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Expanse is surprisingly decent.
New X-Files is great
Shit I'm still trying to figure out what "vocal fry" is. Still can't hear it.
Check out another Robin Williams favorite then, Toys.
That Powerball meme where the person who made it didn't know how to use a calculator.
Vice News, does that count as a show? The one about the Mormons vs. the Cartel in Mexico was pretty good.
Deadwood used the F-word a lot, but they kept it classy.Ip Man - 1/5 stars since I fell asleep 20 minutes into itakatskuki - great avatar! Big Trouble in Little China one of the best movies ever! 5/5
I'll definitely give my thoughts on it, but give me a few days. I have a feeling tonight is going to be solely dedicated to scraping and indexing my 2TB media collection. I'm actually almost as excited to use the controller I ordered as the unit itself! Review here:
Ah yes, you are right. Also, the Wetek does not do HD audio passthrough. And the Netflix app is only 1080p. I believe the Shield's Nflix is 4k. For me none of that is an issue though. I have thought about trying to emulate NES/SNES/Genesis on Android, but never got around to it. It's easy to plug some USB gamepads into my laptop and map the buttons out in whatever software. I'm assuming the Android emulators have caught up with that by now. Besides, I'm too lazy to...
New Posts  All Forums: