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Yesterday was Incense Pure by Sonoma Scent Studios, which is a resiny, unburnt incense. I then layered CdG 2 Man over it last night and it worked well. Today I wore Tubereuse Criminelle because this warm weather made me want to smell white flowers.
Yesterday for the opening gala to the ballet: Derby. Today: Coeur de Vetiver Sacre.
inorite? I guess a little speaker like this is too smalltimer for a well-populated discussion on StyFo.
Do any of you other fuckfaces have an opinion on this?
Looks like it was created by Tom of Finland.
Oh, certainly, it's not a crowd-pleaser. It's actually kind of a strange scent.
Today: Dior Granville - a very good citrus for the wintertime.
Does anyone have any knowledge on the Braven 850? It gets good reviews, but I especially like the look:
Is there anything better or worse about AirPlay compared to Bluetooth? I use an IPhone so no big deal on that part.
I'm looking for a new Bluetooth speaker for my bedroom as well as one to take outdoors. I don't give a shit about it being waterproof because I, myself, will not be outside when it's wet and beaches are overrated if you ask me (but that's another story). I've had JBL for the past two speakers, which have been nice, but I'd like to hear from you guys in case I've most likely been missing something.
New Posts  All Forums: