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Halfway through my most recent 6mg batch (was at 12 mg before this order). 75ml left and then my next order will be nic free. After I finish 150ml nicotine free, I will probably give my kit away as the e-cig novelty is wearing off and I'd like to stop. Since dropping to 6mg, I noticed mild withdrawal for a few days but that went away, and the 6mg is now too strong for me the way 12mg became after a while. In short, I'm whittling down my nic consumption not because I...
bacardi 151 coconut rum mango nectar water ice
Correct but I don't know if that site is still even operating.
Yes, there will be a spinoff show with a different group in a different part of America.
Seems to me they blew a pretty huge wad with the mid-season finale, and probably need to recharge until the next season. I'm honestly anticipating an anticlimactic ending to this season. I have not read the comics though, and I hope I am in for a surprise to the contrary.
Just started listening to the Hardcore History podcast on the Franco-Prussian War, so this is definitely going on my to-read list.
Typical beginner's setup is an Ego-C battery and charger and Ego Clearomizer type tank. Online it should cost ya no more than 40 bucks, at a store no more than 70 (with a starter bottle of juice included).That's US prices...not sure about Canada.
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