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Nope but I recently reconnected with him and he was my best man in Oct
Just a bunch of photos of black people with watermelons and fried chickens photoshopped in their hands. I think I need to purge all the Baby Boomers off my friends' list.
Thanks, I'm considering one. I'm using refillable baskets in a Keurig machine now. Is there anything about the Aeropress that makes it better than a regular French press or pourover?
Is the Aeropress good
I have them but haven't started reading. I may just do the audio version.
Was gonna say hey, TWD beat Sunday night football, but, feh, not saying much because sports are friggin stupid.
When the ep is just Z's getting smushed, or survivors battling, people complain. When it's a slow episode building up to the coming smushfest...people complain.I'm guessing Beth will be the one to go. But Carol is getting so much dialogue and story now it's making me worried for her LOL
Wait...macular degeneration is not a small pie... Only thing really concerning me ATM with Ocata is price...they estimate treatments will be in the six figures, naturally.
No, if the Lancet publication did nothing for PPS, this news wouldn't have either. Gonna have to wait for commercialization in 2018. I have no probs holding this one. I think the name change is ultimately positive though. Now when people google the name of the company they won't be bombarded with age old legacy issues.
Advanced Cell Technology is now Ocata Therapeutics. Looks like they are going to shoot for Europe before US, pretty sweet.
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