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Interesting. Is it in any way similar to Bandit?
Today I am wearing Papillon Anubis - I really, really like this fragrance. It's dry, dark, leathery, tobacco-y, dark, and quite bitter. It doesn't evolve a whole lot, which is not a problem because it is so textured from the beginning.
I got into an altercation at a four-way stop this morning, where I proclaimed "I had the ride-away no two ways about it!" The guy opened his mouth, slowly closed it, and motioned for me to proceed.
This is genius.
I don't know, Carl Lewis is pretty recognizable.
Being lactose intolerant sucks.
The rot sets in pretty quickly, doesn't it."But it's just a dog!"
Awesome, I can't wait to proclaim my vintage juice to be so much better than the new stuff.Today I wore Odeur 71. I know that Linkadessin owns a bottle of this, but I'd like to know other's opinions on this fragrance. Personally, I think it's a masterpiece in weird, avant garde perfumery much in the same way Lampblack is. Hell, I even considerTerre d'Hermes o be in the same style of fragrance.
My mom is staying with me right now, and each night we are going through five or six fragrances I pull out for her to smell and wear. She has loved Vol de Nuit the most so far. I must say that it is definitely in the running as the most beautiful perfume I've ever smelled. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I use the word stunning to help describe it.
The whole story with Lochte and his teammates' "robbery" just baffles me.
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