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If it's a natural material that is neither waterproof nor lined, shortening it should be easy. If not, it's probably doable but likely complicated.
Yes, though why risk buying used for an important item?
It would be safer if the red stripe were wider, but still with a white shirt the total amount of blue/navy should be okay.
Something like a pebble-grain medium brown blucher probably would make a good travel shoe.
Brown suede shoes, too. Add a third shirt brand. Other than that, not enough specifics given about the shirts to comment on what might be lacking.
Suede loafers, if trying to look dressed up. As for pants - http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=25061836&ppp=99&pg=1&omniselect=View_All99&f=Men&kw=linen+for+men&parentPage=search - but if it comes in the right size, it probably will be rejected due to the white color.
At night, black boots usually look okay with medium or dark-colored jeans. Black shoes, usually not. Black leather lifestyle sneakers, yes, but they probably would be too casual.
The polo shirt is too tight in the chest and too narrow in the waist, making it look cartoonish. The chinos are too tight in the seat, and the rise likely is too short. The fit of the dress shirt is okay.
Wool trousers are a good idea if they are found on co-workers, but otherwise cotton might be better.
"Broad shoulders" is almost meaningless. Measurement via a tape measure or properly-fitting suit jacket size + waist size would be more helpful. Lightweight jacket and a medium- or heavyweight jacket. As in a wool peacoat. Don't cheap out, and avoid buying outerwear online without trying on first. That probably can wait until fall. Also, some sweaters and thick socks. Other than that and gloves (for 1-2 months per year), there probably aren't special items required for...
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