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Quote: Originally Posted by whodini I'd go RRL. You can actually tuck a shirt into them and more importantly you give yourself that much-needed non-eunuch space. I'm pretty short (5' 7") so the rise might actually be spot on... who knows?
Somet 003 in size 31 or RRL Low Straight size 32? I like my Skull 5507XX (31) but denim's wearing thin and I should avoid embarrassing blowouts as much as possible.
Quote: Originally Posted by qdevil have people from the USA been hit with custom fees when buying from roden gray? Both times I ordered I didn't get charged. FYI I've ordered a W+H jacket (~500) and a scarf (~70) from there.
I expect you'll want bicycle riders to hem their right leg shorter than their left, then... ?
Quote: Originally Posted by aucociscokid 44W x 30L. Not so large in America I don't think I don't get it.
Better late than never... blazingazn is a wonderful seller, nuff said.
Thinking of getting the fishtail... I wonder how a medium would look on a 5'7" 165lb dude? Athletic build because everyone seems to be "athletically built" on this forum if they don't fall under the "skinny" category. EDIT: I'm probably a true medium at this point, 39-40" chest and all that.
Quote: Originally Posted by srendam I recently bought a pair of black APCs but they don't say the model; new standards or cures or whatever. They feel way softer than my indigo new standards and the button is dodgy. The are also non selvage, can anyone identify this model so I can tell the seller and get a refund? Black APCs aren't selvage. The selvage line exists on Indigo New Standards, Rescues, and Petit Standards (out of the models...
I find your username oddly appropriate.
EDIT: I'm retarded. NVM
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