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Typical beginner's setup is an Ego-C battery and charger and Ego Clearomizer type tank. Online it should cost ya no more than 40 bucks, at a store no more than 70 (with a starter bottle of juice included).That's US prices...not sure about Canada.
Good episode I thought. The "nothing happened today" eps are getting better it seems.
Morrowind, with every sound replaced by Tim Allen grunt.
Njoy is garbage, but nonetheless, was my first e-cig and those managed to get me off of cigarettes. I find the Njoys a little underpowered, did you try the Red ones?
Been using the Kanger AeroTank a few days now. LOVE it. I was worried about the dual coil heads being gimmicky, but I actually do notice a positive difference in flavor when I crank the wattage up.No leaks, no gurgling, all the issues with prior Kanger tanks seem to have been solved with this one.You can definitely do better than an AeroTank...you can get a Nautilus, but the coil heads cost twice as much, or you can get a rebuildable atomizer, but you'd then have to...
I prefer Adult Swim to late shows Fallon seems pretty cool though based on the very few youtube clips I've seen with him.
The show's just fine really, aside from stupid errors like new cars and cut grass. People go online and complain about the show's decline, but 1) still watching 2) still interested enough in it to go online and complain.
It should arrive today, will post an honest review. As far as nic levels....that's not an easy question to answer, at all. You choose the dosages of your nic, 36mg (yikes most stores don't even sell it that high, but some do), 24mg, 18mg, 12mg, 6mg.Most stores equate 24mg to Marlboro Reds, and 6mg to Marlboro Lights...but it's really going to depend on what kind of tank you have, and what kind of battery as well. If you get a high dosage of nic in a small, Ego type...
Been carrying a Case Mini Copperlock in blue that my future father in law gave me, but alas, fell out of my pocket at some point and it's gone. I wanted to order a Buck 55, but, having just lost a 50 dollar Case, I opted for a 10 dollar Opinel No6 instead.
Oh yes, my Kanger Aerotank is on order, if anyone cares, I can review it here after I use it a while. If not, I'll keep discussion on this topic in general limited to www.reddit.com/r/electronic_cigarette
New Posts  All Forums: