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In the spirit of holiday cheer, yall should let me back into CE. Or at least give me read only privs so I can read and laugh.
Have ya seen JCVD? Great flick, make me actually kinda dig Van Damme again.I've probably said it before, but I'll say again, Alien 3 was the best in the franchise IMO. Well, theatrical cut of Alien 3. The assembly edition had some pretty terrible scenes in it. I can see why they made them cut and reshoot a lot of scenes at the last minute.
Shogun has been on my ever expanding to-read list since I was like 15 back in 1994. This is the year I'll read that one. I need to do it next and finish before 12/31.Also, re: Asimov's Foundation saga I'm reading now.....very good but Asimov's no Frank Herbert. Interesting aside, this series is apparently what inspired Newt Gingrich to get into politics.
http://store.griffintechnology.com/reveal-case-for-motorola-moto-x I got one of these. Just a bumper with a clear back so your custom color shows. I got the white one, and unfortunately, like every other white bumper/case I've owned, it's getting dirty fast. Eventually I'll break down and get a black bumper. But I would ideally like to keep this phone as white as possible.
Wow...glad i got my online gaming/trolling days behind me years ago. If I pulled the shit today that I used to pull on those Counterstrike servers years ago, I'd probably be in jail hahaha
Feels VERY good in the hand. They were right when they said you wouldn't want to put the phone down. Olive and orange accent is a nice color combo, very masculine. I wanted to get creative and try the mint color back, hoping it would look like the old appliances I grew up with....but after seeing some screenshots of that back from actual users, looked a bit cheap and plastic-y, so I defaulted to white as usual. Ever the minimalist. edit: Moto Assist is incredibly...
I have a small yet respectable collection of safety razors....but my every day shaver is a Merkur Futur, has been over 6 years now. A few weeks ago I saw how much the disposable razors my fiance uses to shave her legs has been costing me. Ordered her a Ladies' Gillette safety razor that day heh.
I need to find my post here several years ago where I predicted that Linux was going to explode in the mobile market and to a somewhat lesser extent, the desktop market, due to continuous Microsoft blunders. I seem to recall everyone responding telling me I was full of shit and that nothing would pull people away from Win OS Enjoy Linux Mint and those Android phones!
Never really been into comics, ever...but I recently picked up The Invisibles by Grant Morrison. I like it a lot.
Next of Kin w/ Patrick Swayze. The end where the rednecks defeat the mafia in the cemetery with duck calls and crossbows has me rolling every time.
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