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Tomorrow morning ACTC will be $8 a share I guarantee it!
Voyager wasn't bad. And there were some real stinker DS9 eps, I had to go online and get a list of only the Dominion War episodes, and even then some of the side stories were cringeworthy, but then again, that's true of all of the shows except TOS.Edit: Although it's on Youtube, not Nflix, have you checked out Star Trek Continues? If you are an original series fan, prepare to be amazed.
Watched the Dominion War episodes of Star Trek DS9. Being the Trek fanatic that I am, I can't believe I shrugged this one off until now. Captain Sisko is the man. Refuses to deal with Q and just punches his ass out, check. Nukes an entire planet just to kill one dude, check. Helps orchestrate a false flag terror attack killing a Romulan Senator in order to drag them into the Dominion War, check. Now...I'm on the give Worf his own show bandwagon too.
Thanks all
Yeah, little tidbit. Atia in Rome was actually modeled after Augustus' wife, Livia, in Robert Graves' "I, Claudius".
I agree. The key to enjoying Rome is to not expect it to be historically accurate. Too many people nitpick the details of Caesar, Augustus, Mark Antony. I kinda wish the show just focused more on Vorenas and Pullo. Still, it was pretty damn badass and if you are missing GoT and haven't seen Rome give it a shot. May tide ya over.
Don't hold your breath, follow up movies don't happen unless your show was called Firefly.I'm still waiting for a follwup to Rome and Deadwood. *hah*
Any good immersive games I can run on a first gen core-i5 (arrandale) with a Geforce 310M? My desktop with the GTX 660 has been commandeered by the fiance and she won't let me on it long enough to get more than 10 hours into Skyrim heh.
ProVari isn't worth the extra cost. Ended up getting a Sigelei V5 (15 watt), and an Hcigar Caravela clone mechanical mod. w00t! Sigelei V5 in gunmetal finish: Caravela clone: Running both of these with Efest 18650 high drain 2500mah batteries. Mech mods don't allow you to adjust voltage or wattage, it fires whats in the battery. Time to bust out with the resistance chart! Should I ever decide to build my own coils for sub ohm dripping, all I need is a cheap...
New Posts  All Forums: