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3. Water should be warm, not cold, because the follicles need to be opened to clean and treat. Also, supposedly Propecia side effects subside reasonably fast.
The shoulders are slightly off, also. Maybe the main issue is that the flap pockets are unflatteringly positioned at the hips, creating somewhat of a pear shape.
Unless there is a recent Consumer Reports article on dress pants, any stories about the durability of particular dress pants likely will be limited in value. Therefore, choosing heavier wool (not cashmere) in a fit that isn't too long or too tight anywhere and laundering carefully are the simple guidelines for getting years of life from dress pants.
Paul Fredrick has pants that go to 38" unhemmed. It probably would make more sense (re value) to get the 16.5x38 dress shirts MTM or bespoke, locally at first.
If it's neither male-pattern baldness nor alopecia areata (which usually looks different), chances of regrowth are excellent, with the right changes. The dermatologist's job is to figure that out (cause and probably active treatments). Minoxidi/Rogaine all over the head might be the wrong approach, one reason being that so much of it could get into the bloodstream and for example lower blood pressure too much.
No hat might help if there's a scalp condition. The wash-less advice lives on the Internet, but there's almost no validity to it. Only an extremely irritated scalp might benefit from shampooing less (and it probably would be smarter to switch shampoos and rinse better). For most men, washing less increases the risk of hair loss.
The vest looks too big in various places, including the collar, but the length seems right. The shirt also does not fit well, and the total look is subpar.
No, to the second question. For informal use, one of the few rules is to not mix solid black with solid brown. With that suit, various interesting possibilities exist, including wearing a navy cotton belt plus a brown shoe. Black is too formal, agreed. (The website might be down now. Otherwise, there's an article about belts worth reading.)
Balding can be inherited from either parent. That said, the type of hair loss pictured isn't necessarily the usual genetic type. A dermatologist is the best source to consult about the problem.
The sleeves look slightly long, which should not cost much to fix. Other than that, hard to tell, lousy camera angles.
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