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The seat needs to be let out. Hips too, which should reduce pocket flare.
You might as well list the possibilities you already own.
A solid lavender ("light purple") shirt probably would not be helpful. Striped shirts are needed for versatility. Blue, white, and pink all come in business-friendly striped versions. A henley is not for the office. Neither is a light-blue pair of jeans (in most countries, anyway). Despite another reply, loafers are not actually not actually necessary and might be slightly negative when dealing with clients.
#1 is strange-looking and would not be balanced out by typical Brooks Brothers clothing. The other options should work.
Besides problems already listed, the shoulder pitch looks off, probably due to very straight posture; that likely will happen with all off-the-rack jackets. A qualified tailor can fix it, but the price is higher than for some simple alterations.
That was a long read. Nothing incorrect therein, but as far as advice goes, it never got to the relevant point. To have a chance of succeeding with the short jacket + short pants look, it's almost required that a man be slim and have neither noticeable hips nor a large behind.
Sigh. After the fact. Since no tags/labels have been cut off, maybe it can be returned? The pants also look too short.
andmight not play well with each other, especially if approaching middle age (stodgy). At the very least, fabric and lining will need to be chosen carefully to make the jacket airy enough.The earlier suggestion to get a bespoke jacket first is correct.
A tailor shouldn't have to be informed about it, but the 42L is tight in the upper back. It's possible that 43L is closer to the correct size.
Then take it to a local tailor, and ask how much it would cost to fix the sleeves. There might be excess material in the chest, but adjusting that seems more trouble than it's worth. At this point in the case, it's clear that long-distance with Oliver Wicks is not going to result in much better (and it's unlikely any company would do a second remake or refund after the first).
New Posts  All Forums: