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Just picked one of these bad boys up for 39.99 as an impulse buy, glad I did. Best tasting vapes I've had yet; hear it's as close to rebuildable atomizer you can get without busting out with the kanthal wire and organic cotton and wrapping your own coil. The new Kanger dual coil heads are a vast improvement over the old. If you have a Kanger tank that uses the dual coils, make sure you only restock with the one I picture below, where the wicks are not...
How do you deal? Especially when you lift
Woo hoo, ACTC has a CEO now.
Have you seen Shotgun Stories or Take Shelter yet?
Switched from high bar to low bar squats last week...WTF didn't I do this a long time ago heh. Also, DOMS in the quads has never gone away in less than 5 days, preventing me from squatting as much as I want to. Got a foam roller, after about 5 painful minutes on it, DOMS completely gone today. Foam rollers rock.
It didn't really ruin anything, but don't read anything else about it before you see it, if you intend to.
Wait...what? The way the film ended was the best, most honest way to end it. It was perfect start to finish.The film was a big ass metaphor for American middle class financial anxiety after all. [[SPOILER]] Jeff Nichols has quite a career in front of him.edit 2: It was also refreshing to see mental illness portrayed in a non-exploitative...even compassionate, way. Kudos to Nichols for that.
This was filmed in Houston, and many of my theater club friends from HS were in it as extras / bullies at the school.edit: It was still a friggin stupid ass movie.
A little while ago in this threak I was trolling someone or other challenging him to post one example of GRRM employing a Deus Ex Machina in ASOIAF, me having one in mind at that moment. I haven't seen the episode yet, but the online rage at a certain character's exclusion lends me to believe the show stripped that example I had in mind, which is pretty awesome.
New Posts  All Forums: