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It's not anger, it's You asked, we answered. It's not being pedantic about a shirt that's slightly large or insisting on slim-fit for all; it's an obviously lousy fit.
According to who or what, the mannequin? Color aside, It looks like a standard shirt, not an offshoot of high-fashion, and in the picture it's worn with non-fashion items. In the real world, people will see that as worse than "slouchy," "sloppy."
It looks too big in multiple places and therefore not worth altering and keeping.
That might help. Another possibility is that, as loafers make tempting, the shoes are being slipped on and off during the day -> leave them on longer.
It wouldn't hurt to try T.M. Lewin, Brooks Brothers, Hackett, and so on while in London. Some brands might not fit well with minor alterations, and maybe there's a sale.
The jacket looks a size too big in the shoulders. It also has excess waist suppression. The pants wouldn't look as long if they were worn at the correct height (as hinted by the sagging belt), but also they are a bit tight in the hips. Nothing from the pictures indicates a need for MTM, which done online likely would be a disaster. The remedy ought to be greater care in buying off-the-rack (off the peg) and getting alterations afterward.
Jeans with a gray half-zip sweater (imitation sweatshirt) is much too casual for an office job. The pants in Outfit 2 are too long. Everything else is good enough, if lacking in flair. "for every one outfit that I put together that looks decent, there are 50 others that I put together and spent money on that look terrible." - won't steal that for a marketing campaign, but it's tempting
Tweed jackets would be safer with small businesses than corporate environments. If there's a need for vision correction, conservative glasses help create a more mature look.
It looks like at least in some variants of the brown-shirt uniform, the Nazi tie was brown. In others, it might have been black. Vaguely related thought: brown ties seem much less likely to be patterned than most other colors.
Knees that hyper-extend could also be a cause, perhaps. It might be less of an issue with heavier and/or less fitted pants. That being said, the trousers pictured are too short.
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