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Looks like ST Continues' second Kickstart was a success. Hard at work building Engineering.
I don't have a problem with it veering from the books, especially since this is regarded as the worst book (I don't know, I've only read the first 3), but Selmy going out like a punk is inexcusable and tainted the whole season IMO.
Last episode sucked. No defending it. Crap from beginning to end.
Seriously I can't believe 1) this was a thread in the first place, and 2) it's been resurrected. Sweet! My method is take my thumb and run it back and forth across the blade horizontally.
I could never get PIA's SOCKS5 to work, but no matter, still the best damn VPN around and at 40 bucks a year, it's a steal.
The devil is in the god damned details.
You are right on the money, both points describe me perfectly.
How old is John Snow in the books by this point? Has his left nut dropped yet?
There's a difference. TWD thread is a bunch of nitpickers. The anger at GoT is now entirely justified. I defend both shows, but I'm about to give up on GoT.
Does that robot in Ex Machina have a human booty?
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