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Interesting. It was filmed with the intent of it being a TV series?
I watched this again the other night: The first time I watched it, I was really, really stoned, and that is not a good situation to be in while trying to follow (as much as anyone could) this movie. I love the way Lynch utilized cinematographic techniques for different sequences, like the pleasantness of her arrival and auditioning in Hollywood being filmed in a "soap opera" lighting and what I assume to be a different film speed as well.
Yeah, I'm a fan of this one. I think it's a masterful interpretation of vetiver, and most either go full retard vetiver or it is too hidden. This one is just right.Today, I'm wearing Sycomore, interestingly enough, and this is one that is a beautiful take on vetiver. Actually, Sycomore is a masterpiece and a top 20 perfume of all time for me.
Today, I'm wearing Lonestar Memories - see, folks, I know everywhere else in the Northern Hemisphere it is summer, but not where I live.
Today I wore Yohji Homme.
Por que? What's so special about the Borneo export bottle?
Today, I'm wearing Amouage Memoir Man. Yeah, it's the export sprayer bottle. No, it's not for sale.
I've had this book for a year now and finally getting around to reading it. After about five days, I'm 300+ pages into it because I am enjoying it so much:
That's a very, very good vetiver.This evening, I'm wearing Borneo 1834. There's very few patchouli-heavy fragrances I like, but I like this one because it reminds me of Red Man chewing tobacco.
Today I am wearing Geranium Pour Monsieur.
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