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Today, I'm wearing Dior Homme EdT.
Silver Mountain Water has immense longevity on me.Today, I'm wearing Fate Man.
The 49rs Organization is a comedic mess.
Jesus tapdancing Christ . . . http://www.burntorangenation.com/2015/10/3/9446293/kris-boyd-twitter-halftime-tamu-transer-texas-longhorns-tcu
Tonight it is windy and cold and I'm in my cashmere sweater and sweatpants watching Notre Dame play Clemson in pouring rain, so Guerlain Derby is doing the trick right now.
There's some intense dry fruit to Al Oudh as well.
Today we should all be Bulldogs.
DWFII or anyone else here, have y'all ever worked with leather that has been treated with birch tar? Was the leather retrieved from the Metta Catharina wreck a birch or birch tar-treated leather? The reason I'm asking arises from the classic "Russian leather" style of perfumes that have been formulated for centuries, which are all built around rectified birch tar. There are many leather fragrances, but not all are inspired by birch tar - some are based on the historical...
Tonight I'm wearing L'Air du Desert Marocain. Often this fragrance seems too sweet on me, but tonight it just felt like the right thing to wear and I'm so happy I put it on because I'm getting facets that I've never noticed before.
Never heard of this brand. They seem, from a very quick Google search, like an Italian L'Occitane.Today I'm wearing Anat Fritz Classical.
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