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Today: Satori Iris Homme.
Bumgarner has that "country dumbness" about him to not let the magnitude of the situation affect his skills, thus making him very, very patient in cultivating all of those outs. What an amazing performance by the Giants to push it through to become champions.
This morning I'm wearing on my wrist a sample of CdG's Serpentine, which probably smells like if you were standing in this room:
So, did you get to lay your "stove pipe"" into her "barbeque pit"?
Today: Sycomore.
Seriously. Just tell her your a bit boss at a barbeque joint and she'll believe you. I love Patchouli 24.
That was an oddly satisfying with Colt McCoy playing against the Cowboys.
Tonight: Mitsouko parfum.
Today: Nirmal.
I have a feeling that Louisville is going to take the game from the Seminoles.
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