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Traveling today, on a plane, so I'm wearing my plane scent: Geranium Pour Monsieur.
Michigan offered Harbaugh $8 Million a year for six years. Christ.
That's interesting and makes me wonder if this is another example of something that I'm anosmic to.
Today I was on my second day of suffering from the flu, so I wore Lavender Palm. This really is a scam of a fragrance, with its simplicity related to its price, but damn if it doesn't have a great clean lavender to it. Very comforting.
Oh, got ya.
Tonight is Parfumerie Generale Iris Oriental - just a lovely, cozy iris and cardamom mix with a slight sweetness to it. It's not close to being sweet like Dior Homme because of the cardamom, but instead has a powdery exotic spiciness reminiscent of homemade chai made with almond milk. It has a big dollop of honey in it, but I've noticed that there are two types of honey out there in my experience: an animalic one that is closer to the smell of beeswax, and one that...
LOL Cutler.
You know, I've never ever smelled M7. I have lots of ouds, and this is one was on the forefront of that trend, so I'm kind of disappointed with myself. However, it was discontinued before I got around to smelling it and I never had the motivation to purchase a bottle blind nor get a decant.
I like your new avatar rach, and I wonder what inspired you to chose this one since you had the pink dolphin for so long.I don't sell shit now. I fucked up once and had to undo it.
Tell me what he would say about how he's an exception.
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