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The first pair can be worn with chinos that aren't black. However, it should not be worn to a typical workplace. It is too showy. The second pair can be worn with chinos, shorts, etc. in colors such as brown and pastel and also with blue or white denim.
It looks good from the front. From the back, it is iffy (too roomy), but the front matters much more.
[ending the frequent Style Forum runaround] The jacket is too small in various ways (including length). The pants, as already, noted are too tight. The suit cannot be tailored to fit properly. That sales associate should be avoided.
For more unusual colors (such as green), one is a reasonable maximum and beyond two is excessive. Per season. There's no reason to use more than one henley in any month or so. Solid orange generally requires a slim frame and dark hair. Don't forget patterns and fabric variety. Also, chest pocket styles can and should vary. In cold weather, sweaters can be used to get more out of shirts (variety).
That has too much shoulder padding. It probably needs a higher buttoning point, also. The jacket is a bit big in the waist as well. The pants are too long. Basically, try again with a different suit possibly advertised as having "natural shoulders."
The suit jacket on the right is too small. Perhaps the darker jacket could be taken in a little. Both jackets should show shirt cuff. Both pairs of pants have a problem around the leg opening - probably too too long and maybe slightly narrow.
The shirt fit is terrible - total loss. The suit fits passably now and can be tailored into a good fit.
4 buttons in 2 straight lines is the configuration most likely to avoid creating a top-heavy look. If the concern is more about looking blocky, then a v-shaped 6 x 2 probably would be better. Fit, color, etc. also affect that, of course. Heavily padded shoulders probably should be shunned even more than usual.
Light gray sneakers would go with more pants colors (but nothing very dark). Wearing them "nearly everyday" is a bad idea.
A red button-front shirt with a vested suit (or even an odd jacket) doesn't work. Try pink instead. And that suit is at least a size too big (which a tailor cannot fix).
New Posts  All Forums: