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...and a nice, zingy Tempranillo.
Lovely Okanagen with friends.
Among the best. Last night with rack of lamb.
Like it. A lot.
Yes. Layer Cake, best among them.
Godzilla 8/10 A very fine second film from Gareth Edwards. Good acting, especially from the wonderful Brian Cranston, and a very good script with nice layering and timely subsets. The movie maintains a good pace and the monsters arrive at just the right moments. There is some brilliant CGI that blends beautifully with the photography. The 3D is subtle, and the movie will look just as good on a regular screen. There are a couple of scenes that are very creative and look...
Benfica lulz Excellent side picked by Hodgson for the good guys.
Tonight IMAX 3D
Love the look and the tie, especially.
Heat and Ronin are my go to rainy day movies. Class.
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