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Alien...come on, I don't think anyone would answer Aliens heheh.
Will be really interesting to see if Apple can do to the cable companies what it did to the record labels with iTunes. "We'll give you this much for your content because we say so...."Also news coming out that Netflix is in talks w/ cable cos to add Nflix as a premium cable channel to compete w/ HBO.
Yeah, I don't think people "get it". feh on the iPad 3, but the new Apple TV is going to be HUGE.JMHO.
Anyone have any interest in Apple's upcoming announcement?
+1, if they really NEED human characters to anchor the audience, make sure they don't suck ass.
eh...1. it's Ridley Scott2. Star Trek managed a decent prequel, if you could call it that.I'm hinging my hopes on those two items.
Eh, I love(d) Argento....until I saw what he's doing with Dracula 3D...omg what a stink bomb haha. He's really lost it.John Carpenter though....still going strong, still making badass flicks. Cigarette Burns...highly recommended.
Not a big fan of comics or graphic novels, unless by Jhonen Vasquez
IIRC (how sad is that, I just read his age LAST NIGHT), he is in his mid 30s...but yeah, was definitely expecting someone harder. That actor looks like the weener looking dude in Brazil
Getting ready for 4/1 screenshot fail, I don't do that book on tape shit
New Posts  All Forums: