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Happy College Footbaw Season, nerdykarim, and all who engage in this holy observation!
I hope South Carolina beats the barnyard shit out of A&M tomorrow. Jesus, it's happening!! Tomorrow!!!!!
The indoles?Oh, for me today: Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree.
You talking about Tuscan Leather?
There's really nothing like it. All other tuberose fragrances, like Carnal Flower or Fracas, fall short of smelling like a tuberose compared to this one.
Today: wore Comme des Garcons 3 - clean, weird, yet comfortable. I love the magnolia in the first 15 minutes.
I went out and bought a beginner's book to Kabbalah so I could understand this shit.
Ugh. The one I'm wore last night was a sample obtained about three months ago, and I still love it. But still.
Tonight: Portrait of a Lady - soon I will be reunited with a bottle of you. You have this fertile earth dirtiness of patchouli, enriched by oud, yet you continue to emit, hours after application, this juicy lusciousness of rose and red fruit. Just amazing.
I love this threak.
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