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I never even heard of this one.Today, I'm wearing Terre d'Hermes - this is a bottle I bought about ten years ago and haven't worn it in a long time because of its ubiquitousness (ubiqutousosity?). It's such a great fragrance, though.
Aha! I feel satisfied with this explanation - it's hard to argue against this histological proof: https://lordpoint.wordpress.com/2013/12/12/shell-cordovan/ It's not fascia because it's integrated with the skin and not lining a muscle.
You know what, though, you're a good kind of weird.
Oh, and the scuffle between Sam and the two guys over Gilly, and then Ghost comes out of nowhere to scare the bad guys away, only to return immediately to the CGI hole it came from. I could almost hear those two guys making a Moe and Curly sound.
Today I'm wearing Morabito's Or Black - a super dark, modern, anis fougere.
You're going to have the wrath of a thousand Lefties come down on you.
The smug is strong with you.
My great aunt did this two years ago.
So, what shoefan described is fascia, which makes sense to me but I was not going to assume. Do you have a source for this? Muscle does not make sense for me because fibers in muscle run parallel to each other and can be teased apart. And of course I just didn't want to hear membrane and that's it. That means nothing.
I don't believe you.
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