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Wrong sleeve pitch? Please post a picture of the entire jacket being worn.
It might be appropriate for a country wedding in the UK, should such an opportunity occur.
It looks like a raglan sweatshirt.
There's a dubious trend of using a contrasting fabric as a chest pocket on shirts.
This is an unusual case where a dull navy waistcoat might be the best choice. Only consider non-black shoes if the festivities will end during daylight.
The pants are slightly big and not hanging quite right in back. The jacket shoulders clearly are too big. Some padding to balance out the head is worthwhile, but that looks like the wrong size shoulders..
If that happens, between a belt or jacket, nobody is likely to notice.
There's no law that either pair is a necessary purchase. That said the waist alteration should be cheaper to make.
A professional could adjust for the tightness on the bridge. However, it's not worth it, because overall the pair is too big for the face.
Budget, approximate location? Is the size 38, 39, or 40, or does it fluctuate?
New Posts  All Forums: