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Same here, when it borders on techno dance crap, I kinda start to dislike it. I was about to recommend Black Lung, but it gets too dancy too often.
Oh yes, my personal favorite of all time.... Spanners by Black Dog (today Black Dog = Plaid).
At work, but your post piqued my interest, will check it out at home while I am rebuilding ecig coils. Lifeforms was pretty good IMO, but ISDN is top notch. Maybe something by Zoviet France then? Just about anything by Autechre too, but if you are already down with Aphex, FSOL, and BOC...you probably have plenty of Autechre too.
How about FSOL - Lifeforms then? Or ISDN?
Music has the Right to Children, Boards of Canada.
I liked all 3, but eps 2 and 3 were far stronger than the first. At least see Lolani before ya give up on it.
Ugh what garbage this show has become. I swear the only thing that can save it is if Rick Grimes shows up in Westeros looking for Carl.
LOL well, that is Chris Doohan as Scotty... Bones is okay Spock bugs me though.
Just wait until you see Lou Ferrigno and his slave girl! And yeah, I don't mind the counselor at all, I mean...look at her...
The kickstarted Star Trek Continues net-series is so good and so true to the original I don't see why anyone should care about this reboot series anymore. Vic Mignogna ended up grabbing the torch from Shatner while Chris Pine wasn't looking.
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