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Oh yes, my Kanger Aerotank is on order, if anyone cares, I can review it here after I use it a while. If not, I'll keep discussion on this topic in general limited to www.reddit.com/r/electronic_cigarette
Beyond the Black Rainbow, highly recommended. Ending pissed a lot of people off, but I loved it.
1. I have been cig free since December 2nd with no desire to pick them up again. That's what's wrong with me.2. I don't work for these companies, no.3. I've already lowered my nicotine dosage from 18mg per ml, to 12mg....my order coming in the mail right now has been dropped down to 6mg. At this rate I will be at 0 nicotine by June.4. If you or anyone else has any serious questions, I'd be glad to answer. I am by far not alone in using vaporizers to break my nic...
I caught the bug. Was gifted an Innokin MVP and VV variable wattage mods. Now I need a bigger thank to put on it. I'm thinking a Kanger Aerotank is the best way to go, unless I get a wild hair to get a Kayfun or Russian 91% that would require me to build my own coils to run my own cotton or silica wicks through.
I'm down over 50% thanks to the dilution right after I bought....but my time frame on this one was always 5-10 years. I'm going to hold until Phase 3 is complete or belly up.
Ya around Slopho? Been holding ACTC all this time....looks to be finally waking up now that Rabin is out.
What are some good games that are fun but not like work? I still haven't gotten 1/10 the way through Skyrim (or even Fallout 3 for that matter), because all those quests and shit are a pain in the ass. I'm getting tired of Doodle Jump on my phone yall.
No need to spoiler tag anything for me, I know what happens already. You're right, how could I not after all these years whether I've seen it or not ? edit: That dude from Snatch who plays Al Capone is amazing in this role. Is Capone a more prominent character going forward?
Watched the documentary on GLOW. Got all chubbed up just like I did as a kid watching Ninotchka fight (and spank) Amy The Farmer's Daughter. OMG, here ya go, thank me later. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCcRC5MCNAc
Finished Season 1 not long ago, thought it was great, but for some reason I have 0 motivation to continue further with the show.
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