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$7 at Dicks. I beat the shit out of them for 3 years.
I wasn't sure which boots I liked better. I need to get the heel on the brown ones replaced since I've worn the rubber down.
Sadly you are right That was all the charcoal my buddy had and the grill was locked in place. The bison burgers in the back eventually got cooked but it took a while.
Grillin' Insight Energie White Jack Purcell
I really wish I could find some good courdoroys in a length that will fit me. I need a 36" or 37" inseam and no one seems to make them longer than 34". I'm tired of my only options being jeans or dressier slacks.
I just bought this burberry coat: I'm hoping the fit is right. I normally wear a 48 but all they had was a 50.
Quote: Originally Posted by Geste I would recommend, highly, the Oakley "TimeMachine" watch series for casualwear, outdoor, and streetwear. A very rugged design, titanium, and with options for bands and colors. Their popularity is catching on quick. ($995. - $2,000. - the "bling, bling" edition. Jesus if you're going to be a shill at least put a referral link in your post. Might as well get paid for it, you know?
I've been wearing this watch for a few months: Vintage Omega from 1968. I just ordered a dark brown croc strap for it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Meis If its similar to the seiko 5 I have you don't 'wind it,' not in the traditional sense at least. It 'winds' itself using your body motion, so either wear it or just shake it for a min or two every once in a while. Right, but with most automatics you can still fully wind them with the crown. Not sure why you can't with a seiko.
Quote: Originally Posted by wagthesam How do you wind an automatic? I have the military version of that seiko. With any automatic I've seen you are just able to wind the crown clockwise (usually with it fully depressed). I've never owned a seiko though, but I know this works with Omega, IWC, JLC, Patek etc.
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