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Wait...what? The way the film ended was the best, most honest way to end it. It was perfect start to finish.The film was a big ass metaphor for American middle class financial anxiety after all. [[SPOILER]] Jeff Nichols has quite a career in front of him.edit 2: It was also refreshing to see mental illness portrayed in a non-exploitative...even compassionate, way. Kudos to Nichols for that.
This was filmed in Houston, and many of my theater club friends from HS were in it as extras / bullies at the school.edit: It was still a friggin stupid ass movie.
A little while ago in this threak I was trolling someone or other challenging him to post one example of GRRM employing a Deus Ex Machina in ASOIAF, me having one in mind at that moment. I haven't seen the episode yet, but the online rage at a certain character's exclusion lends me to believe the show stripped that example I had in mind, which is pretty awesome.
Gotta love Princess Teegra
Yeah, Dany is hot, but Clarke w/ the red lipstick and dark hair OMFG
Holy crap...I need to get that movie. Anyway, I know my tastes are all fucked up. I still get the most boned up over Bronn's whore right before Blackwater.
Melisandre > Missandei, WTF is wrong with yall Indira Varma (Oberyn's consort) is definitely hot. I remember enjoying her in HBO's Rome, although she was overshadowed by Atia (Polly Walker)
If I'm going to settle for ONE fantasy babe, she better be right off a Frazetta painting.
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