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Are we ever going to see Blackfish killing Freys or did that get cut out
Here, for you Valyrian steel fans.
Could be wrong but I thought Strong Belwas soon as I saw him, but, I do believe he was bald in the books.
Maybe they are going to have Belwas? I started wondering if it could be the big dude who broke Tyrion's chain at the end of this ep.edit:Here we go
Take Shelter turned me on to Nichols as well as Michael Shannon. I even sat through that stupid Superman movie just to see him as Zod.I still need to watch Mud.
BRILLIANT. I really hope Nichols turns down Aquaman and avoids this stuperhero crap.
GoT needs Rick Grimes.
Watched it last night; the rape scene wasn't nearly as disturbing as the mediocrity of the entire season so far.
+100Show has gotten so crappy I've actually started rooting for Stannis.
Anyway not even sure why I bothered pointing out my little marital rape tidbit, not like I want to spend any effort whatsoever defending this show.
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