in the future of humanity been restored with the new class of scholars?
Today I'm wearing Pascal Morabito's OR Black.
Today I'm wearing Gucci Pour Homme, Tom Ford era.
Two more weeks!
Today I'm wearing Bois Marocain. Very good "office" scent.
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