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Gotta love Princess Teegra
Yeah, Dany is hot, but Clarke w/ the red lipstick and dark hair OMFG
Holy crap...I need to get that movie. Anyway, I know my tastes are all fucked up. I still get the most boned up over Bronn's whore right before Blackwater.
Melisandre > Missandei, WTF is wrong with yall Indira Varma (Oberyn's consort) is definitely hot. I remember enjoying her in HBO's Rome, although she was overshadowed by Atia (Polly Walker)
If I'm going to settle for ONE fantasy babe, she better be right off a Frazetta painting.
Ditto. I was expecting the Wildlings to be about like Tyrion's Hill Tribes.Then again, you can't have 70% of the show just having Jon Snow shooting arrows of the top of the wall.
Yes, it's in my top 5.edit: Go for the Steegmuller translation.
She just seems broke face to me. If I was going to marry her I'd need her weight in silver.
No. I don't understand the collective boner over Ygritte when ya got the Red Witch and Margaery who are both about 1 million times hotter.Yes
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