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Saw the Doom Generation years ago when it came out. Gonna check out the other two flicks in Arraki's trilogy.
LOL yeah but not quick enough to identify the problems say, during the interview when you are given time to ask your own questions.
Sounds like OP wouldn't like any type of job, but I'm probably reading too much into it.
2011 at close to the high lol
I'd like to have a beer with John C. Dvorak, so I'd have the opportunity to bitch slap him
Great as Littlefinger is, Carcetti was a more three dimensional, and more interesting character. Keep in mind I'm only halfway done with Clash of Kings so far. But so far Littlefinger is just a master manipulator. Carcetti (at least starting out when he ran for mayor) was idealistic and wanted to enact positive change.
He's even better in The Wire as Carcetti
Hate to say yeah buy it only to see it immediately go down for ya, that's how it works with me. I bought last year at a little over 5 only to watch it fall to 1.80 LOL. If you can stomach volatility go for it, if not, avoid. If you like to trade though, seems to be a great stock for that.
I thought it was meh until I did a little research and saw how big the Deer Hunter franchise is. Also, GLUU is paying royalties for the franchise until Sept. 2015, so this isn't costing us any cash or shares.When we hit profitability this year, it will be with 0 debt and around 30 million cash in the bank.edit: Whatever it takes to get us closing above 5 a share will make me happy, should be blastoff after that IMO.
+1Then again, the sex scenes don't seem out of place in the books as they do the show.
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