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One of my favourite wines. Can't get much, but what I have drunk, loved.
Christmas gift.
99 Houses on Netflix. Was not expecting much. Surprised. Excellent. Worth your time. If its anything near accurate, ugh. Fannie Mae, foreclosures, etc.
Typical, I leave Toronto and my fav inexpensive French shoe store comes to town!!!$330, though. I cleaned up in one Paris str. Each pair 150 euros.
Hello Artisan Fan. rofl never put two and two together....
"And it's finally motivated me to fix up my old LP12. I have a really old motor and the internal leads, if anyone wants these for spares for the cost of postage, let me know before I chuck them out. Goodbye stock old stuff, hello Hercules II, Cirkus subchassis and a Ittok tone arm that's been 'souped up' by Audio Origami" ...and?
Brilliant Danish political drama inline with other great political dramas like House of Cards (Netflix version) and First Among Equals (BBC). Acting is superb and everything unfolds beautifully. Nice to see another democracy with its own idiosyncracies at work. Unlike The Bridge, where the script was far less wordy, the Danish subtitles in Borgen will keep you on your toes. But the Danish is the only way to go.
Bron/Broen Season 1 Writing, acting, story, filming home run. Go with the Danish/Swedish original not the US remake 'The Bridge'. Unique in many ways and much more than just 'Scandi Noir'. Lots of twists and turns and a leading lady that you won't soon forget. Available on HuluPlus
The Hateful Eight 8/10 Agatha Christie in a Wyoming snowstorm as directed by Hitchcock. Well, not quite. But Quentin Tarantino's 8th film is another humdinger with quality storytelling filmed with superb technique, capturing fine performances. Wickedly funny at times and plenty gory most of the time, it's not for the faint of heart. But if you love great writing and Tarantino's style, this almost three hour film is for you.
3rd time. 3D, IMAX 3D, 2D. 3D is usually a negative for films IMO (except for Life of Pi, where it was magical). Same magic, here. 2D good, but the space scenes have real grandeur in 3D. Beautifully done. Finally got my fill after viewing number three, but pre ordering on iTunes. Sure, it's derivative as hell, but who cares. Brilliant stuff. And compared to the last three -- miserable, ugly turgid pieces of crap, all three -- a masterpiece.
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