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You should know the diff between titillation and pr0n. :P
Name?Yeah she's who I'm talking about, not Shae. Bitch is fucking finer than frog hair...
Wow she looks about a thousand times better in that pic versus the show. And I'm not saying I'd throw her out of bed or anything, just don't get what big deal is about her. I'd be drooling over Roz (Season 1, before she got fat), or the woman Bronn was with before the battle of Blackwater when the Hound tried starting shit with him. Hot damn.
Same here...I think. Not sure if school ruined Dickens for me, or if Dickens ruined Dickens because he sucked.
She has a nice butt, but seems rather broken-faced to me.
I thought Sunshine was pretty good.
I kinda had a hunch I don't know what to say. I've been excited for this since I saw the last one, and just the other day I woke up thinking "man this is probably going to suck balls". At least I have Arrested Development to look forward to...
I won't post any, but get ready to be deflated. Seriously, I'm hoping now the spoiler site I read from is hoaxing or something.
No and I'm glad I didn't wait, this will save me money and time. And no, I'm not just being contentious, I'm sure if you review my post history you'd find me drooling all over Abram's balls re: the 2009 film.
Read the spoiler....what...the fuck?
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