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Proper fitting isn't the same thing as having regularly used the brand for a while. What if it's unsatisfying? Take things slowly, and buy from multiple brands, such as that Paul Evans. There's little reason to have the same model in multiple colors.
Propecia's safety is the subject of many Internet debates.,., Studies indicate that Nizoral helps slightly with male-pattern baldness. The mechanism is unclear. The only likely side effect is scalp irritation, correlating with things like quantity and frequency of use. Some hair transplant surgeons assess hair loss for free. Doing that when uninterested in a transplant is an ethical gray area, and dermatologists probably are better.on average at distinguishing...
Those are the only two choices? The tan sneakers look too much like slippers. The red sneakers are only wearable with some strong clothing.
Yes (as in "tropical weight wool"), and also a roomier cut with padded shoulders (not the first two pictures). The roominess also helps in hot weather. Size and approximate location should be given when seeking specific recommendations.
Dark gray, if "socially" means mostly evening events.
Fit already was addressed. Color was not. Indeed, that yellow is unflattering. Subdued pink should look much better. Light green probably would look okay.
The suit fits badly from the back, too big and possibly with the wrong sleeve pitch. From the front, something is wrong near the top button. The suit's sleeves are not too short.
One shoulder is higher than the other. The problem at the lower back likely is mostly from lordosis. There's also too much material for the entire back. The collar shouldn't be lifting off the shirt like that.
It should be fixed, if possible. It's for a tailor, in person, to determine exactly why, aside from the excess length, that's happening. It might be due to the underlying dimensions of the lower body, which shouldn't be shown here.
The jacket is too tight in the upper back. The pants are a mess, length included. By the way, the shirt sleeves are too long.
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