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I don't know?
hahahaah FUCK teachers. (I'm not even sure if I'm trolling here or not)
Uh, he doesn't have to. And people don't have to vote for him either if someone trying to run on their business experience doesn't even want to disclose their business experience. So friggin weak, Romney is toast. GOP were a bunch of idiots for nominating him thinking he could beat Obama. Santorum would have been better than this shit LOL.Most likely though, Romney lost beaucoup bucks in 08, had a nice write off that lasted a few years because of it, and the general...
Oh Newsweek totally made her look nuts, no doubt. Thing is, it wasn't that hard of a task.
Of course, that pic is cherry picking at its finest, perfectly acceptable in CE.And they'll probably act like them too.
Woah, that's wack.
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