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The whole concept is badly flawed. Furthermore, the two brands cited are low-quality. People should use websites such as this to improve their own style judgment and be very choosy with regard to paid help.
Black sweaters typically are not for work, and black turtlenecks have some negative associations. Other than that, why not?
Yes.The suit collar should lay flat on the shirt. That is something a tailor should be able to spot and correct.That doesn't appear necessary.
Shorter like Trump's sons might be adequate, presuming interviewers either don't make the association or don't dislike the father. Not as much product as they use, however, please.
Also, collar gap is an issue. Lowering both the jacket and shirt collars would help, but it's a lot to ask. The horizontal pocket placement isn't ideal, but nothing can be done about that.
Black is not a good blazer color for most people. Therefore, another cashmere might hardly end duplicating things. Besides, it probably will be lighter than camel hair.
The cardigan looks nice. If the material is quality, a much-lower price is unlikely to be found, barring a sale. Ripped jeans are not recommended.
[thread should be moved] There will never be a definitive answer for an individual without knowing what he looks like, his environment, etc. One small step, in shirting, beyond white and gray is to start wearing light blue. And shirts and pants rarely should be matched in the same color (e.g., no green with green). Usually but not always the shirt color should be more attention-getting than the pants color.
Nordstrom Rack, albeit possibly pointless if there is one near home.
People got carried away without addressing some key issues (while unfairly equating overpriced Hugo Boss with low quality): $500 is about the minimum a quality suit will cost, though there are some suits at that price point of dubious quality. Spending more than $1500 at a low rung of engineering senior management seems unwise. It was not explicitly said, but a first suit should not have any pattern, not even a very subtle one. It should be only be single-breasted...
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