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The Act of Killing 9/10 Unique, brilliant documentary. It's difficult to believe what transpires. Unforgettable. American Hustle 7/10 Dislike Bale. He's wonderful. Amy Adams is brilliant. Others are good. 70s lifestyle is done really well. The Wolf of Wall Street 7/10 Done better in Boiler Room and Wall Street as drama, but a good, very black comedy. One too many inspirational talk scenes, but entertaining nonetheless. Blue Jasmine 8/10 A good, very well written...
We never got to it. Lots of unannounced cocktails before dinner! By the time we finished the fabulous Brunello and the young Beaucastel, we were eating trifle and getting ready to pop the pinky. From the past, it was typical of good Washington Cabs, less jammy than Napa, very refined mid palate, nice finish. Cheers.
Happy New Year. For last night's dinner party. They provided prime rib and riesling. And the most delicious breakfast this morning.
It'll be well documented in the review, coming soon. My comment was in answer to your piss take.
Almost silent. And, in the same room. Exceptional, really.
I was underwhelmed when visiting the store. Expected much more from their rep. That said, my brother just did his whole beach house in the stuff.
Reviewing this right now. Bergmann Magne. Air bearing 'table and tangential arm. A fun review period.
Thx, I think Will report findings. Staying with friends, so will be fun and wine, not just a couple of wine tourists. Providence tonight in LA. Should have a nice list. Staying at The Beverly Hills Hotel. A nice list in the Polo Lounge.
Hi lads. Been a while. Can you direct me to some wineries you love that produce good reds in the Santa Barbara area? I don't need a great winery 'experience', just good red wine. Happy to call and make appts, too. Many thanks. No. 1 on my list to vista is Sanford for sentimental reasons, not for Sideways
New Posts  All Forums: