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Well color me shocked; of course you are.
Ugh. I handled all the side effects of Chantix save one....making my roids large and horrible lol. Thanks will try some of that.
How do you get relief?
I liek Game of [[SPOILER]]
He will have to play a much larger part after the second half of Book 3 / Season 4I just want them to re-cast the Mountain and bring back the actor from Season 1. Season 2's Mountain was crap, luckily he only had like one scene.Also, going to be hard to replace Sir lyn, that actor has a very singular look.
Tried out the Metro Light game that came w/ my GTX 660....pretty nice game actually. I wasn't expecting much but it kept my attention for a while.Oh and this:http://www.tomshardware.com/news/Xbox-One-PlayStation-4-IGNITE-Frostbite-Rajat-Taneja,22756.htmlLOL WUT
Don't worry about him dropping the dagger.
Can someone please tell me the spoiler I posted in tags was completely wrong? Heheh.
Word round the net campfire is that Oberyn Martell is being cast now.
Heh not only am I a filing monkey (paralegal), I have a background in stats.
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