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Returned them yet? That's your answer. Blisters, etc., are not okay.
State your budget, sizes, and approximate location.
No, it clashes a little, because the tie (obvious dots) and shirt (pink) are about equally attention-getting.
Picture of Fred Astaire in white pleated pants without a jacket? With a jacket, a feminizing effect is unlikely.
Between the white and possibly ballooning out, they might look feminine on a narrow waist.
A Long should do. A 41L might fit better than an even size. The natural cut of the pictured jacket is so unflattering on the shoulders that PRL probably should be ruled out.
Might need a 37R from a more traditional-cut brand.
Fewer jeans and shorts, more lightweight pants such as linen, unless you plan to buy them there. A white dress shirt should be part of the trip. The graduation apparel sounds fine.
The jacket is too short, too tight in front, bad at the shoulders, etc. Return it if possible.
It would be better to lean toward Allen Edmonds or another brand that can be tried on before buying. Though that's less important with loafers.
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