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Everyone is pretty irrational, that wasn't the first dumbass thing that someone did and won't be the last. As far as the prison goes, it was pretty clear if the gov didn't get it, no one would. He didn't just want the prison he wanted revenge against Rick and Co.So who's gonna win Best Actor this year, Vin Diesel or The Rock?
After so many months finally picked Salammbo back up on Sunday night and finished the last 2 chapters. WTF. Flaubert goes from sheer brilliance with Madame Bovary to this garbage. At least I finished it though. I guess Robert Graves spoiled me a bit too much as far as historical fiction goes.
Messiah was often critiqued for focusing too much on the politics / plots within plots, etc. and not having as much action as Dune did. That's actually why I preferred it. Seems people hate God Emperor for the same reason, so I'm very excited for that one. I liked Children about as much as Dune.
Great episode IMO. TWD is far from perfect, but I don't get all the hate. I bet all you haters think shit like Fast and the Furious is Oscar-worthy.
There was a ton of plot and character development in Oz, you're nuts. You get desensitized the the male nudity and constant rape after a while. I remember liking O'Reilly and Adebesi's interactions most...and how for a time they played each others' races/gangs against each other for their own profit. Back to TWD...I can't wait for the finale, hope Rick/Neo-Shane offs that whole group.
I liked Children of Dune quite a bit...but my opinion probably doesn't mean much being that my favorite of the 3 I read so far was Dune Messiah, the least liked Dune novel written (by Herbert).
Not impressed with this one. Had such high hopes being such a Herzog/Kinski fan, and was kinda embarrassed I haven't seen this one before the other night. Ugh. I'll just say...this was no Fitzcarraldo.
I'm about to end my 15 year break from Herbert's Dune series and pick up where I left off....God Emperor.
First 2 seasons of Oz were television perfection. After that...it got ridiculous real fast. But yeah, it's definitely worth watching and still holds up to this day as a not so nice metaphor for American society at large.
True....okay then.......at least there's Oz. I always wanted his ass dead in Oz. Even though his death ended up being tragic, as dumb as that story arc was.
New Posts  All Forums: