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Yes, unfortunately they won't even give me read only access.
What's a good streaming show on Nflix that is not based off a comic book?
Not really, actually not at all.
I still don't understand why a VPN won't protect you. It hides your IP and IP is how they find you. If you get caught here in the states your ISP will send you a warning letter and I think you have 3 strikes before they cut off your connection.Only notifications I get from my ISP are when I breach my data cap.PIA also has a nice little client that has "leak protection" or some such. If the VPN server drops, your internet connection is immediately cut off.Anyway,...
Legal prosecution? I'm not Mr. Robot here, just trying to mask my IP address.
Somewhere I probably shouldn't mention. is 40 bucks a year, just saying.
Anyone catch the GoT ripoff shows coming out lately? Here's my take: Bastard Executioner - very lame, only started getting good during the season finale, then it was cancelled. Stephen Moyer was so good though, he alone kept me watching through this boring slogfest. Last Kingdom - pretty good actually! Would be a lot better if Alfred would just have Uhtred executed and be done with it already though.
If I didn't already spoil it myself I'd be pissed at you right now.
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