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After seeing The Expanse, I give 0 fucks about Firefly. And I was the biggest Browncoat nutjob you could find.
Can't be Carl. Probably Abe or Glenn. Or both.
Filler. Looking forward to more Jesus though, I guess....oh fuck it I'm done with this show. Like GoT it's been on way too long, I'm bored. All in for The Expanse now.
I love Garrett Dillahunt. Francis Wolcott was probably the greatest villain I ever saw on TV, but how in the world could they even have considered him for Negan? Also, shouldn't the zombies be pretty much gone by now? I know everyone who dies becomes a zombie, but the vast majority of those herds were formed while Rick was taking a nap before the show even started. They should be well decomposed by now.
Expanse is surprisingly decent.
New X-Files is great
Shit I'm still trying to figure out what "vocal fry" is. Still can't hear it.
Check out another Robin Williams favorite then, Toys.
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