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Should've waited at least a few hours before purchase. The one you did buy looks rather formal for a young man (mainly due to the double-breasted), enough that it's incompatible with jeans. Also, between the extra material and the flannel, it might run warmer than wanted. That aside, it appears to be well-made and tasteful. The Zara one has a more youthful look, but anything from there is unlikely to be of high quality and it has too much synthetic material.
Close. Large tie patterns are problematic for short or very thin people. Someone who is slightly short but heavy probably can wear a big pattern.
White shirt, dark brown belt with dark brown shoes or black belt with black shoes, and white or gold pocket square (unnecessary) would be okay. Do not wear a black shirt.
Do not try online tailoring. Initial fits often are bad, and an unstylish customer might not even realize that. $500-$1000 for 5-10 shirts is plenty*. That might as well include a polo shirt (not the golf kind) and some long-sleeve sportshirts. Probably at least one solid navy or gray v-neck cotton or wool sweater, too, if it is not the tropics. The dress shirts should include white, light blue, and checked and horizontally-striped patterns. French cuff is not for...
Strong example why many men should not shop at Suit Supply. It is mostly for slim men, and it does not carry the full range of sizes.Try, for example, Brooks Brothers in a size 43. 44 is also a possibility. 42 would be too tight.
No bow tie, no gray, no vest.
Yes, though black outerwear isn't really for a daytime event..
A symbol is better than text, but both of the above are acceptable
Is that you in the picture? Also, more information about the items purchased already and size information would be helpful - and you could afford to choose forms of help beyond anonymous amateurs.
This might work. http://www.petermanningnyc.com/products/fulton-topcoat-black
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