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Looking for a good range gun to buy (or get gifted for my bday in March) in 9mm of course. I shot the Sig P226 Navy a few weeks ago and CREAMED over it. Anything that nice by another manu for a smaller price?
Why choose a Beretta 92FS over a Taurus PT92?
Woah, let's not get crazy here and start calling HBO Rome "excellent". "Pretty good, I guess" is more like it, nevertheless, I still salivate over the thought of a feature film focused on Vorenus and Pullo.
No thoughts on those, but have you looked at Total Energy (TOT.TO)?
Why is there confusion over what historical fiction is? Fiction in a historical setting. Easy. HBO's Rome = historical fiction HBO's Game of Thrones = high fantasy Use that as your guide.
Cool thanks. I'm rocking some Gold Dot 90gr JHP in there now. I'll definitely check out the Buffalo Bore.Typically a huge concern for me, but with a 380 I just wouldn't worry about it. Am I wrong for that?Also, getting a little tired of people ragging on 380 ACP. I ask the same question every time someone tells me they are underpowered and not good for personal defense..."Do you volunteer to get shot with one?".I want a CCW for personal defense...I'm not trying to...
Check the serial # on your PPK/S to make sure it's not one of the recalled ones. http://www.smith-wesson.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Category4_750001_750051_757981_-1_757978_757978_image Also, this gun has a notorious break in period. I really do think mine is fine, just needs to be broken in, and my two jams were due to me having to buy aluminum cased ammo. Of course if that proves not to be the case, I'll just sell it at a gun show and replace w/ a Sig P232
I got two jams when I put a box of Blazer aluminum cased rounds through it. No probs whatsoever with brass casing so far though.
Walther PPKS chambered in 380 I know a lot of purists flip out since this model is made by S&W, but I'm a fan of S&W anyway so this isn't a prob for me. Only put 100 rounds through it so far, I can tell it's going to be a long break-in period for this one. Lots of oil a must. I know there are smaller poly 380 pocket pistols out there like the Ruger LCP, but there's just something about steel... Been wanting a 380 ACP for conceal carry for a while now. To compensate...
Yeah I just can't understand why our education system is in the toilet. Oh yeah. Maybe I can.
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