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Finally watched it, great show! Finished Season 1 and Kate Mara had me all boned up. Haven't crushed this hard since Parker Posey. Anyway, no more Zoe Barnes, so I kinda lost interest.
I shelved my Stowa Antea KS I bought in '06 (thanks to some great advice from here), b/c it's increased in value a little too much over the years for me to wear daily. So I went ahead and ordered a banger from ebay....the Vostok "blue scuba dude" I'm excited for it.
Wow you don't know me very well; I most certainly could. But, I'm over that, seriously guys.
Can ya'll let me back into Current Events please. I'd like to have some completely rational discussions about my favorite Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump. I'll be good this time, I promise.
I gave up on Sense8 15 minutes into ep 1. Wachowskis suck.
That is delicious.Kale is also great with some Teriyaki sauce drizzled on and thrown in with some beans and rice.
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