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All the concerns are valid. Furthermore, the second looks like possibly a ride-in-it biker's jacket, which might come across as misrepresentation if not an actual biker. There's no rule that either jacket must be purchased.
1) Wrong part of the forum. 2) Thick, straight hair? That's more likely to stay in place without any product. 3) The first argument against the Caesar style is that it's boyish. It needs be balanced out by a masculine face (a la weathered skin, facial hair, gray hairs, or a large nose). 4) The second is that noticeable bangs are distracting, which means the Caeser needs to be re-cut very frequently.
A black grenadine or knit silk tie might be color-compatible, but a black tie is not for an English-speaking wedding. Replace the shirt with, for example, light blue, and the range of compatible ties will be broad.
Sloped shoulders. Could use some padding to camouflage. How much, if any, horizontally depends on facial width, which is unknown.
That is one of the few situations where an official collegiate sweater probably is practical.
Prominent stripes on lapels tend to make the chest look bigger. With that, the fitted cut, and the athletic physique, the end result might look too dramatic.
Provide a size and budget, please.
It looks better, but it's still too small in the shoulders and the cut is wrong. It needs more padding in the shoulders, and the large pockets are unflattering.
At 5'6", the standard advice is to minimize contrast between pants and shoe color, to maximize the perceived vertical line. Albeit light-colored shoes are generally too casual for the workplace.
Less waist suppression next time, too. It is causing a de facto horizontal line and therefore a cut-in-half shortening effect.
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