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Danke Schon
The strap on my Stowa Antea KS I got in 2006 isn't aging too well. Can I just get any 18mm strap for this, or is it somehow proprietary? I'm not much of a watch guy, so pardon the stupid question. Hot damn, this is a thousand dollar watch now. I didn't pay half that back then I don't think.
What's the length of the manu warranty? I'm assuming the 5S is still covered.
I imagine so. I also didn't like the Iron Bank scene. Does the bank actually throw in with Stannis in the books?
Saw this one last week. OMFG..."American Masterpiece" describes it perfectly. Michael Shannon is the best damn actor around today I think.
Nope.edit: At least, not in the third book. I haven't read the fourth yet, and I have a feeling I may not want to now.Still, thought the trial scene was great, but I missed Bronn.I also miss Vargo Hoat and Belwas as characters in general. Locke is a poor substitute for Vargo IMO.
My problem started before that, how easily they got into the castle. How they mopped the floor with the Boltons...they would have been dead long before they made it to the cages where Theon was held.
Awesome thanks!
Yeah several times actually.Thanks probably going to have to do that. I wonder how much Apple is going to charge me for that.
Follow up....the Opinel is the best damn knife I've ever owned. I used my Lansky rod/stone system to put a 17 degree angle, polished it up with a sapphire stone and removed the burr with a few light strokes on my honing steel. OH MY GOD, never had a knife as sharp as this. I have a cheap 6" strop and some green honing compound on order from Amazon just to see how much scarier I can get this knife. Also, added a vinegar and mustard patina to it. Didn't achieve the...
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