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It took a while, then some great replies. It's not an argument against non-riders wearing motorcyle jackets per se. Okay, probably no serious, technical jacket for someone like that, but the real issue is not being fake. As in wearing a motorcycle jacket without having any stereotypically manly hobbies or hanging out in somewhat of a biker bar while wearing a jacket that's never used on a motorcycle. It's a little different from other specialized types of jackets because...
The request might have gotten more, quicker answers if in Classic Menswear. Chinos for the field, probably with a light blue dress shirt. Textured sportcoat maybe, albeit not in hot weather. For an indoor city meeting, a regular sportcoat, white dress shirt, dress shoes, and chinos or wool pants. Obviously, if meeting a few hours apart, some compromises are advisable, say, dark brown split-toe bluchers instead of standard dress shoes.
Motorcycle jackets seem to be gaining popularity, at least on this forum. Somebody in another thread claimed that 99% people in motorcycle jackets don't ride. What do you think? Do you have one and ride? It seems like the more authentic-looking jackets are more likely to be worn by real riders, but that's merely an educated guess.
Maybe it would be okay, for casual use.
Long toenails in shoes worn barefoot?
Bad color choices: black, white, anything unusual. If navy, wool is better than cotton. Minimize beige if very long-legged. No patterns for now. The recommendations for lightweight and heavyweight fabrics are sensible depending on climate. Also, consider some corduroys or moleskins if the climate is not tropical or sub-tropical.
It's probably a lightweight wool, but the view isn't close enough to say with much certainty.
Low-rise pants/jeans and skinny fit look bad on virtually any man over 40 (and many younger, too). Polos are not inherently bad, but they need to fit well and look lively to do any good. Some subtle contrasting on a polo shirt is the kind of youthful styling a 40-something could get away with. A bigger belt buckle really doesn't go with a shorter man, regardless of age.
It's not a terrible combination, but the red in that shirts look too strong for wear with a sport jacket. The clothes should not take attention away from the wearer. The lack of color contrast between the jacket and jeans is also problematic (like a fake suit), though it might look better in real life.
It looks like the jeans might be slightly long and slightly wide below the knees, where they are bunching up.
New Posts  All Forums: