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Yeah, I'll probably end up waiting until the 5 comes out to get a 3 LOL Still, I'm jealous of the lawyers who only have to carry around an iPad to read their briefing, whereas I have to lug around bankers boxes full of 4 inch notebooks And the Westlaw Next integration with iOS is absolutely fantastic
GD it! I'm finding myself wanting an iPad now, not necessarily a 3, but just want one. I have a good workstation, and a good laptop....but I've seen the light. This really is a niche, and not meant to replace a lappy. I'd never use it to do any 'work' in the traditional sense (pounding out docs in Excel or Word), but I'm sure there are plenty of applications that would make my work life easier/more productive just like I have found on the iPhone 4. For the folks...
*shrug Doing well w/ GLUU, totally had my ass handed to me in GPXM...but I don't put much into OB stocks. Still it chaps my ass. PIPE is in the works for this one, I just know it.
Sorry, a bit of a knee-jerk. I'm doing well w/ it tho
Ahh good poast. I can't argue with that, but IMO, Alien was better simply because it was straight up horror, rather than sci-fi action, but yeah, as sci-fic action, it kicks ass.
Yes, I read rumors/speculation that it would be a true TV with everything built in (ethernet port, wifi, streaming services, etc.), and they would charge twice as much as the comparably sized televisions out now.I actually like the set top box idea better. Thumbs up from me. I'd never own one myself (I have the Western Digital version of the same thing, WD TV SMP, and it's more open with formats), but since I have such a large percentage of my portfolio dedicated to a...
Alien...come on, I don't think anyone would answer Aliens heheh.
Will be really interesting to see if Apple can do to the cable companies what it did to the record labels with iTunes. "We'll give you this much for your content because we say so...."Also news coming out that Netflix is in talks w/ cable cos to add Nflix as a premium cable channel to compete w/ HBO.
Yeah, I don't think people "get it". feh on the iPad 3, but the new Apple TV is going to be HUGE.JMHO.
Anyone have any interest in Apple's upcoming announcement?
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