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HBO's Conspiracy was a great WW2 movie (remake of 1984's Die Wannseekonferenz). With Kenneth Brannaugh as Gen. Heydrich, very chilling. Actually that's probably my favorite war movie ever.
Can someone recommend a great vegetarian cookbook?
Anyone catch this one on Sci Fi yet? Generally all the channel's stuff sucks but they knocked it out the park with this one, IMO. If they keep up the pace in subsequent seasons this could very well be the best sci fi show ever. Tom Jane and Shohreh Aghdashloo were amazing
I personally think superhero movies are stupid, but the concept of this one seemed pretty cool from what I read. Too bad it seems they didn't pull it off.
The one on the far right looks like House of Cards
So did this movie finally shed light on the mystery of what happened to Bruce Wayne's parents? Or will I have to wait 5 years for the next reboot?
Why? Her story was more interesting than most of the other characters. I liked her quite a bit; her fatness and lesbianism is irrelevant to me.+1Kill off Daryl and let Abraham shine.
Opinel 6, so I don't care if I lose it. A couple strokes on my strop with green compound and it's hair splitting sharp.
Thanks have you tried it from this vendor?
Can someone rec an online store that sells full leaf Ti Kwan Yin at a reasonable price?
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