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Wow I'm not much of a gamer at all, but this Evil Within game coming out of Bethesda next year looks really cool. Are there any video cards around these days that will allow me to play this comfortably in 1080p without breaking the bank? Also, what gfx cards are better these days, ATI or NVIDIA? I'm WAY behind the curve here...
So is anyone actually looking forward to a 5S?
Compared to the quality of audio on Android devices in general....uh....yeah, I do.
I wasn't posting that to make some political point on torture. But yeah, he killed his own men, something completely in character for The Bastard.edit: I hope in books 4 and 5 have either him or Theon are POV characters, because it would be nice to directly see what he's up to.
This explains it quite nicely...http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2013/04/game-of-thrones-tsarnaev/?cid=7393314Theon's going to wish he was dead pretty soon heh.
HTC One has some pretty damn impressive specs, quad core, 1080p...dayum. It has some Monster/BeatsByDre speaker in it....does this mean this will be the first Android device ever that supports ControlTalk?
Yeah but he was a cool character. Could have just had them as mercenaries for the North all along that ran into Jaime at least.
Lookin like Vargo's character was cut. Fuck.
One of the probs with GRRM's writing is that you rarely get to see/hear/experience anything cool that happens firsthand. It leads up and by the time it's "go time" the chapter ends and when you get back to it, you only learn what happened through hearsay after the fact. They definitely needed to beef up Joffrey for the show. I'm not sure I'd have hated him quite as much as I do if I didn't have the show to go by as well. Not saying he's a likeable guy, but seems to me...
Read some excerpts in college, been meaning to read the whole thing.
New Posts  All Forums: