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Breaking Bad, it's pretty good.
I'd watch it just for Yolandi *drool*
I'd say Neuromancer....gotta start at the beginning w/ Gibson.
The only ones I've had the attention span to play lately are 1) the Caligula game from adultswim, and 2) a game on newgrounds where you make this blue skinned alien chick with big snakes for hair swallow a bunch of loads.
What's a good game for someone with like a 5 second attention span?
Good question re Balon. Either the show hasn't gotten to him yet, or just wrote him off. edit: By the casting leaks though, I think the Greyjoys might be back in. And I'm excited to see who will play Randall Tarly.
[[SPOILER]]No that's Sam
+1Would have been more fitting. Justice for Renly? Who cares about him, seriously?edit: I hope the Melisandre never dies and keeps getting naked.
This is how I interpreted it, Bolton soldier slashes femoral artery behind Stannis' knee. He sees the blood on the ground and immediately accepts his fate. He knew he was dead by the time Brienne got there. I don't see him coming back because his story really has nowhere to go anyway. I think this is the show's way of tying up plot lines that are ongoing in the books so they can actually end the show at some point in the next 2 years or so.It wasn't some CSI analysis I...
Stannis is dead.
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