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Yeah I just can't understand why our education system is in the toilet. Oh yeah. Maybe I can.
This could very well be the stupidest book I've ever read. Good thing it's only 124 pages.
Loving this. I made a good pick for getting into comics. Another one I'm enjoying.
I couldn't get through half of the first ep of Orange is the New Black. What is it that's supposed to be good about this show?
A teaspoon of powder mixed in water or juice should do it. I get the Maca extract from Vitamin Shoppe and pop about 5 of them. Gets me going.
The Iron Throne as GRRM imagined it. http://vorpalizer.com/post/55021616891/george-r-r-martins-iron-throne-we-all-know
1 gram of maca powder is like nothing. If you got a standardized extract that's one thing, but just maca powder encapsulated is going to require a whole lot of caps to feel any effect.
So weird that I just acquired this the other day, as well as all 4 volumes of his History of English Speaking Peoples in epub format.
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