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Oh yeah, as much of a TNG fanboy that I am, I can't deny the TNG movies were generally crap.Sybok was lame in ST 5, surely. But...a younger Sybok who just absorbed all the pain of his entire race dying and going insane would have been pretty badass imo. Instead of making a pilgrimage to Shaka Khan he could be using his powers to destroy Romulus.
Paramount made Orci/Pegg re-write the script as they felt it was too "Star Trekky", and were instructed to make it essentially just an action movie with a Star Trek cast.I see from the trailer Kirk destroys another Enterprise. I'm sure they will be flying around in a Klingon Bird of Prey at the beginning of the next film because God knows that hasn't been done before.I still think my idea for Into Darkness was the best idea. Instead of Khan the villain should have been...
I'd like to see some videos of traditional kung fu masters getting stomped by MMA fighters.
What a friggin disaster.
Yeah fuck this kid.
No, I'm the inverse. I generally think the Star Wars universe is a suck-fest, but I actually want to see this one.
Horror-wise I'm really excited over The Witch.
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