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What a friggin disaster.
Yeah fuck this kid.
No, I'm the inverse. I generally think the Star Wars universe is a suck-fest, but I actually want to see this one.
Horror-wise I'm really excited over The Witch.
Yes, unfortunately they won't even give me read only access.
What's a good streaming show on Nflix that is not based off a comic book?
Not really, actually not at all.
I still don't understand why a VPN won't protect you. It hides your IP and IP is how they find you. If you get caught here in the states your ISP will send you a warning letter and I think you have 3 strikes before they cut off your connection.Only notifications I get from my ISP are when I breach my data cap.PIA also has a nice little client that has "leak protection" or some such. If the VPN server drops, your internet connection is immediately cut off.Anyway,...
New Posts  All Forums: