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Time to brush up since I'm transitioning from litigation to patent prosecution; although, I don't think they will ever let me leave litigation heh. Not at this firm at least.
Halfway through my most recent 6mg batch (was at 12 mg before this order). 75ml left and then my next order will be nic free. After I finish 150ml nicotine free, I will probably give my kit away as the e-cig novelty is wearing off and I'd like to stop. Since dropping to 6mg, I noticed mild withdrawal for a few days but that went away, and the 6mg is now too strong for me the way 12mg became after a while. In short, I'm whittling down my nic consumption not because I...
bacardi 151 coconut rum mango nectar water ice
Correct but I don't know if that site is still even operating.
Yes, there will be a spinoff show with a different group in a different part of America.
Seems to me they blew a pretty huge wad with the mid-season finale, and probably need to recharge until the next season. I'm honestly anticipating an anticlimactic ending to this season. I have not read the comics though, and I hope I am in for a surprise to the contrary.
Just started listening to the Hardcore History podcast on the Franco-Prussian War, so this is definitely going on my to-read list.
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