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I haven't been blown away by the selection here. Austin is known for being casual (shirts and sandals), so looking for urban threads or classic fashion will a challenge. Bows+Arrows carries a small selection of APC. Keepers has a number of higher-end dress-shirts and suits, they're located in the heart of downtown. Nothing exotic. Thrift is plentiful, even a few consignment places which mbell mentioned below. The Domain has the largest selection at that highest...
I received my suit just 23 days after I put in my order. It looks fantastic, I'll be posting photos in the near future.
PM on the 10.5D black clifton
I'm not sure how much I needed monogrammed hand towels, but how could I resist. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade If work were fun, who would pay you to do it? Someone who can make money from your services, I'd wager.
Unending confidence.
Quote: Originally Posted by mtmindc Check out Clae: Revolve also has the 15% off coupon on all the time, and with that, most of their line comes in under 100. Never owned a pair but would've had my balances been higher at the time. I like the berry. I've grown sick of wearing white, brown, and black sneakers. This pair of Creative Recreation Dicoco Lo was the last I picked up and they...
I received my Nagrani socks from chorse the other day and they are amazing. I continue to walk around the office, repeatedly lifting up my slacks in admiration.
To live centrally and be an Austin yuppie you'd have to pay between $1200-1500/mo. The true young elite class is pretty slim in numbers compared to the army of hipsters running amok. Quote: Originally Posted by gamelan so what's it take now on the salary side to be a yuppie? $9,000/month rent in that Austin article seems awfully high even for a yuppie. at 1/3 salary for housing, you'd have to be pulling in 300-400k a year to be considered a...
Breckenridge 471, Small Batch IPA Cost around 13$ for a 6, but one of the best drinks I've ever had, even better than my normal Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA. Looking forward to trying the ESB.
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