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I need to find my post here several years ago where I predicted that Linux was going to explode in the mobile market and to a somewhat lesser extent, the desktop market, due to continuous Microsoft blunders. I seem to recall everyone responding telling me I was full of shit and that nothing would pull people away from Win OS Enjoy Linux Mint and those Android phones!
Never really been into comics, ever...but I recently picked up The Invisibles by Grant Morrison. I like it a lot.
Next of Kin w/ Patrick Swayze. The end where the rednecks defeat the mafia in the cemetery with duck calls and crossbows has me rolling every time.
Let me know how it is. No matter how much I want to, I can't get into S King.
I agree! The Samsungs may have better specs, with with all the Samsung bloat thrown on there, the specs must not mean much since most people who are concerned about that sort of thing end up rooting them heh.I'm not trying to be snide thumbing my nose at spec whores...I'm a bit of a spec whore myself, but only where it matters....like on desktop PCs.The N5 looks like a damn nice phone too btw, and doesn't it have the touchless ability as well?BTW: For fun, ask Google Now...
Just got mine last week from the Moto Maker online store (carrier VZW) in 32GB. Loving this phone...really. I know it's gotten a lot of flak for its specs (or lack thereof) and not having a 1080p screen, but I think those critiques are nonsense. Below is how I customized mine....chalk white back, black front, silver accent with my name on the back. Google Now just whips the snot out of Siri Motorola Assist is very nice for when you are on the road and in meetings at...
Yes, I take them checking the radio periodically as a given, as well as assuming they reload their weapons off screen. A little temporary suspension of disbelief helps you focus on the big picture while watching shows and movies, give it a try guys.Didn't think about that, but I was wondering how long it's going to be until all the batteries are corroded and they are no longer able to use flashlights.
I love TWD, but....I would trade it for more Firefly. Shiny.
Yeah because when I see having to leave as inevitable, I'm going to plant crops, raise livestock, and talk about how we can carve a life out in this place, having just fought so hard to clear it of Z's and protect it from Gov.
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