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Not too long, but something is amiss. Possibly the pants aren't wide enough to fall nicely around the shoes. They seem too skinny relative to the upper body and feet. Has the jacket been tailored recently?
Re shoes - nothing decent and new likely to be had for $100 max. It sounds like a size 33 is needed for pants. Lands' End is one of the retailers that has that. If you want local ideas, please provide a location. Also, it is unclear whether cotton or wool is wanted.
Black shoes. The outfit is already 'interesting' enough.
Possibly due to a mix of the shoulders being too wide and a lack of upper back musculature. (In other words, lifting weights might make suits fit better.) By the way, the jacket is too short and therefore should be returned.
Maybe the sleeves are a few millimeters too long. It's nothing to worry about. The jacket is not too big in the waist. The pocket placement might be creating the illusion of that. If the pockets had no flaps, the jacket would flatter more.
What area is that, please? It would be good for the forum to know.
From the rear, it looks too big in the shoulders. Maybe it's a slim-fit suit jacket secretly underneath (that's supposed to be mildly funny). The shoulder excess contrasts poorly with the otherwise slim fit.
Maybe discolored by oil from rather unusual hand sweat? It's probably technical possible to redye the entire jacket, but virtually no financial sense to that.
The capsule wardrobe request seems to have been met, but wearing the same watch, belt, and shoes each day is not okay. Especially for footwear - people will notice and the shoes will wear out quickly.
For a while, it was Braun. That brand might have already begun releasing a new line, and Phillips has it own new high-end series.
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