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Just a simple frother wand, nothing special. Works better than I expected though. Great for people who like a little coffee with their milk hah
Holy crap the Aerolatte is amazing. I couldn't care less about quality of coffee now because it's always going to have half a cup of milk foam dumped in it. Roobios lattes are great too I'm finding.
Yeah, I am kinda foggy though, what did you catch me on? Claiming I was there with him right?I have so many awesome Paki stories over the years, I need to put it all on paper and make a book.
Thank ya kind Sir!
Nope but I recently reconnected with him and he was my best man in Oct
Just a bunch of photos of black people with watermelons and fried chickens photoshopped in their hands. I think I need to purge all the Baby Boomers off my friends' list.
Thanks, I'm considering one. I'm using refillable baskets in a Keurig machine now. Is there anything about the Aeropress that makes it better than a regular French press or pourover?
Is the Aeropress good
I have them but haven't started reading. I may just do the audio version.
Was gonna say hey, TWD beat Sunday night football, but, feh, not saying much because sports are friggin stupid.
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