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If the coat (or jacket) is very similar in color to whatever would show underneath, that can make the look weird.
1) The link doesn't work. 2) The white portion of the soles significantly limits wearability.
An odd jacket probably would look out of place on a young person at a house party. Perhaps a sweater vest with clothing that is more casual than business casual. Wearing a button-front shirt without layering obviously is an option for increasing variety. Of course accessories and patterns also would reduce the sameness.
Lighting reduces certainty, but it looks okay, at least for festivities that end by early evening.
Look at the dents - the shoulders probably are much too big. It's very possible that there's a fundamental incompatibility between chest size and shoulder size. If so, bespoke might be the best solution.
Great job tracking that down. Unfortunately, it's a cotton blend. "Fair island cardigan" in Google might lead to something better.
Dark brown corduroys could also accomplish that. Split-toe shoes are another option. The white or light blue dress shirt need not be a solid color.
Almost any top (shirt or sweater) will shrink at least a little after the first wash. Nylon might make it shrink less than the usual, to where it might not be noticeable.
Yes, it is.If you've made a purchase already (hopefully the first one), you are hereby being informed that some of the problem with the arms is from very erect posture. A tailor can adjust for that.
Ribbed is not for business. Perhaps for pleasure:D For example, that probably could be worn on an evening date under a sportcoat in a moderately different color, if the weather isn't warm. With dress pants, chinos, or plain dark blue denim. Edit: actually a similar outfit probably is okay to wear in some creative professions, albeit not when meeting clients.
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