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Great start to the season. I like seeing how people respond to the stress of Walking Dead world differently. I also like reading this thread seeing people who would be dead themselves on day 1 in such a situation nitpick and critique bad decisions by the characters. This armchair general right here would get used to the smell of zombie guts as that would be my daily bath.
Kinda figured it would go downhill after what happened to Zoe, aka, my woman on the side
I'm loving HoC, but it gets bad? I'm at the point now where the newspaper guy just met up with the deep web guy who is on Always Sunny.
Finally got my Vostok Amphibia in, along with a replacement bezel and shark mesh bracelet. Unfortunately the little stick tool hasn't arrived yet so I can't swap out straps yet.
Finally watched it, great show! Finished Season 1 and Kate Mara had me all boned up. Haven't crushed this hard since Parker Posey. Anyway, no more Zoe Barnes, so I kinda lost interest.
I shelved my Stowa Antea KS I bought in '06 (thanks to some great advice from here), b/c it's increased in value a little too much over the years for me to wear daily. So I went ahead and ordered a banger from ebay....the Vostok "blue scuba dude" I'm excited for it.
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