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Edina, you work with stats like Michelangelo worked with marble.
Today I'm wearing L'Air du Desert Marocain, which is a beautiful sweet, ambery warmth. It dries down to exhibit an ambroxan note, which I've become quite sensitive to and the main reason why I hate Aventus.
Saw this last night. Very good documentary on the debates between the two which ABC News hosted during the 1968 Republican and Democratic National Conventions. I knew that they were on TV together, and that's the extent of my knowledge, and I also knew of the events that occurred in Chicago during the Democratic National Convention, but watching this allowed me to put some disjointed pieces of knowledge together for a deeper understanding of what was going on in the...
I've never tried this one, but need to find this out.
Hey Springs1, have you ever had a ranch necklace?
Yeah, that stitching doesn't bother me at all. These aren't shoes to be precious with.
Here are the Budapester in olive green and the Alt Wien in brown shell. The cognac suede derby and black shell chukka are coming.
Today I'm wearing Rien. Man, this is a pissy scent and it's amazing that it works so well.
Today I'm wearing Hermes Santal Massoia .
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