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Hrrm, well, per roughly a minute of looking at Liverano suits with Google, the only images where tip tie shows buttoned are at [drumroll]http://dieworkwear.com/post/47544503001/the-italian-cover-upAnd less so than his.[meant as slightly humorous]
Nobody wants to see exposed tie tip. Going back to earlier photos, a bit of darker tie (easy to miss) shows beneath the button in a fairly normal pose. It's frankly irritating that people would dispute that's a sartorial error and that the tailor released the suit to the client with such a problem. Maybe it was mailed? At least it can be fixed without much difficulty. Edit: 'mensimageconsultant' is neither infallible nor a tailor and had hardly viewed the earlier photos....
Internet Tough Guy with probably no expertise in any style field basing that on what? Does the jacket not pull? Does tie (possibly wider than it should be) not show below the button? Someone stated the pose is contributing, but it's partly the fit itself.
SOL, due to the black and double-breasted. Hard to think of an occasion where the jacket would not stand out as strange.
Brown that matches is okay if it's a normal shade. For brown shoes with brown belt, the only guideline is that the two shades not be very different (e.g., dark brown with little brown). There's an article....
Why so much fawning? Time for an injection of truth - the jacket is too tight in the waist and has improper button placement.
Skip the J. Crew chukka boots due to a pairing of likely fundamentally poor quality and mediocre quality. The other pairs look better but might not be much better. Probably none of those shoes would last long in damp weather. With that low budget, maybe the casual boot should be something like a Bean Boot - http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/506698?nav=ln-506697&page=men-s One reason for the limited help is that size and much about personal style have not been shared.
There's nothing wrong with the question, albeit it probably didn't deserve its own thread. There is not enough educational discussion on Style Forum - there are aesthetic rules, but not everyone instinctively realizes them and ought to want to know. Re the Trey Songz photo, yes that looks okay, partly because he has such a 'pretty,' attention-getting face and due to the jacket distracting from the pants, but the outfit is not very practical and the pocket square is silly...
That looks good. Florida might be rainy, and rain is not friends with suede. Edit: if it's going to be hot or on the beach, a compromise might be loafers or leather/canvas shoes.
Yes, despite clothing forums' general aversion to blue non-suit pants. Granted, if that is a sweater, a contrasting visible shirt color (white, pink, etc.) with it might put enough focus above the waist.
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