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Anyone have any thoughts on where one can find a shirt like this one: I'm really looking for a structured, more formal looking denim/chambray shirt.
On this ... any recommendations for buying over the calf argyle socks online?
Wanted to get some suggestions on where to find a paid or brown double monk straps in the $300/350 price range. I spotted a pair by Florseim that i loved, but it seems they were a special edition and are now sold out across the US (I live in NYC). Also saw a pair on Herring (Shakespeare) that appeared nice as well - again sold out. Would love a few suggestions on where I might find something similar. I see Paul Stuart also has a pair - but they're about $100 or so...
I need to rent a morning suit for an upcoming wedding. The only place in NYC that I can seem to find is Baldwin Formals, but their choices/quality is pretty poor. Ever since A.T. Harris closed there seem to be no other options!! Any one have any ideas/suggestions... would be hugely appreciated.
cool...but this post wasn't really about womens jeans (was just a passing idea), rather just good comparable alternatives to Zathans... on that note, any ideas?
So I am pretty picky about my jeans, as I know many of you are. I usually go with Zathans from Diesel, mainly b/c they fit my requirements...low rise, slim in the upper leg and then flaring into a nice bootcut. I have tried some other makes of bootcut (true religion, levis, nudie) but none that really fit me the same and the way I like. So my question...does anyone have any other suggestions, or should I just stick with the Zathans. Additionally, I have considered...
Anyone know where to find a good selection of cowboy boots in NYC? I remember reading about somewhere in the village with a huge selection, but can't remember where it was. Any suggestions would be most welcome
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