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Woah....Dillahunt would be AWESOME
It didn't seem like 90 mins. Good episode all in all. Agree it was like BB's Air. I'd like this Durand guy as Negan, would be a good choice.
The only thing that can save The Walking Dead is if they all start wearing black suits, all the time.
Hell yeah one of those rare instances where the sequel is better than the original! Probably some of the best cinematography I've ever seen as well, being able to make someone standing perfectly still seem like he's kicking 3 peoples' asses at once.
He saved them from the handful of zombies that made it in when some dumbass Alexandrian forgot to shut the gate at the end of last season; a handful of zombies that the Alexandrians were completely incapable of handling themselves.I'm sure you're a strategical mastermind like General Patton, but, most people aren't, and overall, Rick has done well as the leader of his group.If you want to see a good movie where the hero never makes a bad decision, never gets hurt, and...
He's teetering, if not already into Shane territory, but you can't really fault him for that. Don't see how Rick brought ruin to the Alexandrians. They'd all be dead already if not for him in the last season finale. Watching them attempt to take out Rick's group would be entertaining though.
Oh I'm fully resigned to the fact that in all likelihood Glenn lives, I just think it's stupid. At least bringing back Jon Snow's dumbass makes sense...
Glen needs to be dead. I love defending this show because I think most of the complaints are nitpicky comic book guy crap, but having Glen survive what happened really would be shit writing. I don't buy these Nicholas fell on top of him conspiracy theories either. It was obvious they were eating Glen. Feh. The most interesting part of the episode to me was Rick inside the RV. Rick = Shane now.
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