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The soles look okay. The stitching, however, looks rather casual for interview dress shoes, and they are bluchers. Allen Edmonds Park Avenue styling is the ideal, and brands like Florsheim have cheaper versions of that.
Not a pure linen suit (too rumpled). Maybe 30% linen. The bits of advice above are okay, though a tie might be too formal. Limited information provided, little advice to give in return.
Tallest person ever to post to a clothing forum....In this case, cuffs, padded shoulders, not slim fit - except it's too late for that. A pocket square when appropriate. The flap pockets were a good idea. The Lee Baron suit jacket looks slightly too short, which arguably renders it unwearable.
The pants also are too long and, maybe for other reasons as well, aren't draping nicely. The rippled arms are strange - improper storage?
Wrong forum for the question, and most likely the result won't be good, especially if she has no special denim expertise.
The color is fine. Because it's a wedding and the suit a three-piece, a cap-toe or at least a shinier shoe with a toned-down design - e.g., http://leathersoulhawaii.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/1041.jpg - would be a better choice.
With that tie, it probably would look too much like rather traditional wedding apparel. A brighter blue polka dot tie would be okay.
The pants are too tight in the seat and are a bit long. They don't drape very well, but fixing those issues might fix that. The jacket doesn't fit well in the shoulders and is a bit short.. Maybe the main reason for much of that is postural, particularly lordosis.
Ask a tailor in person about the balance. Not whoever already altered the suit. The upper arms, shoulders, and mid-back also look wrong.
Stating your size is almost a requirement for anyone to do much volunteer searching. Pure linen probably would be too casual, but 30% linen might be cool and conservative enough.
New Posts  All Forums: