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Have you actually measured that? In the newer picture, are you wearing pants well below the waist?
The second attempt is significantly better than the first, but by virtue of the short jacket (which oddly wasn't a problem weeks ago), it remains basically unwearable. Is the 'remake' the original jacket heavily altered?
It's worst in the upper arms. Bring it to a tailor for an estimate.
You're right about the shirt sleeves. Anyway, the picture is at angle, and therefore the non-severe collar gap is only clear near the right shoulder. However, without body asymmetry or poor construction. presumably it's on both. A tailor should be to handle it regardless of the particulars.
It's a good look as is, despite some minor fit issues. Yes, the sleeves, but also collar gap, pants probably too short, and the dubious trend of excess tapering at the waist (very slightly so).
Possibly. A tailor would be wise to leave an allowance in case the legs become bigger for some reason. Bring it back to the person who did it if possible.
No, as somewhat explained in a lengthy article on the classic site below, the likely automatic belief is because the pretty young woman helping him is remaking him into meeting her visual standards (pictures of the client required by all those subscription sites?), it's likely that he'll then meet a woman like her offline who approves sexually/romantically. Those sites of course do not help with hair, fitness, etc., which easily can be bigger deal-breakers than clothing....
The whole concept is badly flawed. Furthermore, the two brands cited are low-quality. People should use websites such as this to improve their own style judgment and be very choosy with regard to paid help.
Black sweaters typically are not for work, and black turtlenecks have some negative associations. Other than that, why not?
Yes.The suit collar should lay flat on the shirt. That is something a tailor should be able to spot and correct.That doesn't appear necessary.
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