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Ribbed is not for business. Perhaps for pleasure:D For example, that probably could be worn on an evening date under a sportcoat in a moderately different color, if the weather isn't warm. With dress pants, chinos, or plain dark blue denim. Edit: actually a similar outfit probably is okay to wear in some creative professions, albeit not when meeting clients.
Have you tried having a size 44 suit tailored or bought a 42 or 43 in a roomy cut?
Warmer = Australia? Linen is an option. Some pinks and most shades of green will work within patterned shirts.
A shirt with a bold pattern that is moderately colorful is the easiest way to do it.
The first pair fits better. The other is too round for that oval face.
The seat needs to be let out. Hips too, which should reduce pocket flare.
You might as well list the possibilities you already own.
A solid lavender ("light purple") shirt probably would not be helpful. Striped shirts are needed for versatility. Blue, white, and pink all come in business-friendly striped versions. A henley is not for the office. Neither is a light-blue pair of jeans (in most countries, anyway). Despite another reply, loafers are not actually not actually necessary and might be slightly negative when dealing with clients.
#1 is strange-looking and would not be balanced out by typical Brooks Brothers clothing. The other options should work.
Besides problems already listed, the shoulder pitch looks off, probably due to very straight posture; that likely will happen with all off-the-rack jackets. A qualified tailor can fix it, but the price is higher than for some simple alterations.
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