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How old is John Snow in the books by this point? Has his left nut dropped yet?
There's a difference. TWD thread is a bunch of nitpickers. The anger at GoT is now entirely justified. I defend both shows, but I'm about to give up on GoT.
Does that robot in Ex Machina have a human booty?
Oh plz, it's not internet tough guy, that scene stunk and you know it. Don't get me wrong, I'll keep watching just so long as the Red Witch keeps getting naked.
It's not even that Selmy died, it's that he was built up so much and pretty much gets his ass kicked by a bunch of pajama wearing losers. The way he fought, Jaime could have beaten him with his left hand.
LOL, RIP Selmy. What a crock. Oh well at least there's always Blackfish Tully hahahahaha
When are they going to do a show or film series on the Shannara books by Terry Brooks? Oh wait they did it was LOTR.
Aqua V2 atomizer, JM 22 tube mech with switch and top cap from a GP Paps. OMG this is amazing when wicked with Muji cotton....
Same here, when it borders on techno dance crap, I kinda start to dislike it. I was about to recommend Black Lung, but it gets too dancy too often.
Oh yes, my personal favorite of all time.... Spanners by Black Dog (today Black Dog = Plaid).
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