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Wow, contentious just for the sake of being contentious. I'll pop in the special feature disk when I get home and I'll tell you exactly what it is. IIRC, it was actually a British documentary about the show, interviewing the writer/producer who commented on the small audience size saying he believed it was because the cast was majority black.If not the British doc, it's the other one I have.
Shut up, Joffrey
Henry and TX Chainsaw, nuff said.
Evidence is on one of the special features documentaries about the show
Black Books ruled, highly recommended. Also streaming Black Adder, another great Brit show. Way better than all the other garbage with Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry
+1, I'm enjoying it now even more than I did during my childhood, since I can understand the jokes now heh.
Got my setup all done now, quite happy with it. Pretty far from audiophile quality but I love it. Pioneer 1021-K. Best receiver I've ever owned. Setting up was surprisingly easy with the included microphone. Got a WD TV SMP hooked to it via HDMI, DVD and VHS hooked up via composite. I really like being able to use my iPhone as a remote control for the 1021 and WD TV. And I just realized last night after downloading the AirPlay remote for my phone, that I can now use...
Believe it or not, the majority black cast turned off A LOT of people during the run of the show.
Nope, I didn't know most of the actors were Brits until well after I had finished watching. Well written, very well acted, great show. I just figured their nationality would endear you to the show.
+1, best show ever written
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