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You're right - the chest creasing shouldn't be there.
The blue question is too easy to answer Actually, it could be pedantic, going beyond not with patterns or black or a bright color.Orange maybe with dark gray, but it always would be better without a tie.
The forum would have you ask such questions in http://www.styleforum.net/t/164402/ask-a-question-get-an-answer-ask-all-quick-questions-here To answer the questions, probably too formal for chinos and at least as mismatched with jeans. The finish is too smooth and shiny. If the shoes were suede, likely "suitable." The color is compatible with chinos and jeans that aren't dark, and even in those cases sometimes it's okay (but never with black).
Waist size would be more valuable than those descriptors. Don't worry about shoe shape, barring square-toe or other extremes. It's not a real issue for men in the normal height range.
No location mentioned means a guess. If there's a local retailer that sells Austin Reed, try it on. It should be better value than J. Crew, Macy's, low-end Calvin Klein, etc. There's also Suit Supply, as you've probably discovered by now, but it's more expensive and might fit too tightly.
Let's ignore the shoulders and the odd way the sleeves end. Then the shirt looks fine, except for the collar, which shouldn't cover so much neck.
http://www.diffen.com/difference/Boots_vs_Shoes If you like, ask a shoemaker whether he consider boots shoes. Your opinion on image consulting is not welcome here. Give it privately if you like. If you have an idea for making the signature less irritating (nobody knows everything), PM it. There's nothing wrong with properly answering a thread's question, and there was no goal of selling anything to somebody (likely a kid) who possibly stopped reading the forum on March...
The jacket shoulders look lousy from the back. One shoulder is higher than the other. A tailor can help compensate for that, though perhaps a physical therapist should be consulted. Other than that, the fit is okay.
No. Boots and shoes are both footwear.Where did the other reply go? It was valuable and meant to serve as an answer in case anyone searched on the topic. (The clothing part is too broad to answer beyond "slim.") To be a bit more precise, some casual black shoes can be okay with skinny gray jeans (if they aren't light gray), but that's a small percentage of black shoes. Many more black boots would be compatible, along with many brown shoes and boots (brown's lesser...
Hmm, the color philosophy sounds reasonable, but you probably should own some non-gator dress belts.
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