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Today I wore Masque Russian Tea. I put on four sprays, which is a lot for this heavy duty fragrance. I really enjoyed the mint today with this heavy application.
Today I'm wearing Etro Gomma. I may have said this before, but I'm enjoying this more than Knize Ten recently - it's less "dandy" and floral than Knize and has a bitter herbaceousness which I love.
Costes is one that I've always wanted to try. I love the color of the glass they use for the bottle as well as the classic stoppered top.
Today I'm wearing Alt Innsbruck aftershave. Man, this is some good, inexpensive stuff. The mint is bracing on the skin and is a foil for the tobacco flower used here.
I wore Egoiste to the ballet today. What was more notable was that someone near me was most certainly wearing Vero Rubj, with it's unmistakable smell that I can only describe as what passionfruit Koolaid would smell like in its still powdered form.
I think I smelled Green Irish Tweed twice in my life. I don't get the appeal of that stuff. Today I am wearing Yohji Homme. Anise fougere. Great stuff for a day at home cleaning diarrhea up from my son.
Hmm, I don't think Salome and Rubj smell alike at all. Where did you hear that gobbledygook?
It's from Diptyque. Better?
Today I am wearing Tam Dao EdT.
What the fuck? I don't remember this. I think of the reporters who've lost their lives in war zones and those who are sneaking around in Mosul as we speak and look at this guy who pulls out a fucking gun when some protesters in probably his home town get too close to him.
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