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When the ep is just Z's getting smushed, or survivors battling, people complain. When it's a slow episode building up to the coming smushfest...people complain.I'm guessing Beth will be the one to go. But Carol is getting so much dialogue and story now it's making me worried for her LOL
Wait...macular degeneration is not a small pie... Only thing really concerning me ATM with Ocata is price...they estimate treatments will be in the six figures, naturally.
No, if the Lancet publication did nothing for PPS, this news wouldn't have either. Gonna have to wait for commercialization in 2018. I have no probs holding this one. I think the name change is ultimately positive though. Now when people google the name of the company they won't be bombarded with age old legacy issues.
Advanced Cell Technology is now Ocata Therapeutics. Looks like they are going to shoot for Europe before US, pretty sweet.
Thought it was pretty good. Eugene being full of crap I had already assumed, but what had me wondering was why Abraham bought into it all; now I know. Pretty cool. Also, death by Pork and Beans, can't beat that. The bus flip scene was hard to swallow, but then again so is a zombie outbreak. It really didn't bother me.
Did you get the Panzer? What's the voltage drop like? I just did my first build on the GP Heron clone I got, come out to about 1.5 ohms. Really good flavor, but the draw is kinda tight; that's the tradeoff I guess. I also like that it screws directly into 20x1mm threaded tubes without the need of a 510 connector. Perfect fit every time w/o dicking around with pin adjustments.
Didn't read the comic but I'm surprised over the gov hate. I thought David Morrissey did a great job.
Yeah, that pawn shop katana hanging on your wall MIGHT cut the burglar before the blade snaps and flies back into your face.
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