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Today I am wearing Hemes Eau d'Orange Vert layered over sandalwood oil.
Today, since it is going to be in the 80s again here in San Francisco, I am wearing Monsieur Balmain, one of the most tenacious light citrus fragrances I have ever tried.
Today I put on some Lyric Man, which I do not like. I like rose fragrances but prefer them to be dark and juicy (like I like my butts) and this one is green and steely.
This evening I'm wearing Borneo 1834.
One game I always find to be boring is Bama-LSU.
The only reason I've ever given two shits about Georgia is because of Mr. G - he put a human face to that school and team even though I have no idea what his face looks like.
These fragrance houses are about as exciting as pop music.
Jesus, Georgia.
No no no, my grandfather was more of a jokester. My brother was a Marine who felt like he had to make himself out to be more than what he was, which is rediculus because all of those who know him are of course proud of who he is/was.
One of my brothers carries a "bug out" bag that holds a bunch of ammo as well as a Colt 1911 and Beretta 9mm. He has convinced himself over the years that he was in Force Recon while in the Marines. I love him with all my heart but it's really, really pathetic. The whole charade. It seems to be a family tradition because my grandfather used to tell us that, in the photo of the raising of the flag on Iwo Jima, he was the guy reaching for the pole.
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