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Correct but I don't know if that site is still even operating.
Yes, there will be a spinoff show with a different group in a different part of America.
Seems to me they blew a pretty huge wad with the mid-season finale, and probably need to recharge until the next season. I'm honestly anticipating an anticlimactic ending to this season. I have not read the comics though, and I hope I am in for a surprise to the contrary.
Just started listening to the Hardcore History podcast on the Franco-Prussian War, so this is definitely going on my to-read list.
Typical beginner's setup is an Ego-C battery and charger and Ego Clearomizer type tank. Online it should cost ya no more than 40 bucks, at a store no more than 70 (with a starter bottle of juice included).That's US prices...not sure about Canada.
Good episode I thought. The "nothing happened today" eps are getting better it seems.
Morrowind, with every sound replaced by Tim Allen grunt.
Njoy is garbage, but nonetheless, was my first e-cig and those managed to get me off of cigarettes. I find the Njoys a little underpowered, did you try the Red ones?
Been using the Kanger AeroTank a few days now. LOVE it. I was worried about the dual coil heads being gimmicky, but I actually do notice a positive difference in flavor when I crank the wattage up.No leaks, no gurgling, all the issues with prior Kanger tanks seem to have been solved with this one.You can definitely do better than an AeroTank...you can get a Nautilus, but the coil heads cost twice as much, or you can get a rebuildable atomizer, but you'd then have to...
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