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There's a reason why Les Miles is called "The Mad Hatter". His teams are always joyfully chaotic and unpredictable.
Today: Dzing!
What a run by Winston.
Woot! Noles!
Fucking-A! Can I impose on you to provide the link? I've always wanted one of his books.
What a great, great day it is! Longhorns playing this evening, but . . . on the Longhorn Network. It was nice to see Mack Brown on ESPN. He's a very good person, smart guy, and a very good coach that I believe couldn't adjust to "the game".
The now-taken-over Crown Perfumery produced Eau de Quinine, which is a very old style that was produced by several houses starting in the late 1800s to early 1900s, and it starts with lime and the bitterness of quinine (no juniper/gin component) and dries down quickly to a light, masculine powder scent. Great in hot weather and can still be purchased online pretty easily at around $60.He is probably the busiest nose in the world. Here's his list of creations: List Of...
Welcome to this thread. I've smelled Chromexcel leather several times, and I'd say the best metaphors are: tobacco (fine cigars often, conversely, get compared to leather), but specifically for this leather is the smell of wood/bark and the faintness of petrol, from all the oil they shove in there. Chromexcal and shell cordovan both have this meaty, animalic smell underlying all of it as well.
What a shit-show by S. Carolina! That humiliating penalty with A&M scoring the touchdown is just too much.
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