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I feel like watching Vikings and Last Kingdom after Bastard Executioner lowered my expectations for both hah
Yeah the whole Paris escapade wasn't that great to watch at the beginning. Now that Rollo's married seems to be picking up. Beyond tired of Ragnar now.
What a shame, I'm not a comic fan don't even know why I'm here, but from what I read about the movie before it came out sounded really interesting.
Always turned my nose up at Vikings but gave it a shot Xmas time and got hooked. Been keeping up with the new season, really liking Lagertha. She's my second fave behind Rollo now.
Really he has nothing left to do in the show besides die.
HBO's Conspiracy was a great WW2 movie (remake of 1984's Die Wannseekonferenz). With Kenneth Brannaugh as Gen. Heydrich, very chilling. Actually that's probably my favorite war movie ever.
Can someone recommend a great vegetarian cookbook?
Anyone catch this one on Sci Fi yet? Generally all the channel's stuff sucks but they knocked it out the park with this one, IMO. If they keep up the pace in subsequent seasons this could very well be the best sci fi show ever. Tom Jane and Shohreh Aghdashloo were amazing
I personally think superhero movies are stupid, but the concept of this one seemed pretty cool from what I read. Too bad it seems they didn't pull it off.
The one on the far right looks like House of Cards
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