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I'm looking to buy some sweaters (it'll be cold soon here in Alaska). Is it better to get one with a loose knit (very stretchy) or tight knit (not very stretchy)? It seems like loose would be a bit more comfortable, but would it lose its shape over time? Does the ply matter? Assuming the same weight, would a higher ply be better?
It's almost as deluded as Renee Ashley Baker's blog.
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay Why not just fill out the forms? It's a pain in the ass for me when I'm shipping several of these a day, and potentially saves the receiver from the customs charges. Quote: Originally Posted by agavilanes If you dont fill the custom form, the customs open the package to see contents and apply fees accordingly. If you want to help the buyer, ship as a gift with zero value. I don't...
USPS requires customs forms on all international outbound packages, except if you're sending only documents. What happens if you send a package without a customs form? If you take it to the counter at a post office they'll make you fill out a customs form (even for documents!), but you can get around this for packages weighing 13 oz or less by leaving it in your mailbox and letting the mailman pick it up, or by dropping it off at any mailbox. For packages over 13 oz, you...
What is the difference between these two? Do you have a preference? I believe of the few that I've encountered French oxford seems to have a softer hand and I prefer that. Is the traditional OCBD oxford, or can it be royal oxford as well?
In The Simpsons episode "Little Orphan Millie": Quote: Homer continues to search for the color of Marge's eyes and when Abe notices his desperation, he reminds Homer of a song he sung to Marge during the early strands of their relationship. After remembering a portion of the song contained Marge's eye color, Homer begins to sing out loud in the air, though when he does not remember the last word (being Marge's eye color) Homer begins to give up, until Marge,...
Is there some sort of rule about how the sportcoat should be lighter or darker than the trousers?
Tell us about the doorknobs.
Or should I be on guard at all times? I've been using some cedar oil package from Wal-Mart. It only lasts about two months. Should I be using cedar blocks instead?
I know clip-ons are for dorks but this is a practical matter for me. I cannot wear contacts and need eye protection while driving. I looked at Frames Direct, but their selection is limited. This is the proper shape, but $60 seems excessive for clip-ons. I will only wear them while driving, so they don't have to look great or have a brand name, just quality lenses with UV protection and, if possible, polarized.
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