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What do you think about this one?
Good God, a gadfly like Wade is banned yet archetypical yuppie is not?
Today: Silver Mountain Water - I'm kind of hypersensitive today and feel like I smell boozy from a night of drinking fruity drinks.
Good to see the Royals put out a great game. The strike zone was an issue with Peavy, who's made me nervous whenever he's been on the mound anyway. I wonder if he'll pitch again if the series goes to 7 games.
Good hustle, nerdykarim. I thought he was already at UF when he did this.
Today: Jubilation XXV - probably the most well-composed and complex incense fragrances ever made.
I like the video where he punches the dry erase board.
"Cum Dumpster"Wait, whaaaaat????
Good start by the Giants - we'll see if it lasts.
Today: Chanel Cuir de Russie eau de cologne - skanky stuff from what I've deduced to come from the 1950s.
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