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Having never read a Goosebumps novel, I found the film starring Jack Black surprisingly easy to follow. Highly recommended 6/10.
I love the Sparrows and what they represent. Cersei legitimized the nuts and enabled them, now they are out of her control and destroying the Lannisters. GoT is boring anyway. Not enough Lagertha.
Going to watch it tonight, but after the kickasss mid-season finale of Vikings this weekend, I think Thrones will disappoint.
Paranormal Activity part 12 or whatever.....actually pretty damn good IMO and would have been a great finish for the series except for the bad CG deaths at the end. Also, why tease Toby's human form? There aren't going to be anymore sequels, should have just shown him dammit.
I haven't even seen it yet and I'm already pissed off.
I feel like watching Vikings and Last Kingdom after Bastard Executioner lowered my expectations for both hah
Yeah the whole Paris escapade wasn't that great to watch at the beginning. Now that Rollo's married seems to be picking up. Beyond tired of Ragnar now.
What a shame, I'm not a comic fan don't even know why I'm here, but from what I read about the movie before it came out sounded really interesting.
Always turned my nose up at Vikings but gave it a shot Xmas time and got hooked. Been keeping up with the new season, really liking Lagertha. She's my second fave behind Rollo now.
Really he has nothing left to do in the show besides die.
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