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No, this is the Oh My!http://www.forbes.com/sites/ericsavitz/2012/03/28/glu-mobile-spikes-is-the-company-a-takeover-target/?partner=yahootixShorts are going to get Ned Starked now. Broke 5 dollars this morning like nothing.
Thoughts on Akami (AKAM)?
Argh, you all know how much I love GLUU, but SA are a bunch of pumping assholes. I bet this article is in response to Fool.com's bashing. They seem to do this often. Fool bashes GLUU, SA comes in a day or two later stirring up buyout rumors. I'd like for the daytraders to leave this stock already, but with the low float and high beta, no chance. At least until profitability I guess.
7" iPad mini? Why? Why not just drop the price of the iPad 2 even more? Maybe it's personal bias, but those 7" screens just don't do it for me.
I say get one from Oberon Design....they are friggin sweet
MetroUI looks like a dog to me, but I'm very excited about getting Windows 8 on my lappy...that is....if I can turn off Metro and go back to the old Start Menu.
I'd rather have a tablet with a crappy attached keyboard that runs some sort of Microsoft operating system so I can have fun spending hours a week dicking around with settings to get it work properly. Recs?
Yeah, wasn't sure about that. Pulled the trigger on the grey polarized. First order from Zennioptical.com, I'll reply when I get them to comment on quality vs. price. Been meaning to order from these guys for years, but have been dragging my feet updating my prescription until now.
The Dentist with Corbin Bernsen
Thanks guys. Bottom right is what I have picked out for frames so far.... http://www.zennioptical.com/?q=366621 I'm thinking now Grey tint 65% with polarization. I may later on get another pair with the same frames with 65% Brown polarized for everyday use....depending on the quality of the Greys when they come in. Or....are brown lenses a sytlistic no-no on black rim frames?
New Posts  All Forums: