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First 2 seasons of Oz were television perfection. After that...it got ridiculous real fast. But yeah, it's definitely worth watching and still holds up to this day as a not so nice metaphor for American society at large.
True....okay then.......at least there's Oz. I always wanted his ass dead in Oz. Even though his death ended up being tragic, as dumb as that story arc was.
No way.He redeemed himself in The Wire, but it was very hard to like him after that stunt they pulled very early on at the towers.
The preacher needs to die, the preacher needs to die...pfft. Find me one role Seth Gilliam played where you actually weren't rooting for him to die?
Lobster deviled eggs, lamb chops w/ mint jelly, crab mac and cheese, several dirty vodka martinis, slice of key lime pie at Pappas Bros. B-day dinner. Figured I could spurge since I've been living off Monks Bowls the last few weeks.
Indeed, I always poo-pooed the black suit naysayers and it turns out you guys were 100% right.
It was pretty funny, but I doubt the rage is as widespread as I thought initially. Looks more like just a handful of goobers.
I used to think black was fine for certain things. Then I got a charcoal suit and found it superior in every way, even on occasions where I would normally wear black.
There is the usual online rage from the usual group of Twitter retards.
I think it's hilarious parents are upset over this show because of the gay kiss scene. "Now I can't let my kids watch TWD anymore!" Yeah, that makes sense. Carl almost getting gang raped by pedos is all good, but don't show no queers.
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