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HUGE Alien fan....HUGE Giger fan...I'm jerkin the gerkin waiting for this one.
GLUU about to be mentioned on "Fast Money" on CNBC. Hope this brings volume tomorrow. Closed down for no reason, but, reverse head and shoulders pattern intact. Last time I held a stock that precipitously dropped like this for no reason was International Steel Group the day before it was bought out by Mittal Steel. Maybe I'll get lucky with some big news in the morning. heh.
I'd place my money on it being adrenalin pumping from being chased by zombies rather than some sort of miraculous healing, but hell, ya never know.
Terrible news in GPXM today, entered into a 20M term sheet, details undisclosed. I smell a PIPE coming on. This stock turned into a real piece of shit for me.
Sweet, ya lucked out. I want a mobile device/ereader that will allow me to read 1) Federal court filings, and 2) PDFs of all the old D&D and other RPG games I've scanned from my collection over the years. Look like total crap on the small Nook screen, and zooming is very slow and frustrating. Unfortunately I'm going to have to wait for the price of iPads to come down.Anyway...Conne, you really should cancel your order and get the Touch.
Good news, I'd like to get an iPad 2 if they are cheap enough.
You can't change text size on a PDF as you would an epub or mobi, so you're stuck with zooming in and out, which is very cumbersome on an e-ink reader.
Just noticed this post Arthur....why did you switch? I wouldn't give up my P7M13 for the world
Yep, but he wasn't exactly a threat when he fell on that fence. If it was me, I'd have told him to close his eyes, I'm going to remove him from the fence, then popped him in the head putting him out of his misery. But....I do see where Rick is coming from not wanting to just off him. I wouldn't imagine it's that easy to just kill someone who is unarmed and no threat to you. Maybe I wouldn't do it after all....dunno.
New Posts  All Forums: