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Okay?You want brands and specific items? No one here knows your measurements or location, and (per "slightly nicer") what your co-workers will be wearing also is unknown.
Some TJ Maxx locations lately have been carrying shirts similar to the first one. (Probably because they've become slightly too popular.)An approximate location would have helped. It's better to not rely heavily on online shopping.
That isn't elegant in look or materials. Resembling that with better materials not way out of the price range - it has been challenge. (Not-so-happily) More fashion-forward than "elegant" and not sized.... https://www.reiss.com/us/p/belted-mac-mens-madison-in-dark-grey/?category_id=1113
The first link isn't working. Assuming it's made of decent material, it's probably less versatile than the other one, due to the velvet collar.
Uh, that sheer number of questions is more suited for a consultation and probably would never be answered in much detail on a forum. Nevertheless, some answers.. I Mostly synthetic isn't a good choice for any non-athletic apparel. II A slim-fit tee shirt and a slim-fit henley should fit about the same. III Synthetic adds stretch, but there's no need for a high percentage of it. V Don't obsess over color. VI There probably aren't any good guides for men's bracelets. Wearing...
Sorry for not replying sooner - haven't been keeping up with Streetwear. If 2) and 3) already happened, maybe those purchases were okay. No red flags in the comments. Listening to much advice from AskMen would be worrisome. (Fortunately that's a complexion that can wear virtually any color.) There's no realistic chance that any $10 pair of sunglasses is worth wearing except in an emergency. Just to have decent sun protection (e.g., polarization) built in costs more than...
Bespoke shoes occasionally are medically necessary. Sometimes health insurance companies will reimburse for them. Unfortunately, they tend to only do that for special, ugly orthopedic footwear brands that most would consider unacceptable for formal purposes.
If you have a specific objection, state it. Unfortunately, $400 more per pair of shoes might be a low estimate for a man who technically does need custom-made shoes. Nowhere was it implied that spending more on shoes is the only way to lessen the risk of future foot problems.
Some people probably think that wholecuts that are black, high-shine, and unadorned (no brogueing, etc. ) look feminine. Also, some men dislike them because they can make feet look huge. That's similar to what someone said about emphasizing an unattractive last shape.
Those prices seem excessive for cotton- or linen-based jackets that probably are only meant for somewhat casual settings a few warm months of the wear. The RL Morgan jacket probably has the most value, because its darker color makes it usable for more (e.g., evening) situations.
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