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Watched the documentary on GLOW. Got all chubbed up just like I did as a kid watching Ninotchka fight (and spank) Amy The Farmer's Daughter. OMG, here ya go, thank me later. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCcRC5MCNAc
Finished Season 1 not long ago, thought it was great, but for some reason I have 0 motivation to continue further with the show.
Anyone get the Age of Empires II HD version yet? I used to love that game. Also, saw some good reviews on Lego Lord of the Rings which reminded me I meant to get Lego Racers years ago but didn't. I may seek that one out.
Road House again. But, I just met and got Marshall Teague's autograph on a picture of him as Jimmy fighting Swayze at a Con here in Galveston, so I was inspired to re-watch. Didn't notice Patricia Tallman had a cameo on Road House either (DROOL). Also, I got her autograph at the Con too, was a bit star struck to meet Barbara from the 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead edit: Kinda funny....as big a GoT fan I am, I was completely uninterested in meeting any of the...
The white bumper has gotten so dirty so fast. I know that white doesn't get anymore dirty than any other color, just shows it more, but man does it look awful now. Contacted Griffin's tech support to complain, and they are shipping me a black bumpered case free of charge.That is the only weak aspect of the phone IMO. I knew the camera sucked going in and didn't mind though, as I'm not much of a photographer. But...my old iPhone 4's camera is still much better than this.
Okay MBV kicks ass. For the cheap price, the quality of these juices are great. I got my Banana, Hawk Sauce and Thug Juice steeping right now for 3 weeks for maximum flavor. Currently working on a 15ml freebie bottle of Cucumber Mint flavor they sent me, which is amazing itself. Also, for anyone interested in a starter kit....I can't recommend the Kanger Mini Protank v2 enough. Many aren't fans of the stainless steel drip tip it comes with, but you can replace it with...
Just bought a Kanger Mini Protank v2. Nice heavy duty bottom coil made of pyrex so I don't have to worry about certain flavors like cinnamon or the really minty ones melting the plastic tanks, which they do. Also dropped my nic dosage from 18mg (medium) to 12mg (smooth). About to place an order at Mount Baker Vapor for: 30 ml bottle of "Thug Juice" Hawk Sauce Banana all 12mg nic, with 1 extra flavor shot, 80% PG, 20% VG.
Of course I am. Just said I can't smoke a cigarette (or as they call them on the forums, "analogues") anymore because the vaporizer is a much better nic delivery system. I intend to gradually lower the nic dosage in my oils.
Kids in the Hall Brain Candy
I thought this one was a huge letdown
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