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It would look odd to take the jacket off at the event. Don't worry about black vs. midnight blue.
Arguably 3-button polos are better for tall people.
Too many contradictions in that statement. Choose Brooks Brothers or another relatively conservative retailer.
All those changes might help. Letting out the chest slightly might help just as much.
Also, get better sleep and make sure the exercise includes muscle-building, because the body probably is naturally losing some muscle and therefore isn't burning as many calories at rest. In addition, use a multivitamin and maybe separately a multimineral, to fight cravings. Use spices on leans meats to better tolerate their healthfulness, and allegedly some of them boost metabolism. Edit: the oft-ridiculed Dr. Oz has a long weight-loss list that's worth...
Interview shoes should be black with a smooth finish and (yes, but probably not as important) "closed throats." The Cole Haan shoes look adequate. The lapels on the Paul Smith jacket look too unusual. The Filson bag looks too casual. If with that styling, it should at least be darker brown or black to add enough formality that it might not be noticed.
Too broad a question - the setting might eliminate many options. That said, the tie should be bold enough that people look toward the face instead of the feet.
The last few striped shirts don't look right with the jacket. Light blue is another option for the pants. Not with a light blue shirt, and maybe best with a pink shirt.
It is. That's why money is charged. Also, that's a reason there are lengthy free articles on the website.It seems with almost all blogs and completely free sources, people are kept dependent and never get all the way to very knowledgeable about style themselves. Also, because 'noobs' often can't tell good from bad, this thread does a public service, even if it's mean at times. A good forum is maybe the one free source where, occasionally and after a long time of active...
No complaint about the "image consultant is a valuable professional" part, but the equation of that with not learning shouldn't be reality. A style professional should teach (in a fast, understandable way). If he or she is just saying Wear this or that, even if it looks okay, in the long run it's probably a disservice to the client. Most blogs are even worse than that, just looks that the blogger probably wants viewers to emulate, worst of all when they are stealth paid...
New Posts  All Forums: