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Yes, it looks like as you have speculated. Perhaps your feet are sized differently or you tend to push off with the right foot.
With some luck, maybe a Hugo Boss will be discounted at a local Nordstrom Rack or at a local Hugo Boss Outlet. Always safer to buy in person.
Resoling is the terminology. The problem is the boots might not be resolable. A shoe repair store should be able to tell by examining the pair.
1) Do almost the same thing for both sides.Perhaps squeeze a little harder on the left side until it catches up. 4) Yes, temporarily decrease the weight until multiple sets are possible. Or use a lighter weight on the second set. There isn't enough lower-body in that exercise routine.
It's not entirely unique. There was a long story about dressing around physical disability on a clothing site not worth promoting here; and there's Stephen Hawking, who looks like an academic (probably close enough to the right outcome here). Actually, this situation is a little more difficult due to lack of pictures/not really knowing how bad things look now. Could some ready-to-wear items (not suits or jackets) be tailored to fit okay? How helpful are others in, for...
Don't be tricked by "value." Buy one suit at a time, so that basic fit is gotten right, preferably before alterations make it unreturnable. Post pictures here after buying if unsure, and look around online to see how a suit should fit.
Shorter on top and covering a little forehead (Caesar cut and long bangs not recommended). Beyond that, it comes down to age, circumstances, willingness to use product, and personal preference.
The jacket sleeves might be too short. The shirt sleeves are too long.
There probably would be shoulder issues regardless of bad habits, e.g., chest size relative to shoulder width. As such, it's a situation where probably only bespoke will produce a good fit.
The second suit could be tailored into adequacy. But it's not for an interview (usually that should be dark gray or navy and single-breasted). This is kind of a case report on why a style 'noob' shouldn't do much important thrift shopping.
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