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Yes, it's in my top 5.edit: Go for the Steegmuller translation.
She just seems broke face to me. If I was going to marry her I'd need her weight in silver.
No. I don't understand the collective boner over Ygritte when ya got the Red Witch and Margaery who are both about 1 million times hotter.Yes
Terrible episode. Completely unrealistic. From make believe creatures like giants and wooly mammoths attacking a 700 foot wall of ice, to Jon Snow's pitiful bastard sword technique. GRRM just needs to learn more about physics before he tries to write any more fantasy novels. I demand nothing less. I think I'm going to give up on this mess, and go back to watching shows that are actually grounded in reality like Trailer Park Boys.
Shit, David Eddings might have been lame, but at least his stories had an ending.
But anyway, I'm bored with it all now. Bored with the books, bored with the show in general. I wish Season 5 was the last. GRRM NEEDS TO WRAP IT UP, B!
This is true, he does kinda suck at writing action sequences. Which is probably why he ends the chapter right before action happens, and by the time you get back to the next chapter with that character's POV, the action has passed and you are reading about the aftermath.I thought the fight was just fine though, I thoroughly enjoyed it, even though I thought Conan was a FAR better Mountain. *shrug
Name once where GRMM employed a Deus Ex Machina in ASOIAF.
So which is more realistic to ya, Star Trek or GoT? Anyway forgot to mention, Stannis was a half-swording badass during the Battle of Blackwater with his 2 handed sword.
Maybe you can write a blog over the inaccuracies of combat in Fantasy Land. And two handed swords were used for hacking and slashing as well as the half sword technique (Which I believe was employed by Jorah against one of the horsemen in season 1 or 2 while using his arming sword)Perhaps GRRM should also footnote every novel to give Oakeshott typologies for every blade used. That way Westeros is completely historically accurate, with dragons, giants and all.
New Posts  All Forums: