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Hah, I never thought of my self as crazy about it, rather moderate, but then again I've been frequenting e-cig related subreddits and forums so those folks are my basis for comparison. I pale in comparison to their passion. What surprises me is how politically active vapers are. Someone posts a thread on reddit about a local city council hearing re: restricting ecigs and all the sudden flash mobs of angry vapers appear raising hell and terrifying councilmen and...
Thanks I'll take your arrogant judgment into consideration.I wouldn't. I do believe you'll be better off getting a vape pen/kit specifically designed for reefer. I'd recommend research.By the way, the TOBH dripper is niceeeeee. Highly recommended.Anyone besides me fall deep enough into the rabbit hole to actually get excited over ceramic tipped tweezers? I just placed an order for some, and a Heron hybrid clone to sit atop my GP Paps.
Oh, if you are just starting out, you are doing it at a great time since the eLeaf iStick was just released! If I was a newb today...I'd go for an iStick plus Kanger Mini Aero tank! That should be all you ever need, if you don't fall into the hobbyist trap and get an acquisition disorder over this shit, heh.
+1 to Rusty. The gas station e-cigs suck. Open tank systems are head and shoulders above that crap. Just got my Fasttech.com GP Paps clone in today in brass. They must have been hit with a cease and desist letter or lawsuit...my order took over 1 month to arrive and when I got it I noticed there is a ring cut around the bottom where the GP logo used to be LOL. Must have had to machine that logo off their stock before they sent it out. Fine by me, I am not down with...
I'm still loving the Stowa Antea KS you guys recced me back in '06.
Yep, no problems whatsoever w/ brass. Just pony up and get the good stuff broken: Only time it's jammed on me was shooting alum cased.
Got this bad boy in the mail on the way to me. https://www.fasttech.com/p/1830400 To use with my new TOBH dripper. Gonna shoot for a .45 ohm dual micro coil build with 28 gauge kanthal. https://www.fasttech.com/p/1716604 Brass mech + brass dripper FTW.
Longer I have it, the more I love my Walther PPKS in 380. So long as you don't try and put aluminum cased ammo through it, it's very good. Rather snappy recoil, but that just comes with the territory with fixed barrels. Post S&W recall, extended beaver tail...very nice. Haven't gone shooting in way too long though, 380 has been very difficult to find here lately due to Obama-mania. May swing by Academy on my lunch break to see if the ammo shelf no longer looks like it...
IMO swords on the wall make you look like you're from the trailer park.
This has me considering to remind myself to wear my regular watch more than I already do.
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