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Exactly how big of a No-No is this? Being a short dude who doesn't have any short dude ties, they are either going to A) extend slightly past my belt buckle or B) have the back of the tie extend pass the front, and I don't want to have to tuck it into my pants or shirt, I hate that crap.
Bass Plaki For dessert, Tiramisu e-juice.
He considers himself a Libertarian - social liberal, economic conservative.
+1 Great movie. Why they made Frank an American I dunno but still an excellent film.
Not really. My fave porn babe is Ava Devine and she's a total skank. I love her enthusiasm. And yeah, I've seen a few of her vids. Not bad.
Are you telling me Willow wasn't good? LOL I don't think anyone would choose to have Virgo Morgenstein having their back over Mad Martigan. Plz.
I don't even care about this show anymore, I'd just like to see more nekked Sahara Knite.
They should change the name to Doctor Blows. Seriously. No Tom Baker = suckfest.
How could it not suck? LOTR trilogy was garbage too and this was obviously set to be much worse. Maybe it would have been good if Ron Howard directed it. At least Willow wasn't a snooze fest.
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