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Okay Grandpa
This is my favorite book in the entire world
Heh, Star Trek TOS still irritates me on how they randomly threw out Quadrant X and Quadrant Y as locations....whereas TNG was cool enough to actually map out the Milky Way into four quadrants and kept it consistent from that point forward.
Nah, these books read FAST. I'm only reading the second for now.
Moon and Children of Men were absolutely in-fucking-credible. And I'm a child of the late 70s. I'm not saying AvP was crap because it wasn't of my generation, but because it was just crappy, IMHO.Hell, I'm the biggest Star Trek nerd I know, and I LOVED the reboot. Speaking of which, I'm rather depressed I can't afford tickets to see Shatner when he comes to Houston. Covering Bohemian Rhapsody with King Crimson....wow!!!
Ultra Lounge series is really good http://www.amazon.com/Mondo-Exotica-Ultra-Lounge-1/dp/B000002TWF
The Animated Matrix stories have stood up to the test of time rather well IMO.
Don't know if there is a specific "chill" genre with it's own bands, if so, sorry...but here's what I like to chillax to. Favorite album by each is linked. Future Sound of London http://www.amazon.com/Isdn-Future-Sound-London/dp/B000003RWM Boards of...
Nope, wifi only means you can only connect to a wifi network. Only your standard internet charges will apply, and if you are at a Burger King or coffee shop, you'll connect for free.
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