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Name once where GRMM employed a Deus Ex Machina in ASOIAF.
So which is more realistic to ya, Star Trek or GoT? Anyway forgot to mention, Stannis was a half-swording badass during the Battle of Blackwater with his 2 handed sword.
Maybe you can write a blog over the inaccuracies of combat in Fantasy Land. And two handed swords were used for hacking and slashing as well as the half sword technique (Which I believe was employed by Jorah against one of the horsemen in season 1 or 2 while using his arming sword)Perhaps GRRM should also footnote every novel to give Oakeshott typologies for every blade used. That way Westeros is completely historically accurate, with dragons, giants and all.
I'd still make the little fucker fly.
This was what I got from the books/show.She was crazy but in a paranoid way. If she's erring on defense, I'm sure it was on the side of caution to protect her creepy son.
I thought they made it pretty clear by now no siege on the Vale would be successful?
Danke Schon
The strap on my Stowa Antea KS I got in 2006 isn't aging too well. Can I just get any 18mm strap for this, or is it somehow proprietary? I'm not much of a watch guy, so pardon the stupid question. Hot damn, this is a thousand dollar watch now. I didn't pay half that back then I don't think.
What's the length of the manu warranty? I'm assuming the 5S is still covered.
I imagine so. I also didn't like the Iron Bank scene. Does the bank actually throw in with Stannis in the books?
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