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Quote: Originally Posted by Mild Mannered caveat emptor If it is something you can live with, take the loss, and next time be sure to research a sellers history and comments & rating. Sorry if my words are of little comfort. +1... however...."The only exception was if the seller actively concealed latent defects". So if you think the difference in sleeve lengths is a significant...
Quote: Originally Posted by Metlin I was going to say that Jennifer Aniston is overrated, but then she does look rather hot in that picture -- at least for a 40 year old. I can see this thread turning into something else other than being about the RL tie very quickly! And the answer to the GQ question is yes........ she is definitely getting hotter. Perhaps a poll should be added
The devotion to your tie storage (and obvious love of your ties) is to be commended . I would recommend trying to build a smaller scaled down version that could fit into the wardrobe and you could be on to something!
Quote: Originally Posted by stylesmurf I am in the "I hate ebay" camp. Having said that.. I think people are mistaken about shipping times for high volume sellers. Those are the people who have been selling long enough that they have a system down for getting stuff out quickly: whether it is daily USPS pickups or frequent trips to their local post office. It's the low volume people that are slower: because they are busy and they DONT have a system...
Quote: Originally Posted by jz687 Hey, Really quick stupid question.... Can one wear a dark brown tie with a black suit? If so, how? Thanks I think you can make it work if you have the right tie. Found this pic which looked ok? You could always go with a white suit/brown tie combo??
Quote: Originally Posted by Prince of Paisley ^^^^ They probably identify with New Zealand - the kiwis are to Australia what Canada is to the States - the retarded little brother.
Quote: Originally Posted by calisanfran The South Africa Pietersen not there to help the Poms out for the rest of the series. Time to strike. If only Mitch can learn to bowl on the stumps and not 10 feet outside off. Or as long as when catches are dropped .... the umps go to the third umpire! That might help too!
Another Melbournite here. I didn't think there were this many Aussies in the forum.... good to see
I think it's a great idea. Not only can the newbies see the best way to structure their questions but it would probably mean they are more likely to get better responses. There are often so many questions/opinions put out there hoping to get a serious response from members but it ends up in a "who can take the piss" the best competition rather than getting proper responses. This thread would definitely help. Great idea Nexus!
Quote: Originally Posted by mkarim I don't want to start a new thread, but what about when going out? Do FCs look too "business-like"? I think they're great for going out in the right setting. I.e a nice restaurant, a formal dinner/function, day at the races, etc. They will probably look a little bit OTT for anything less than occasions such as these though.
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