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It was pretty funny, but I doubt the rage is as widespread as I thought initially. Looks more like just a handful of goobers.
I used to think black was fine for certain things. Then I got a charcoal suit and found it superior in every way, even on occasions where I would normally wear black.
There is the usual online rage from the usual group of Twitter retards.
I think it's hilarious parents are upset over this show because of the gay kiss scene. "Now I can't let my kids watch TWD anymore!" Yeah, that makes sense. Carl almost getting gang raped by pedos is all good, but don't show no queers.
Slopho....see the news? Ocata is now trading on NASDAQ
Thanks for the input guys, I guess I will need to start buying ties from Osh Kosh or something. Shame. I have some great looking ties, but they always extend right past my belt buckle. I've never had anyone comment negatively, but I notice it, and it bugs the hell out of me. Bigger knots are a solution, but I am not a big fan of them, only have a few spread collar shirts b/c, being so short and skinny, IMO the big knot makes me look even smaller. edit: I've seen some...
Exactly how big of a No-No is this? Being a short dude who doesn't have any short dude ties, they are either going to A) extend slightly past my belt buckle or B) have the back of the tie extend pass the front, and I don't want to have to tuck it into my pants or shirt, I hate that crap.
Bass Plaki For dessert, Tiramisu e-juice.
He considers himself a Libertarian - social liberal, economic conservative.
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