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The size 94 looks better than the 98 and anything posted previously. However, it would need some non-extreme tailoring in multiple places, and it might be too short, which if so likely can't be fixed. Also, it looks like there's a sleeve length difference, perhaps due to a so-called dropped shoulder. It's common but something to be concerned about, re fitness. Jacket sizes might vary in multiple measurements, and therefore each potential size should be tried. Variation...
Tweed isn't known for use on "night out on the town." Same for fresco and hopsack. Herringbone tweed might be passable, though. Brown is typically a daytime color. Patch pockets also don't fit well in the (sometimes dressy) night out scenario.
Because it recalls an undershirt.Also, it's usually quite unflattering if the body is unfit.
No store around there might have a size 100. Flaps can be tucked in or (most would discourage) removed. Other stores ought to have some suits with more padded shoulders. Look around before deciding.
It probably would be best to post pictures in a currently owned suit, for guidance on design. Thread count around 120 should be okay, assuming it's a pure wool suit, which probably it should be.
98 looks small in the waist. That can be fixed. However, between that and the silhouette (some of which is the camera angle), it looks unflattering. 102 looks rather big in many places. Maybe you should try another brand, something with more padded shoulders or the equivalent of an in-between size (e.g., 100). Without flap pockets definitely would be an improvement.
Tailors have tricks to make small adjustments to the shoulders. The end result might not be perfect, but it should be adequate. It's hard to say what else might need work, due to the poses and low image quality. If the jackets are too short, then don't buy - the entire butt should be covered when pants (not jeans) are worn at the waist. A tailor with his own shop should be able to spot problems.
Maybe 98. Its shoulders still ought to be improved by a tailor and it has a collar gap that can and should be fixed, while 102 has a huge collar gap that a tailor might be unable to fix.
Kind? Monkstraps. If you mean the brand.... Not the thread for this, frankly.
What happened to this forum? It's much too tight. The chest and especially the shoulders (the dents). It probably requires a different brand (for the same numerical size cut bigger in a few places).
New Posts  All Forums: