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Good, last I payed attention, they were having trouble in that area.
Sweeeeet! I've noticed GOT tittays are quite nice
I've paid for Doodle Jump, that's about it. But I've spent about 30 bucks on Gun Bros and Blood & Glory IAPs, combined, probably. Has Google effectively monetized their appstore yet? Must suck to pay 4-5 dollars for an app that's 99c on iOS. Not to mention entering CC info on every single purchase.
Do we see Rozz's tits any so far in Season 2?
I'm excited for him heh, I hear he redeems himself, but hell, he was one of my faves from the very beginning. Great character.
Rediscovering my old cheesy goth collection from high school in the 90s. Most of them are stinkers, but a few gems in there. Enjoying (again) Ordo Equitum Solis. Like Dead Can Dance, but a bit better IMO, great to chill to if you are into the Medieval type stuff.
Believe it nor not, in 'real life', I'm not quite like I am here on SF. Way too introverted and quiet to have Aspergers. Also I'm not smart enough, heh.
Mary and Max was REALLY good, but my fiance has Aspergers so maybe I'm biased.Anyway, Rise of the Planet of the Apes....HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, especially if you are a fan of the original! I was really iffy on it at first, still having a bad taste in my mouth from that Burton stinkbomb, but this one was excellent!I even noticed the homages to the original, like at the end when the cops are beating the apes with batons from horseback trying to get them to run into the line of...
So how does it follow the book so far? Almost halfway done with Clash of Kings and haven't seen Jaime yet... Is Season 2 just book 2, or a books 2 and 3 combined?
Nokia lost a third of their customers in one quarter by ditching SymbianOS, WTF? http://www.itworld.com/mobile-wireless/260644/nokia-microsoft-certain-road-death Anyway, Apple would be stupid (they aren't) to release a phone with a screen larger than what they already have. It's a phone, if someone wants a screen, they'll buy a tablet in addition to or instead. I see feature bloat creeping up to screw up this entire market except for Apple. Not being able to operate...
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