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There are various minor fit problems, but the shoulder fit is more than a minor issue, since it would require costly tailoring. It would be prudent to try other different brands in search of better fit there.
The pants can be salvaged. All they need is shortening. The jacket length is woefully short, and the sleeves are too short. That cannot be fixed, and therefore the jacket is unwearable.
It also allows the rare opportunity to wear a light green dress shirt.
A little darker would make it more versatile and a nice choice, but it should not be tight like that.
A safari jacket is a good option, though belted or with a hat the whole outfit might then look costumey.
The boxiness can be reduced and the sleeves shortened, but it's a size too big in the shoulders and (not correctable) too short. Return. Unfortunately, it looks like a set of measurements that few off-the-rack suits can be made to fit well.
The thick white soles arguably make them too casual to wear with chinos, especially the darker versions.
Yes, the suit's sleeves are too long, but so are the shirt sleeves.
The suit is too big in the shoulders (hard to fix) and too long in the sleeves. Also, the drape of the pants is wrong in a way that is best left for a tailor to figure out.By the way, the shirt color is too dark for that suit.
Short-sleeved fine, if it has a collar.
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