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Better than the black/white shoes? Yes. But the sole is still too athletic-looking and not really compatible with any style of clothing (except maybe security). Items get severely discounted for a reason.
Depends on the shirt, hairstyle, etc. If the rest of the style says office, the shoes wouldn't work. To repeat, the shoes with the white soles, assuming they have the black uppers pictured, look terrible. Frankenshoes. Jeans cannot save them.
The shoes with the white soles look terrible. The other purchase is okay, but the shoes aren't as versatile as the Leonard Principi would be.
Okay, but even in, say, Southern California, linen suits (and arguably suits in general) are uncommon. Anyway, this is getting off-topic.
It's hard to argue against $47 for new leather-soled shoes (Leonard Principi). If the size is right.
Maybe $100 to alter the shoulders and back. Frankly, because this is no consultation, there's not a lot of effort into tracking down specific in-store options. Look for brands like Canali, Caruso, Isaia, Pat Zileri, and Belvest at a high-end store such as Neiman Marcus. (Call ahead to see whether the brand and size is in stock.) If anything fits better than the suit above, search for it online and buy that way if it is much cheaper (at, say, Yoox).
Linen suits are uncommon in many places, and coordinating linen with linen indeed could appear "OCD." Anyway, wrinkling that much when worn suggests there might be a fit issue. On top of the one that (like many people) the pants might be slightly too short when not wrinkled. It sounds like something to discuss with a tailor.
The pants also need to be shortened, and the shoulders could use a little work. (The shirt sleeves look a bit long, too.)Due to the shoulders ($$), it's probably best to search for a suit that fits better in that place. Also, it shouldn't be hard to find a suit with pants that fit better. Brand recommendations are hard to give without a budget or approximate location, but Google "athletic cut suit." An 8-inch drop isn't very unusual.
Frequent dry-cleaning shouldn't make suits tear (at least not much faster than they would otherwise). The first step should be to determine whether the suits fit properly, especially with the current trend of skinny suits.
New Posts  All Forums: