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Not a big fan of comics or graphic novels, unless by Jhonen Vasquez
IIRC (how sad is that, I just read his age LAST NIGHT), he is in his mid 30s...but yeah, was definitely expecting someone harder. That actor looks like the weener looking dude in Brazil
Getting ready for 4/1 screenshot fail, I don't do that book on tape shit
Just started Clash Of Kings last night, to have it read by 4/1. I only just finished the prologue, but man, Stannis don't play. After seeing the trailer for Season 2, I'm not sure if that was a good casting decision for Stannis...but we'll see.
Agree, Neo is NUTS for liking AvP and AR, but hey, I did think Predator 2 was a great movie. *shrug. I liked it better than the first Predator even, which was also pretty great. Sad thing is, I remember seeing the end of P2 for the first time when I was lil, where you see the Alien skulli n the ship. I remember thinking...HOW BADASS WOULD IT BE IF THEY MADE AN ALIEN VERSUS PREDATOR MOVIE?! Be careful what you wish for.
Yeah, as an action flick, I give it high marks.
Rumor has it when AAPL announces the iPad 3 and next gen Apple TV, they will be showcasing none other than GLUU Mobile's flagship title, Gun Bros. CEO De Masi the other day on CNBC Fast Money said March 7 is going to be a HUGE day for GLUU. I expect a runup at least to 6 (52wk high) Very excited about ACTC and AMRN too. GPXM turned out to be dogshit, A PIPE is all but a given now. I'd bail on this stink bomb but I'm already down over 75% so I may as well hold out see...
I think you are right Valium. IMO the second half of the second season is shaping up to be pretty damn good though. I mean come on people...it's a show about zombies and you're nitpicking shit like a Star Trek nerd. I MEAN HAVEN'T YOU HEARD OF SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF!!!????
I liked Predator. I loved Predator 2. I am completely batshit about Alien, Aliens, and Alien 3. I know Alien 3 gets a bad rap, but I thought it was a great film, and almost as strong as the first. Aliens....eh, for an action movie it was good but it doesn't seem to fit the franchise. Still has it's charm though so I don't bash it.
+1, Nook Touch is a far superior device, but, again, you can't buy off Amazon.Unless you root it and run some sort of Kindle app on it, which I'm sure you can do but still...what a PITA.If you buy or plan to buy ebooks off Amazon you are just stuck with the Kindle pretty much, unless you want to jump through hoops.If you think you'll be sideloading most of your books, then DEFINITELY get the Nook!Theoretically speaking, one could go to one of those torrent sites, grab a...
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