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Good start by the Giants - we'll see if it lasts.
Today: Chanel Cuir de Russie eau de cologne - skanky stuff from what I've deduced to come from the 1950s.
Today: Chanel Eau de Cologne - such a beautiful creation of a so-often-bastardized style. Tonight: Chanel No. 19 parfum.
"Pussy Riot"?
There's a little skank in the Rien, which pushes it towards Leather Oud, and I think the overall leather is a more vanilla-like version of Tuscan Leather and does not have the fruity smell of the latter.
I'm a Cowboys fan, but not really a big NFL fan. Hell, I'm still bitter about how Tom Landry was fired. I HATE the 49rs and will always do so. Fuck Joe Montana and Dwight Clark. Fuck Steve Young, Ronnie Lott, and Merton Hanks. Fuck them all.
That's a good question. The best way I can come up with an answer is to saying Rien is pretty near the middle of a spectrum book-ended by Tuscan Leather and Dior's Leather Oud.
I've always been a Notre Dame fan, behind Texas of course, but the fans in general are the most delusional group of people in the world - only behind Islamic groups.
Today: Rien - I really love this scent. It's one of the richest and, dare I say, delectable leathers I've ever smelled, but there's nothing gourmand about it.
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