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A teaspoon of powder mixed in water or juice should do it. I get the Maca extract from Vitamin Shoppe and pop about 5 of them. Gets me going.
The Iron Throne as GRRM imagined it. http://vorpalizer.com/post/55021616891/george-r-r-martins-iron-throne-we-all-know
1 gram of maca powder is like nothing. If you got a standardized extract that's one thing, but just maca powder encapsulated is going to require a whole lot of caps to feel any effect.
So weird that I just acquired this the other day, as well as all 4 volumes of his History of English Speaking Peoples in epub format.
Ah yes, I actually have this docu, but haven't watched it yet. Ditto My Best Fiend.
Make one
Can someone please go to CE, post the following image with the line "From Javyn, with love" ?? They'll know what it means.
Schubert Schubert Schubert Schubert Schubert For 13 hours of Schubert on DRM-free mp3 for 99 cents, see this link: http://www.amazon.com/Big-Schubert-Box/dp/B00D3FGIMS?tag=dealswoot-20
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