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Yes, in number 4, the scale might be a problem, making the shirt/tie combination look a bit hypnotizing.
If the tie decision hasn't already been made, the red paisley is aesthetically better than the brown and more versatile. The shirt-tie color combinations are done well, though the in the first one the tie looks a bit too casual for the shirt.
If you limit sweaty wear (e.g., taking socks off once home) and minimize machine-drying, socks should shrink less and last longer.
The jacket itself technically is a bit incorrect for formal wear* (but fine for a typical prom). Therefore, using regular black wool pants instead of tuxedo pants is fine. *Edit: it's not just the color, but also the flap pockets and two front buttons, but still the jacket doesn't look bad.
It's an Ask a Question kind of post. Anyway, no, special pants fabric not needed and might fight for attention with the jacket if chosen.
Cream would be fine, yes. Despite an edict against black and blue, the two colors as pants and shirting can go well together if they're not similar in shade (black with near-black). For black jeans, no dress shirt, though, unless perhaps a sweater is worn above it or the dress shirt is maroon. Black jeans don't really go with blazers or other tailored jackets.
That is not an attractive toe shape, and they look like they belong in a museum, meaning they look so odd and worn that they are relics and cannot be fixed.
In all but formal situations, two clothes in neutral colors allow the third piece to be almost any color. Though white, yellow, and pink scarves are not recommended with that.
Few tips one can or should give without pictures and/or several measurements.
Aside from cotton-linen, there is cotton poplin, which is not the most breathable form of cotton but it's still relatively lightweight and durable. A varied hot-climate wardrobe probably should include both.
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