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Posts by javyn you're telling me...I can CE troll....outside of CE??!
GoT will be completed by Fred Saberhagen's ghost.
Your guess would be wrong.
Are we ever going to see Blackfish killing Freys or did that get cut out
Here, for you Valyrian steel fans.
Could be wrong but I thought Strong Belwas soon as I saw him, but, I do believe he was bald in the books.
Maybe they are going to have Belwas? I started wondering if it could be the big dude who broke Tyrion's chain at the end of this ep.edit:Here we go
Take Shelter turned me on to Nichols as well as Michael Shannon. I even sat through that stupid Superman movie just to see him as Zod.I still need to watch Mud.
BRILLIANT. I really hope Nichols turns down Aquaman and avoids this stuperhero crap.
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