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Believe it or not, the majority black cast turned off A LOT of people during the run of the show.
Nope, I didn't know most of the actors were Brits until well after I had finished watching. Well written, very well acted, great show. I just figured their nationality would endear you to the show.
+1, best show ever written
I figured even a nationalistic Brit would like this show, since like 90% of the actors were taught at that London acting school
Me too, but I find the idiocy to be completely believable. Hell, if the show was to be made more realistic, they'd be even more stupid, not less.
If you want to try D Adams, I liked Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency better than Hitchhiker....but I couldn't finish that one either, heh.
Check Glu Mobile, Inc. They share board members with GOOG
Hah! Of the 16 apps, all but 4 were provisionals. Task done w00t. I work for an IP law firm as a legal assistant. Me no smart enough to work for the USPTO
Ahhh I'm on bitch duty, not reading them but printing them, making copies, scans, etc etc. Gotta get ready for a theft of trade secrets gig coming up on Monday. Fun fun. But in 2 mintues I'll be away from the PC for the remainder of the day
That article provided a pretty good summary, hell, wireless charging....should summarize itself. If you want me to look at it, and give my worthless opinion, I will, but later, not now. I have 16 patent apps to go through for work right now.
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