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Yesterday and today I wore Mysore sandalwood oil, since it's been very warm here and I wanted that smell to radiate through my shirt.
But think about how you have the chance to smell it right now.
That's the second before the last iteration, and it follows the shaker bottle. How do you like it? I love Bel Ami, which I bought an unused tester shaker bottle for my dad one year and ultimately found another for a great price, but the one you have is literally perfect as well.
What kind of bottle do you own, or is it a sample or decant?Oh, and I ordered the Lonesome Rider from Andy Tauer - it was too good of an opportunity to pass up, and I love orris and leather.
All of the Olfactive Studios disappear quickly on me.Have you ever tried Serge Lutens' Tubereuse Criminelle? It's such a fantastic tuberose fragrance and really the only one I have ever liked.Today I'm wearing Gucci Pour Homme, Tom Ford era.Yesterday I wore Silver Mountain Water - this one lasts a good 18 hours on me.
Tonight I'm wearing Cuir de Lancome, I discontinued yet still easily attainable leather. It's strangely transparent; it is best described by me as a fragrance that could have been created by JC Ellena.
I had to wear Lonestar Memories today.
Wow, nice find! I'm so tempted and probably will regret not getting it.
Last night I wore Colonia Assoluta - on me, after the citrus burns off, it is a white floral very similar to Caron's Third Man.Today I wore Histoires de Parfums' 1725 - it's been cold and windy, so I could deal with this fragrance's sweetness.
Fantastic perfume.
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