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Today I'm wearing Dior Homme EdT.
I'm going to watch TCU-Minn on the TV and then Mich-Utah on the computer! And I don't have a paper to write.
Have you tried Chanel's Eau de Cologne? Also, you should try Bruno Fazzolari's Five.
I'm very interested in hearing your opinion of the Dior samples you got.
Today I'm wearing Rien, which is a very, very funky and turdy fragrance with leather. But it works, amid does the job that, to me, Dior's Leather Oud tried and failed.
Welcome to styleforum. I appreciate your help on the arithmetic
Yeah, I have about two wearings left of the Parure I have and really find it hard wear it because I know it will be forever gone with the extrait. To me, it really is the most beautiful of the Guerlains along with Vol de Nuit. Those creations are high art.
Did it happen to be a sample of Parure extrait?Tonight I'm wearing Tobaco Toscano by Santa Maria Novella - it's a dry tobacco, and the richness it contains is balanced out by being an eau de cologne. Nothing complicated about it, but I find it elegant for a tobacco fragrance.
It could be like the Black Numenoreans who worshipped Sauron.
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