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I think I'm just going to consider the series finished after having read Storm of Swords.
I'm starting to feel about GoT the way peeps are feeling over in the TWD thread.... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...BORING. My message to George RR Martin : I may watch this season when it's all done. Or I may not. Honestly I'd rather re-watch Garth Marenghi's Darkplace or Mighty Boosh instead. Be a better use of my time.
Just rewind to prior seasons, she's been naked quite a bit in the first two already.
Gotten a lot of stuff since my last post here. I anticipate the FDA bringing the hammer down soon, so as a belated bday gift to myself I am assembling a collection of mechanical mods (no circuitry to ever go out, these things will last forever). Ditched the Kanger crap. I know there is new Kanger crap out everyone raves about. But I am done with Kanger crap. I do 100% rebuildables now and will soon start mixing my own juice. Now down to only 1mg nicotine.
I still don't understand why the whole group isn't moving along with a herd a la Michonne or Carol. I'd get used to the smell of zombie guts pretty quick since it looks like the easiest way to stay alive.
True. Also, it's gotten pretty predictable in the regard that, if one of these long-standing characters you hardly ever hear from starts developing all the sudden, they are gonna die. Otherwise though I still love it. I've actually lost all interest in GoT even though I was more excited for that one than TWD, which is still going strong IMO.
Everyone is pretty irrational, that wasn't the first dumbass thing that someone did and won't be the last. As far as the prison goes, it was pretty clear if the gov didn't get it, no one would. He didn't just want the prison he wanted revenge against Rick and Co.So who's gonna win Best Actor this year, Vin Diesel or The Rock?
After so many months finally picked Salammbo back up on Sunday night and finished the last 2 chapters. WTF. Flaubert goes from sheer brilliance with Madame Bovary to this garbage. At least I finished it though. I guess Robert Graves spoiled me a bit too much as far as historical fiction goes.
Messiah was often critiqued for focusing too much on the politics / plots within plots, etc. and not having as much action as Dune did. That's actually why I preferred it. Seems people hate God Emperor for the same reason, so I'm very excited for that one. I liked Children about as much as Dune.
Great episode IMO. TWD is far from perfect, but I don't get all the hate. I bet all you haters think shit like Fast and the Furious is Oscar-worthy.
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