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On an Argento kick. Suspiria last night, probably Opera tonight.
Yep that's why I asked....can ya follow something like say Deadwood, but not GOT? I read the first GOT novel as I was watching the show...so I can't really say GOT was confusing to me, I actually somehow timed it to where I stay just ahead of the show while reading the book all the way until the end. Deadwood was a little hard to follow in parts, but was so fascinating to me I ate it up. Carnivale.....well....it's my favorite show that ever aired, and I still can't...
I can see this....since this is an epic fantasy series, you are going to have tons of characters to keep up with, plot twists, all that.But then again....I have to ask, did you enjoy any other HBO shows? Deadwood, Carnivale, Rome? Maybe not all of those I listed were quite as intricate as GOT, but still pretty damn intricate and possibly confusing (especially Carnivale).
Nothing else needed, this receiver has AirPlay built in, I don't even know what an AirPlay Express is. Just plug the receiver into your router (a wifi adapter costs extra, luckily my router is on my stereo shelf so hardwiring isn't a problem for me, then once your iPhone connects to your wifi network, you are set). I have one app for my phone that controls the receiver "iControlAV2", and the app called "Remote" that allows me to stream my iTunes library from my laptop...
Yeah, I guess so. But Henry Lee Lucas was real. Well, actually....I don't know if I'd consider either of them horror...but still both great movies so who cares
Wow, contentious just for the sake of being contentious. I'll pop in the special feature disk when I get home and I'll tell you exactly what it is. IIRC, it was actually a British documentary about the show, interviewing the writer/producer who commented on the small audience size saying he believed it was because the cast was majority black.If not the British doc, it's the other one I have.
Shut up, Joffrey
Henry and TX Chainsaw, nuff said.
Evidence is on one of the special features documentaries about the show
Black Books ruled, highly recommended. Also streaming Black Adder, another great Brit show. Way better than all the other garbage with Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry
New Posts  All Forums: