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They should change the name to Doctor Blows. Seriously. No Tom Baker = suckfest.
How could it not suck? LOTR trilogy was garbage too and this was obviously set to be much worse. Maybe it would have been good if Ron Howard directed it. At least Willow wasn't a snooze fest.
Just a simple frother wand, nothing special. Works better than I expected though. Great for people who like a little coffee with their milk hah
Holy crap the Aerolatte is amazing. I couldn't care less about quality of coffee now because it's always going to have half a cup of milk foam dumped in it. Roobios lattes are great too I'm finding.
Yeah, I am kinda foggy though, what did you catch me on? Claiming I was there with him right?I have so many awesome Paki stories over the years, I need to put it all on paper and make a book.
Thank ya kind Sir!
Nope but I recently reconnected with him and he was my best man in Oct
Just a bunch of photos of black people with watermelons and fried chickens photoshopped in their hands. I think I need to purge all the Baby Boomers off my friends' list.
Thanks, I'm considering one. I'm using refillable baskets in a Keurig machine now. Is there anything about the Aeropress that makes it better than a regular French press or pourover?
Is the Aeropress good
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