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I bought myself an Xbox for Christmas I'm a gamer now! I have Skyrim, Doom and it came with Minecraft. Probably made a mistake with that bundle, so much reading and shit to get into Minecraft.
The Thing was a masterpiece. Prince of Darkness while not as good still rocked for being yet another Assault on 13 remake. Of course now could anyone not love Big Trouble in Little China? Only one I really didn't like was The Fog.
Here are my Netflix streaming reviews of late: Medici - B+ - I'm glad Robb Stark finally got to marry Walder Frey's daughter Versailles - F- - WTF is this shit? Spartacus - D+ - Would have gotten an F but had lots of tits, asses and dicks to make up for it. Also Lucy Lawless.
I don't even care about the one liners at this point, they just need to wrap that shit up.
I don't even care about the one liners at this point, they just need to wrap that shit up.
Can't believe I missed a thread on vaping If you want to vape in style, I'd look for a GP Piccoloid setup from Vapourart. Mechanical mod, and it uses a 14500 battery so it's nice and slim. I think that's about as close as you'll get to something that's stylish. GP is top notch design, but the neither the Piccolo mod nor the Spheroid atomizer have been cloned, so be prepared to pay for them. The cloud chucking neckbeards have ruined this hobby, and the mechanical...
Thanks for the advice. I'm not senior anything, not even an attorney heh. Different office cultures I guess. My last firm, even though small, was much more formal.
Not to resurrect a dead thread, but, I love three piece suits. Wore them all the time over the years at the boutique firm I was at with nothing but compliments, but I just accepted a position at a big firm and some people are freaking out that I'm wearing a suit at all. And the weather hasn't even allowed me to add my waistcoats yet This blows. I'm going to power through it though; they will have to just get used to seeing me in them. I'm not going to spend a bunch...
Oz really jumps the shark in the later seasons, but you should at least finish 4. Maybe skip ahead then and check out the musical episode in the last season; it was pretty great.I'm getting into Community now, pretty funny.
Yes Jaco was very good.
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