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Actually, since Michael Shannon is one of my favorite actors now that I've seen Take Shelter, I may fight through Boardwalk just to see him.
Oh I get my digs in when I can. Mainly IRL when my con tard friends con tard out.You do realize you are talking to King Troll right
I guess I shouldn't judge him. I like to constantly rag on superhero crap and its fans. Like when everyone freaked out about Affleck playing Batman, my response was IT'S A GUY IN A FUCKING BAT SUIT WHO GIVES A SHIT?
Such a terrible show, but you all still watch it, 5 years in, and are still surprised by it. I think most of you are bitching just to read yourselves bitch. Stick with Downton Abbey or whatever, heh. Or better yet, write a zombie show where the outbreak occurs on planet Vulcan, so you can be assured everyone acts completely logically.
Why all the questions about background of Terminus when two posts ago you said they are all dead who gives a shit?
Already seen The Wire. Best show ever made IMO. I started the Peaky Blinders recently....feh.
Annabelle, pretty great. Then again I liked Insidious, Conjuring, etc etc. I just love all those types of supernatural horror flicks coming out by this director or whoever. And yes, I know Annabelle was actually Raggedy Ann.
Pretty obvious Terminus' past and how it became the way it is is going to be explored in future flashbacks, probably as that squirrely leader makes a re-appearance. Friggin great episode. I know people rag on it for continuity errors all the time, but IMO it is and always has been a kick ass show.
Is this show worth taking past Season 1? Watched it a while back and was really excited to start S2 but my interest dropped off rapidly.
I probably made it as clear as mud with my rambling here....how about ya link me some shit you are interested in and I'll comment on it? And what do you want? Do you want to blow big clouds of vapor? Do you want max flavor? Somewhere in between? Do you want something you can tinker with and adjust to your liking, or something you set and forget? edit: Looks to me right now the hottest item is the eLeaf iStick....it's a tiny little regulated box mod, about the...
New Posts  All Forums: