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Don't be tricked by "value." Buy one suit at a time, so that basic fit is gotten right, preferably before alterations make it unreturnable. Post pictures here after buying if unsure, and look around online to see how a suit should fit.
Shorter on top and covering a little forehead (Caesar cut and long bangs not recommended). Beyond that, it comes down to age, circumstances, willingness to use product, and personal preference.
The jacket sleeves might be too short. The shirt sleeves are too long.
There probably would be shoulder issues regardless of bad habits, e.g., chest size relative to shoulder width. As such, it's a situation where probably only bespoke will produce a good fit.
The second suit could be tailored into adequacy. But it's not for an interview (usually that should be dark gray or navy and single-breasted). This is kind of a case report on why a style 'noob' shouldn't do much important thrift shopping.
The shirt isn't bad, but it should not be worn with a tie, and readers can't know if it is appropriate for the "activity."
If those pants and no tie, then probably a light blue or pastel shirt.
If it weren't so short, it would be nice-looking. However, for that kind of money (probably too much) in NYC or Boston (as claimed in the other thread), better to get a longer, warmer, different kind of jacket (or coat) altogether.
It's 2014. People are still recommending building one's wardrobe largely around a single retailer? Anyway, reading between the lines, he's probably already too old to wear much J. Crew clothing.
Go slow is solid advice. But "buy custom" and that link hardly help. Size information/measurements and a location would help. The "cool black coat" might refer to an overcoat, but black is not a good choice for that or much other clothing. (The main piece of dressy outerwear usually should be navy or dark gray.)
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