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So did this movie finally shed light on the mystery of what happened to Bruce Wayne's parents? Or will I have to wait 5 years for the next reboot?
Why? Her story was more interesting than most of the other characters. I liked her quite a bit; her fatness and lesbianism is irrelevant to me.+1Kill off Daryl and let Abraham shine.
Opinel 6, so I don't care if I lose it. A couple strokes on my strop with green compound and it's hair splitting sharp.
Thanks have you tried it from this vendor?
Can someone rec an online store that sells full leaf Ti Kwan Yin at a reasonable price?
After seeing The Expanse, I give 0 fucks about Firefly. And I was the biggest Browncoat nutjob you could find.
Can't be Carl. Probably Abe or Glenn. Or both.
Filler. Looking forward to more Jesus though, I guess....oh fuck it I'm done with this show. Like GoT it's been on way too long, I'm bored. All in for The Expanse now.
I love Garrett Dillahunt. Francis Wolcott was probably the greatest villain I ever saw on TV, but how in the world could they even have considered him for Negan? Also, shouldn't the zombies be pretty much gone by now? I know everyone who dies becomes a zombie, but the vast majority of those herds were formed while Rick was taking a nap before the show even started. They should be well decomposed by now.
New Posts  All Forums: