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GoT needs Rick Grimes.
Watched it last night; the rape scene wasn't nearly as disturbing as the mediocrity of the entire season so far.
+100Show has gotten so crappy I've actually started rooting for Stannis.
Anyway not even sure why I bothered pointing out my little marital rape tidbit, not like I want to spend any effort whatsoever defending this show.
In the US marital rape was exempt from rape laws until the 1970s, and state exceptions didn't end until 1993.Also, 1 Corinthians 7:3-5.As uncomfortable as it is, Westeros isn't far from reality in this regard.The only thing unrealistic about it, is that Sansa isn't being blamed for her own rape.
Anyway, so long as Carice van Houten keeps getting nude, I'll keep watching I guess.
How's your thumb holding up
It's not that he was killed, it's that he went out like a little bitch. This was Ser Barristan the Bold, not Ser Barristan the HELP MEEEEE GREY WORRMMMMMMHe got built up as the best swordsman in Westeros since the show started, and this is how he ended? Come on now. Seriously.edit: And since when was Lady Cat a fan favorite? LOL
Looks like ST Continues' second Kickstart was a success. Hard at work building Engineering.
I don't have a problem with it veering from the books, especially since this is regarded as the worst book (I don't know, I've only read the first 3), but Selmy going out like a punk is inexcusable and tainted the whole season IMO.
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