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The Oliver suits look like they fit best, including acceptable fit at the shoulders, which is one of the hardest things to fix. Shoulders should not have big dents.
Hmm, financial industry, perhaps there's money to afford pants of wool blended with more than a trace amount of cashmere? That said, don't regularly dress fancier than superiors.
It's okay to go slightly bolder in color (e.g., Donald Trump pink) or slightly thicker in fabric (such as a 6-fold tie or cashmere tie in cold weather). Beyond that is likely to cause a negative reaction in more than a few people.
The pants are too tight in the seat, and the shoulder style is unflattering (too sloping).
To look slightly less large, wear a pocket square, preferably in cream or something else tasteful but not too formal .
The fit is so bad that a search for another tailor should commence.
Beyond Allen Edmonds means trying on something first, to be safe, which in turn is best done at the store.. What's the approximate location?
Basically a taupe suit and blonde hair are not seen as authoritative. Therefore, for business, an authoritative tie would help. Of course, with a masculine face and build, apparel color importance diminishes.
It took a while, then some great replies. It's not an argument against non-riders wearing motorcyle jackets per se. Okay, probably no serious, technical jacket for someone like that, but the real issue is not being fake. As in wearing a motorcycle jacket without having any stereotypically manly hobbies or hanging out in somewhat of a biker bar while wearing a jacket that's never used on a motorcycle. It's a little different from other specialized types of jackets because...
The request might have gotten more, quicker answers if in Classic Menswear. Chinos for the field, probably with a light blue dress shirt. Textured sportcoat maybe, albeit not in hot weather. For an indoor city meeting, a regular sportcoat, white dress shirt, dress shoes, and chinos or wool pants. Obviously, if meeting a few hours apart, some compromises are advisable, say, dark brown split-toe bluchers instead of standard dress shoes.
New Posts  All Forums: