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Oz was a great show. First 2 seasons really were flawless.
Same race, like the English and Irish are? No need to experiment with a carbon blade, my dad's SS dagger still has the same oil on it since he got it 30 years go. Arya doesn't have a problem with her sword, but I'd say all the Greyjoys should hehe
How so? I'm sure we all know people way more bigoted than Tarly in real life.Also re: Arya's sword....I'm pretty sure she had heard of oil even before Ned let her train to fight.If you're going to nitpick, nitpick that ridiculous dual sword wielding Tower of Joy nonsense and the fact that Dayne's magic swords can punch through 4 layers of mail with ease.Still waiting for a sword fight scene that can top Rob Roy.
What crap. I give up on this show I will just watch Larry Sanders reruns until I fucking die. HEY NOW.
Having never read a Goosebumps novel, I found the film starring Jack Black surprisingly easy to follow. Highly recommended 6/10.
I love the Sparrows and what they represent. Cersei legitimized the nuts and enabled them, now they are out of her control and destroying the Lannisters. GoT is boring anyway. Not enough Lagertha.
Going to watch it tonight, but after the kickasss mid-season finale of Vikings this weekend, I think Thrones will disappoint.
Paranormal Activity part 12 or whatever.....actually pretty damn good IMO and would have been a great finish for the series except for the bad CG deaths at the end. Also, why tease Toby's human form? There aren't going to be anymore sequels, should have just shown him dammit.
I haven't even seen it yet and I'm already pissed off.
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