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Well shit bring his ass back. Gregor only had like one scene in S2 anyway.A man of few words:
No, Conan Stevens is the best one to play The Mountain. Why they cast that other dude, and then this dude, I have no idea.
Not many. Hell, my HK P7M13 hurts my hand; should have gotten the single stack M8.The PPKS is very snappy, I guess due to the fixed barrel design. Hopefully a wood grain handle will help with that some, I don't want to have to get one of those wrap around Pachys.
Cool, I was looking at CZ 75.Hell, I almost....almost... got a CZ 82 in Makarov over my PPKS 380.
Yes, I've never shot, nor held, either. Also, I've grown up my entire life hearing that Berettas are jam-happy pieces of shit. Just wondering what the differences are specifically. (BTW I've heard terrible things about the Taurus semis too, but the PT92 seems to be well liked)How it feels in the hand. I like that and would like something that 'feels' comparable. Nice feel, low recoil.
Looking for a good range gun to buy (or get gifted for my bday in March) in 9mm of course. I shot the Sig P226 Navy a few weeks ago and CREAMED over it. Anything that nice by another manu for a smaller price?
Why choose a Beretta 92FS over a Taurus PT92?
Woah, let's not get crazy here and start calling HBO Rome "excellent". "Pretty good, I guess" is more like it, nevertheless, I still salivate over the thought of a feature film focused on Vorenus and Pullo.
No thoughts on those, but have you looked at Total Energy (TOT.TO)?
Why is there confusion over what historical fiction is? Fiction in a historical setting. Easy. HBO's Rome = historical fiction HBO's Game of Thrones = high fantasy Use that as your guide.
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