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This should more appropriately be placed in the Pissing You Off threak, but I don't get the creation and distribution of gifs that show a close-captioning of someone saying something. Sure, there are exceptions, like the "That's Racist!" kid, but the rest are absolutely worthless at making a point whenever they are employed.
Last Night: Rive Gauche Pour Homme Today: Rien.
I had a cat named Igor, and he was a black Maine Coon. Crazy.
That snuggle pic!
Bunch of my faves recently. James 1051, I'm a big fan of L'Ombre Dans L'Eau but haven't smelled the EdP and I don't know why I haven't. It's a very happy fragrance, to sound like the Bob Ross of perfumes. Today: Comme des Garcons 2 Man.
So, for those who have read up to the latest, does Margaery achieve a widow's hat-trick?
Jesus Christ . . .
They had to get a lot into this episode, so I hope to see more Bronn and Jaime.
Oberyn is so damn awesome, it makes me want to turn bisexual, amirite Neo?
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