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It looks like the jeans might be slightly long and slightly wide below the knees, where they are bunching up.
That's mostly a myth. Underweight was considered bad and associated with illness, but the preferred body shape was always curves without being fat. As for the original question, it's rooted in fact and interesting but probably unanswerable. That said, there's a proven association between hunger and an attraction toward thicker body types.
"proprietary biometric system for the measurements" There's too much material in the upper back. Also, the shirt is much too big around the waist and lower ribcage - wide-set shoulders and under-developed lats? It's quite fixable. Same thing about the sleeves, if they are in fact slightly long.
Gray should work. "Non-church" is too vague to recommend a material outside of typical wool.
But does anyone actively dislike 'clean' denim? Which implies it's the safer option.
Eat a healthy diet, including vitamins and minerals. Get enough sleep. Lift weights. (We're talking good testosterone.) Keep the beard neat, of course. Still, if there are holes from alopecia areata or the color isn't great, a beard probably isn't worth the effort.
Outdoor summer Southern weddings make up a small portion of all weddings.Anyway, if before purchase she had access to close-ups and not just the stock picture she posted, then ironically she is the one engaging in deception.
Yes, but it doesn't look like the suit in the other picture and in almost no setting is seersucker formal enough for the groom's suit. Sounds like grounds to dispute the purchase with the credit card company.
It would look odd to take the jacket off at the event. Don't worry about black vs. midnight blue.
Arguably 3-button polos are better for tall people.
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