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Hot sun on bare arms will damage the thin skin there and also will feel very uncomfortable. In other words, linen shirt, yes. Maybe linen/cotton pants. Jeans would be too hot. We don't know what "work" is and therefore how cycling clothes need to get along with work clothes.
A striped white/blue shirt also might be okay. That said, the jacket's fabric is terrible and therefore it should be returned if possible.
No, because an odd black waistcoat usually looks bad. A color like gray or tan would be a better choice. Don't try to find a navy that matches, because very likely it will be off and people might sense it.
Wear pants in dull olive or the brown color family. (With bright green or blue or many others, too much color.) Gray jeans almost might work. Pair with a colorful shirt to avoid unnecessary focus on the footwear.
The right half of row 2 is passable. Some of the ties in rows 1 and 3 look okay, but none is particularly versatile. Pick the yellow striped tie in row 2 or the mostly yellow tie in row 3 as the one yellowish tie to keep. The last tie is okay. The above assumes all the ties fit well and are in good condition. Anything less should be discarded.
Hugo Boss is more likely to fit well (after modest alterations) than most other brands, including Suit Supply. But it's only good value on sale.
No, and magazines, websites, etc. that try to do that usually lead their followers into some serious mistakes (though of course there are some basic types of items that most men should own). Age, measurements, lifestyle, location, budget, style history, etc. are some starting points for figuring out what direction to take.
No, too much variation among men, but of the four, light/light might be the worst combination for most.
It would help to know if we're talking about a muscular man with overdeveloped legs. Anyway, what about separates from Brooks Brothers? That should look modern enough without the aggressively slim fit of Suit Supply.
Taste and logic are much better than most new-to-dressing-well people show. Still, there are some problems. What if Vass proves to be physically uncomfortable? Then it's multiple pairs that probably will have been bad buys. Also, the shoes all look high-end and high-shine, which might be too attention-getting for the rest of the wardrobe and some circumstances. Finally, even with proper care and repairs, all three pairs lasting more than 10 years is unlikely, between...
New Posts  All Forums: