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Thought it was pretty good. Eugene being full of crap I had already assumed, but what had me wondering was why Abraham bought into it all; now I know. Pretty cool. Also, death by Pork and Beans, can't beat that. The bus flip scene was hard to swallow, but then again so is a zombie outbreak. It really didn't bother me.
Did you get the Panzer? What's the voltage drop like? I just did my first build on the GP Heron clone I got, come out to about 1.5 ohms. Really good flavor, but the draw is kinda tight; that's the tradeoff I guess. I also like that it screws directly into 20x1mm threaded tubes without the need of a 510 connector. Perfect fit every time w/o dicking around with pin adjustments.
Didn't read the comic but I'm surprised over the gov hate. I thought David Morrissey did a great job.
Yeah, that pawn shop katana hanging on your wall MIGHT cut the burglar before the blade snaps and flies back into your face.
You could absolutely put a Protank on a mech. Those Panzers look pretty nice by the way! Not exactly my style, but I know they are highly thought of. I just don't go for the sectional mechs; I like solid tubes of differing sizes...but that's just a matter of preference. Thing is though, as I'm sure you know, you cannot adjust the voltage on a mech, so your adjustments will have to be done on the coil. I'd actually recommend against getting a Protank though. Kanger...
Actually, since Michael Shannon is one of my favorite actors now that I've seen Take Shelter, I may fight through Boardwalk just to see him.
Oh I get my digs in when I can. Mainly IRL when my con tard friends con tard out.You do realize you are talking to King Troll right
I guess I shouldn't judge him. I like to constantly rag on superhero crap and its fans. Like when everyone freaked out about Affleck playing Batman, my response was IT'S A GUY IN A FUCKING BAT SUIT WHO GIVES A SHIT?
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