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Michael Shannon can be filmed taking a dump and he'd probably deserve and Oscar for it.
Breaking Bad, it's pretty good.
I'd watch it just for Yolandi *drool*
I'd say Neuromancer....gotta start at the beginning w/ Gibson.
The only ones I've had the attention span to play lately are 1) the Caligula game from adultswim, and 2) a game on newgrounds where you make this blue skinned alien chick with big snakes for hair swallow a bunch of loads.
What's a good game for someone with like a 5 second attention span?
Good question re Balon. Either the show hasn't gotten to him yet, or just wrote him off. edit: By the casting leaks though, I think the Greyjoys might be back in. And I'm excited to see who will play Randall Tarly.
[[SPOILER]]No that's Sam
+1Would have been more fitting. Justice for Renly? Who cares about him, seriously?edit: I hope the Melisandre never dies and keeps getting naked.
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