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This evening: 40 Notes Oudwood Veil - this is a simple yet high quality oil-based fragrance from a California perfumer. A very comfortable scent by having a light, yet tenacious, oud with a little woodiness - think freshly-cut wood from a living tree.
That quote reminds me of the saying (no idea on who said it first): as the island of our knowledge grows larger, so do the shores of our ignorance.
I definitely need to read this.
Interesting! I'm going on the olfactory lookout for that association.I agree with L'Inc, it has that fermented smell to a degree. I really like this fragrance (own a 50 mL bottle) and enjoy pulling it out every once in a while.
Today: Oud 27 - it should be named after the James Gang's song Funk 49.
Last night, I applied a very liberal dose of ELdO's new Cologne, their version of a classic eau de Cologne, which lasted all of 30 minutes on my skin. This evening: Tom Ford Italian Cyprus - big fan of this one, though I still only have used multiple large samples. It evokes good memories of my wearings of the original Polo as a youngster
Big fan of the leafiness of the L'Ombre dans L'Eau. Yesterday: Heeley Cuir Pleine Fleur - this is up there as one of my top 10-15 favorite fragrances, with its violet aspect as well as the cumin note. The cumin is NOT a sweaty, body odor type of smell. Today: Santa Maria Novella Tabacco Toscano - this is not a world-beater of a fragrance, but it is a high quality, yet straightforward tobacco in the Italian style of fragrance making. Very comfortable scent.
Today: Dior Vetiver - the best vetiver fragrance available, in my opinion, with a perfect balance of lightness and earthiness.
Thank you!
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