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Shireen is still alive in book-world.Matter of fact, unless I'm mistaken, Melisandre, his daughter, and his wife never left the Wall to mach with him in the first place.edit: Maybe I can salvage my Stannis support though....perhaps Melisandre has enough to power her spell to kill everyone in Westeros now and finally end this POS show. The White Walkers can march south with looks of awe on their faces when all they see are burned bodies.
Not how it went down in the book.
So anyway, I guess I'm not in the Stannis camp anymore.
Yes the voice of reason always gets crapped on. If only y'all had supported RON PAUL, we wouldn't be in this mess.
Wait...so you're telling me...I can CE troll....outside of CE??!
GoT will be completed by Fred Saberhagen's ghost.
Your guess would be wrong.
Are we ever going to see Blackfish killing Freys or did that get cut out
New Posts  All Forums: