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That brings to mind the issue that too many people post bespoke or MTM disasters in threads like this (but not this one specifically), and often that could have been avoided had they asked knowledgeable people beforehand for advice in planning their items. Though who would want to be held responsible for a bad outcome? Maybe it's time for a "How to not have a tailoring disaster" kind of article.
That's acutely right, as long as the tie is matte (shiny might force a split in attention between the tie and shirt). The brown tie in the first post doesn't look shiny and therefore ought to be okay.
Hate for female stylists/consultants/whatever who 'help' men probably is justified. Very few come to mind who plausibly do good work for men. And personal shopping is easily abused as a money-grab. Anyway, it would be nice to get back to discussing the subject of the thread, Solito.
No, because the customer almost definitely is going to view the suit (or, in the fallacious example, sport coat) right away and likely would notice. He might not even look at the second pair of pants for a while. Someone in another thread implied his tailor allowed him to order a duplicate pair of pants after the fact, without the tailor stating that it's probably from a different roll. Anyone else?
First of all, a brief poll about whether people order a second pair of suit pants... The can of worms - if the pairs were made at the same time and the tailor supplied the fabric, can you be sure the pants were made from the same roll of fabric? For example, maybe a not-so-reputable tailor has a partial roll left from a previous customer's order. As for actual wearing, do you store one pair until needed or alternate? If alternating, how do you track which pair is being...
Tie explanation appreciated. Extra trousers? Uh-oh. Already made or just the fabric and commitment to make them? A second pair is a good workaround for the poor durability, but nobody wants an end result that is displeasing to the eye and a first time with any bespoke item already is a risk.
Fair enough, though the "fawning" complaint wasn't an attack on him. Clients usually are not spoken to so strongly, but neither are they coddled. Sometimes on forums it seems to make sense to speak more strongly than usual, lest comments be lost in a crowd. In some ways, the wrong crowd, yes. Nobody recommend a skinny tie. Maybe slightly narrower than that one (where the stripes might be adding some illusionary width). Re the pants, possibly part of the problem is the...
Obviously people with serious insecurity should seek direct help with that, but sometimes insecurity comes from aesthetic issues and therefore is fair game for image consultants to help (perhaps with guidance toward cosmetic procedures). Likewise, sometimes people buy fancy suits to bolster their confidence. Better to use an affordable image consultant as a middle man on that than to overspend on clothing, as if those are the only choices. By the way, based on anecdotal...
Yes, it's the Solito thread. And there have been long threads about other suit brands that aren't known by the general public. Has there ever been one about tie tips that show with fastened suits? Priorities. A suit that is mediocre in quality and fits great > a high-quality suit that fits mediocre. Probably some swaths of Style Forum members are more about the adventure (or the insider status) than the results. Edit: he's right about the pants - sometimes even the...
The query is more suited to the "Ask a Question..." thread and the answer might be too late, but darker is better. Major contrast between shoes and pants distracts the viewer. In other words, choose the 8111 or something even darker.
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