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Legal prosecution? I'm not Mr. Robot here, just trying to mask my IP address.
Somewhere I probably shouldn't mention.https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/ is 40 bucks a year, just saying.
Anyone catch the GoT ripoff shows coming out lately? Here's my take: Bastard Executioner - very lame, only started getting good during the season finale, then it was cancelled. Stephen Moyer was so good though, he alone kept me watching through this boring slogfest. Last Kingdom - pretty good actually! Would be a lot better if Alfred would just have Uhtred executed and be done with it already though.
If I didn't already spoil it myself I'd be pissed at you right now.
This episode was feh.
LOL did ya forget about the whole time at the farm?
It was bad enough the PC police made them cast so many black actors, like there's any black people in Georgia or DC, LOL
Is the show giving you uncomfortable, confusing urges? :/
This Is England 90s....wow.
New Posts  All Forums: