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Charlie, great job on the Russet Rentetsu belt I just got. Do you recommend giving it some leather feed right away or does it matter?
Whenever I hear something like this, I am usually zoning out and thinking, "Is it worth listening to this chick so I might get get laid tonight?"
Today I am wearing Papillon Anubis , which is similar to Amouage Tribute - tobacco, leather, and incense. This is a really good fragrance and I recommend those who like the heavier styles of fragrances to try this. It is NOT sweet.
It's all about texture.
I had some root beer with my hamburger last night. It was delicious. Both things were. Also the garlic fries.
Does it have a screw off cap? It looks like it could be a generic bottle for decanting. Does it have anything written on the bottom?
That's what you're going to get!
So, I smelled Vanilla Flash and it smells like Carmex.
Can you, I mean he, make a thread titled All Things Boyzenous?
I'm sorry, guys.
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