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This feels like a brainstorming session. What about navy moleskin pants or narrow-wale corduroys? It's usually easier for a stocky older guy to look sharp-dressed and not cliche in those than in jeans. Also, a high-end cashmere sweater wouldn't hurt. Neiman Marcus might be worth visiting.
If denim, probably black. Most popular shades of blue would be too close in color to the hoodie.
A medical condition technically is possible (let's include bloating -> there's information about causes thereof in the Abdominal Madness article). Loose skin is also possible. However, there's no mention of body fat percentage and no picture (which probably shouldn't be posted). The stomach is the hardest area from which to lose fat, in men. Maybe there needs to be more muscle mass to help divert calories away from the stomach.
With plain dark jeans, a plain shirt might be too drab. And a colorful one probably wouldn't look good on someone carrying extra pounds. As long as that's the case, while some party shirts and graphic tees are tasteless, might as well wade through to find some that are passable. No shiny shirts, by the way.
People might think that is an easy request, but it is not. Here is one option that probably will work: https://www.neimanmarcus.com
Still not specific enough. What's your clothing budget?
If that's indoors, most men probably wear dark suits. Tuxedos for weddings seem to be losing popularity. In the ideal ceremony, the groom probably should dress slightly more formally than groomsmen, as in peaked lapels and wholecut shoes.
Suspenders are not supposed to be visible. Therefore, that does not determine the shoe color. Since "black tie" was stated, even less formally dressed people will choose black shoes, and anyone who doesn't probably will stand out in a bad way. A white pocket with a lavender trim isn't ideal, but it's close enough to solid white that no one should object.
Yes.http://www.styleforum.net/t/372461/wrinkled-lapel-canvassed-suitAs you can infer from that, pictures aren't enough. A tailor would need to examine it to understand what is happening.Might not be possible now. Padding in there initially could have made the shoulders level. The raised shoulder might be making different amounts of shirt sleeve show. From the side, there's clearly too much material in the jacket shoulder area. Technically some of it might be the upper...
That's a brand-new jacket? That looks like puckering on the lapel, which shouldn't happen on a jacket, especially a new one. Also, the jacket is too short and the shoulders do not fit right. The left shoulder looks raised, for which a tailor should compensate. Overall, if that's a bespoke or MTM jacket, that doesn't reflect well on its tailor.
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