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I'm so excited for this season. It's a very important one for Texas.
No, I haven't even though it's very popular. The whole praline note sounds unappealing.
Today I'm wearing Habit Rouge, which is one of those fragrances that could very easily be a feminine. Many fragrances, both masculine and feminine, have an edge to them, an olfactory hangnail, but not Habit Rouge - it's like a well-polished stone with lobes and indentations and curves, but no angles.
My challenge to y'all is Chanel no 19. There's really nothing feminine about that fragrance.
Today I'm wearing Jasmin et Cigarette.
Interesting. Is it in any way similar to Bandit?
Today I am wearing Papillon Anubis - I really, really like this fragrance. It's dry, dark, leathery, tobacco-y, dark, and quite bitter. It doesn't evolve a whole lot, which is not a problem because it is so textured from the beginning.
I got into an altercation at a four-way stop this morning, where I proclaimed "I had the ride-away no two ways about it!" The guy opened his mouth, slowly closed it, and motioned for me to proceed.
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