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Pardon my HuffPost, but their headlines bring the LULZ so I try and check in every once in a while.hahahahah!!!!http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/18/mitt-romney-tax-returns_n_1682539.htmlI think for damage control Romney should bring up Rev Wright again....so Obama can bring up Kolob.
Hey, if the old man wouldn't have done anything, and the robbers shot some customer, who would have then given birth to the next Hitler, what then?
Romney doesn't appear to be willing to do either.... I mean, I really *want* to believe Romney was born in the US and not Mexico, but damn, he only releases that Certificate of Live Birth, so now I don't know what to think about that Mexican...!
Started on this last night, really good so far, and a really easy read.
It's because Rick Perry is gonna beat him up if he pulls some QE shit again.
Not as good as it could have been....the Asian dude isn't nearly FOB lookin enough. That can still be considered an American Batman
Fuck yeah FL, this old man is what makes America great
I'm such a badass memer!
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