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That was an indirect way of saying there's probably no more tailoring that can be done. Unless that was just a dry-cleaner - an alterations tailor might have more knowledge.
Is there bloating? Does the pants and shorts feel tighter during some parts of the day than others? Also, no medications that might be causing weight gain?
Putting aside likely locked knees and less-than-ideal camera angle, It looks weird, mainly due to the seeming very short tibia. In the future, the best solution might be to get pants with very little creasing.
A bit longer when new, because jumpers (sweaters) tend to shrink more than other items.
Too tight in the upper torso, and the waist is excessively tapered. The effect is Hulk-like.
The suit is making the stomach look bigger because it doesn't have much shoulder padding (narrow shoulders) and the flap pockets near the waist are wide-set. The shoulders need tailoring, by the way.
Light gray sneakers (think fashion, not athletic) also would be fine. Or the shirt could be light gray with a pattern and the sneakers white. The issue probably is that yellow scares men and can clash with other colors.
Seersucker would look odd in most parts of the Northeast. Weirdness is not a quality to advertise on a first date. Maroon is generally better than a black shirt.
This feels like a brainstorming session. What about navy moleskin pants or narrow-wale corduroys? It's usually easier for a stocky older guy to look sharp-dressed and not cliche in those than in jeans. Also, a high-end cashmere sweater wouldn't hurt. Neiman Marcus might be worth visiting.
If denim, probably black. Most popular shades of blue would be too close in color to the hoodie.
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