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The width makes it difficult. Fit does matter. Anything standard width ought to be tried on in person first, because 'standard' is a misnomer and a pair might be too narrow. Edit: Zappos has plenty of reviews that describe shoes as running wider or narrower than expected. Also, there's no one magic pair of shoes - a person needs a rotation to prevent accelerated damage to footwear. The Clark's might be worth keeping the rotation. What to...
1) Shoes are not the most important part of someone's wardrobe. 2) List your approximate age and your shoe size (length and width), which might help narrow down the options.
Much too red to go with yellow. Instead of that, consider a shirt or sweater with a bold pattern. The other suggestions were fine.
The jacket sleeves and legs are too long. Something else seems wrong with the pants, judging by the poor drape, but it is hard to pinpoint. The jacket is too tight in the upper back and should be let out at the waist. The ticket pocket was a not good choice at 5'5" - doesn't help perceived height.
Yes, in number 4, the scale might be a problem, making the shirt/tie combination look a bit hypnotizing.
If the tie decision hasn't already been made, the red paisley is aesthetically better than the brown and more versatile. The shirt-tie color combinations are done well, though the in the first one the tie looks a bit too casual for the shirt.
If you limit sweaty wear (e.g., taking socks off once home) and minimize machine-drying, socks should shrink less and last longer.
The jacket itself technically is a bit incorrect for formal wear* (but fine for a typical prom). Therefore, using regular black wool pants instead of tuxedo pants is fine. *Edit: it's not just the color, but also the flap pockets and two front buttons, but still the jacket doesn't look bad.
It's an Ask a Question kind of post. Anyway, no, special pants fabric not needed and might fight for attention with the jacket if chosen.
Cream would be fine, yes. Despite an edict against black and blue, the two colors as pants and shirting can go well together if they're not similar in shade (black with near-black). For black jeans, no dress shirt, though, unless perhaps a sweater is worn above it or the dress shirt is maroon. Black jeans don't really go with blazers or other tailored jackets.
New Posts  All Forums: