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Yeah. I forgot the vast majority of people react completely logically during a crisis, heh. Only problem I really had with that scene was that Cutty made it out of that mess w/o getting bit. But not enough of a problem to really have a problem.Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to obsess over the inability of any known metallic alloy to support the weight of those big robots in Pacific Rim.
I'm digging this one. A little dated but not bad.
Probably not, they are in Georgia.I bet all you whiners and nit pickers would be the first ones eaten in such a situation LOL.
I think your carrier has software for this when you switch?
I don't think so. 5 owners were beta testing for 5S. You will be beta testing for the 6S.Preordering a golden 5S for the fiance, but I'm getting a Moto X for myself for two reasons: 1) Down payment being dropped from 199 to 99 in Q4, I already spent the savings on a "Primal" kettlebell from onnit.com and 2) I look forward to the day I can uninstall iTunes from my PC once and for all.
Well shit bring his ass back. Gregor only had like one scene in S2 anyway.A man of few words:
No, Conan Stevens is the best one to play The Mountain. Why they cast that other dude, and then this dude, I have no idea.
Not many. Hell, my HK P7M13 hurts my hand; should have gotten the single stack M8.The PPKS is very snappy, I guess due to the fixed barrel design. Hopefully a wood grain handle will help with that some, I don't want to have to get one of those wrap around Pachys.
Cool, I was looking at CZ 75.Hell, I almost....almost... got a CZ 82 in Makarov over my PPKS 380.
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