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Men's Wearhouse has a category it calls "casual dress shirts." Point made? That is not to say non-traditional dress shirt colors and patterns are non-existent or worthless. Per the original question, measurements (beyond "large") still needed. Some men simply are too v-shaped to fit nicely in virtually any button-front shirts. Fortunately for them, alterations (e.g., taking in the waist) usually can be done.
No such thing as "casual dress shirts," and no such thing as dress shirts that should be worn untucked with jeans. That earned a bad reputation about 10 years ago. Also, if stored properly, many fabrics that aren't thin and fit well will hardly wrinkle when worn. Arguably "wrinkle free" doesn't exist, though. It would be nice to help find a nice somewhat casual shirt to do the job, but "local" but needs to be a named geographical area, accompanied by approximate...
1) Yes. 2) Maybe, if the denim is lightweight, in medium or light blue.
The pants fit poorly and probably should be pulled up. The 2nd looks too short regardless. Number 3's sleeves are too long (easily fixed). All three have collar gap. That's in addition to the problems cited by others. Terrible fit, basically. Maybe the body type calls for bespoke.
The front-back balance might be slightly off. The collar roll needs to be fixed. The pants seem to need some letting out at the seat and don't hang well at the hamstrings. Posture might be the cause of all that. There's potential for a good end result, though the pants might be stuck at their slightly short length.Edit: local tailor, huh? More people should do that instead of ordering remotely, which almost never ends well.
Someone soon will be around to point out a better place for the post. Meanwhile... Almost anything that is technically too big can be tailored. Part of he problem is that the shoulders appear too big (possible wrong suit size), and that is a costly alteration that often does not go well.
The vest, no. The jacket, again, maybe, for stone. It needs a picture to show how much color contrast there is between the jacket and pants. If it's too similar, it will distract people (for example, making them wonder if it's a suit or not). Cream seems likely to be too similar.
Slight controversy starting? The second belt looks more casual, mainly because it is less shiny and wider. Probably neither is very stereotypically "business casual," because each looks rather formal for wear with a polo shirt.A belt that has more of a business casual style...http://www.sierratradingpost.com/remo-tulliani-andretti-belt-leather-for-men~p~8574g/?filterString=mens-belts-and-more~d~281%2Fpriceor~%2450-%2489dotdot99%2F&colorFamily=01albeit it might not be wide...
Maybe - depends partly on the visibility of the pattern from a distance. Medium gray would make a safer pairing. Due to the combination of material, color, pattern, slim fit, etc, the suit jacket is definitely casual enough to be worn as an odd jacket.
If the fabric is sturdy, it probably should - but one accident (spilled food not noticed soon, for example) can wreck the pants and therefore render the suit almost useless. Whereas if a suit jacket is wrecked (or outgrown in some parts), there's a fair chance the pants would be wearable as odd pants (which nobody ever discusses).Are people dry-cleaning the three pieces at the same time? Can a tailor add a bit of fabric near the inner waistband so that the owner can tell...
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