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[[SPOILER]]No that's Sam
+1Would have been more fitting. Justice for Renly? Who cares about him, seriously?edit: I hope the Melisandre never dies and keeps getting naked.
This is how I interpreted it, Bolton soldier slashes femoral artery behind Stannis' knee. He sees the blood on the ground and immediately accepts his fate. He knew he was dead by the time Brienne got there. I don't see him coming back because his story really has nowhere to go anyway. I think this is the show's way of tying up plot lines that are ongoing in the books so they can actually end the show at some point in the next 2 years or so.It wasn't some CSI analysis I...
Stannis is dead.
Stannis is dead. Even if you didn't see his head get lobbed off, it seemed to me his femoral artery was cut by one of the Bolton soldiers. Just b/c it hasn't happened in the book yet doesn't mean it won't at some point. He's not the promised prince, and his story was pretty much played out anyway.It was a good episode compared to the rest of this crappy season, but still lame compared to the rest of the show.Jon's definitely coming back, and hopefully Dany starts living...
Shireen is still alive in book-world.Matter of fact, unless I'm mistaken, Melisandre, his daughter, and his wife never left the Wall to mach with him in the first place.edit: Maybe I can salvage my Stannis support though....perhaps Melisandre has enough to power her spell to kill everyone in Westeros now and finally end this POS show. The White Walkers can march south with looks of awe on their faces when all they see are burned bodies.
Not how it went down in the book.
So anyway, I guess I'm not in the Stannis camp anymore.
Yes the voice of reason always gets crapped on. If only y'all had supported RON PAUL, we wouldn't be in this mess.
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