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When you go to Florence, this must be a place where you visit, and commit at least an hour because it is a church who's ran an apothecary since the Middle Ages and carries a large range they have created over the many years. And I'm pretty sure they are all eau de colognes and all have a a lighter Italian touch compared to French fragrances. My favorite is Tabacco Toscano.
Very good suggestion, and it's great to hear Patchouli Imperial is considered on par with Coromandel, which is just a phenomenal fragrance. It's also worth considering getting a small 33 mL bottle of the discontinued, yet inexpensive and easy to find, Balenciaga Pour Homme (with the green marbled plastic cap) - it's just a beautiful, deep, rich, patchouli heavy yet has all its cracks filled in with brilliant perfumery. There's a discussion on Basenotes, involving Luca...
Have you ever tried Santa Maria Novella's Nostalgia? Leather and gasoline and axle grease to my nose.But many of those fragrances have too much crossover with Knize Ten, to my nose. Cuir Ottoman, Cuir Mauresque - they are very good (especially the Cuir Ottoman) but don't warrant a purchase because I feel that everything is covered by Knize Ten, including Nostalgia.
I just got a new bottle of Montale Black Aoud yesterday, which is one of the quintessential rose-plus-oud fragrances, so it's quite a pleasant coincidence you would "pop in" in.
I think it's a Tourettes thing.
Yesterday: bespoke scent by Yosh Han - I haven't worn this in over a year and I got this powerful carnation (it's heavy with carnation because I wanted a "masculine floral"). Today: Memoir Man.
I've talked about it a few times. I own a bottle, so it's likely. This is one that I'd love to try. It has one of the most badass special edition bottles.
Welcome back, Rach (for the time being).
You know a perfume component that I'm intrigued by and really like its usage? Labdanum. I think Le Labo's Labdanum 18 is a very good fragrance.
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