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I think you are right Valium. IMO the second half of the second season is shaping up to be pretty damn good though. I mean come on people...it's a show about zombies and you're nitpicking shit like a Star Trek nerd. I MEAN HAVEN'T YOU HEARD OF SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF!!!????
I liked Predator. I loved Predator 2. I am completely batshit about Alien, Aliens, and Alien 3. I know Alien 3 gets a bad rap, but I thought it was a great film, and almost as strong as the first. Aliens....eh, for an action movie it was good but it doesn't seem to fit the franchise. Still has it's charm though so I don't bash it.
+1, Nook Touch is a far superior device, but, again, you can't buy off Amazon.Unless you root it and run some sort of Kindle app on it, which I'm sure you can do but still...what a PITA.If you buy or plan to buy ebooks off Amazon you are just stuck with the Kindle pretty much, unless you want to jump through hoops.If you think you'll be sideloading most of your books, then DEFINITELY get the Nook!Theoretically speaking, one could go to one of those torrent sites, grab a...
Honestly I've done well forgetting everything I could about that stinkbomb.
Yeah, I already have an iPhone 4, a sweet 15.6" core-i5 lappy maxed out on RAM at 8 gigs.... the only thing I want an iPad2 for is full screen PDF reading. 200 dollars is my price on that. If it's higher then I'll just wait.
Alien was good, Alien 3 was good, Aliens - pretty good. All the rest of the films sucked IMO.
What? I never praised AvP? That was just a tangent re: Henrickson. Hell AvP was WORSE than AR!!!
Yeah I saw it, and it was total garbage. Ryder as a bot and Ripley as a clone? Come on man...If you're gonna resurrect anyone from the franchise you can only get away with bringing back Bishop, period. And even then that's a stretch. I hope Henrickson doesn't make an appearance in this one.
GLU Mobile running like a champ after De Masi spoke on CNBC's Fast Money last night. Says watch for an Apple announcement on Mar 7 to set GLUU on fire! I'm thinking....when they announce the iPad 3 and/or new Apple TV, GLUU games will be showcased front and center!
You ARE joking.....right? AR, AvP, all that was garbage. Stop after Alien 3.
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