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Yep. From both parties.
I just can't get over the irony of the Right trying as hard as they can to always paint the Left as monolithic, yet get all butt-hurt and defensive when the same is suggested of them. It's a laugh RIOT haha
I'd like to know, had Trayvon been armed, and had simply shot Zimmerman after following him, couldn't he just declare SYG? edit: Has a black person ever successfully used a SYG defense in Florida? Ever?
I'm probably going to do this, but SS confuses me with how much weight to be using starting out. I may do a hybrid SS / StrongLifts since I like the idea of starting with the bar and adding plates every workout of StrongLifts, but 5x5 is just too much for me. May try that with 3x5.
+1Perhaps to drive tuition down we need an higher education mandate
Yeah that was pretty good, but man I'm so sick of seeing Clinton.
Too bad he's dead...
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