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Because of this post I'm going to run a cyclist off the road this weekend.
Harold, I love your avatar.
Poor folk also want to fuck women who look like their moms - it's because it's a known fact that they are all incestuous.
Today I'm wearing Yohji Homme.
MiN and Osswald are good ones.
Not that tiny!
I like tiny little women! She's over ten years older than me but I'd still do something long-term with someone like her. She apparently likes to be left along, so that makes her 90% perfect in my book.
Of course that wasn't part of your Georgia public school curriculum.
Today I'm wearing Mysore sandalwood oil. I picked up two brown eye-dropper bottles of pure oil and put some drops on my chest and then rub it around with my forearms. When worn in hot weather, this stuff really glows at a perfect intensity for ten hours.
Never heard of it. I just looked it up on Fragrantica and it doesn't have many reviews either.
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