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You're the expert, but if not ostrich (which Tony Lama often uses) or a similar bird, then what? Is it possiblly ostrich leather that was run through a special process?
As suspected, it's probably ostrich. Edit: if there's a model number, using Google or contacting the company likely will lead to confirmation.
On someone with thin legs, skinny pants can be substituted for denim, if the weather is just cold enough for a hoodie.
The most versatile color probably is dark blue (solid or, almost as acceptable, with a subtle pattern). Brown also works well with brown shoes/brown belt. Of course everyone needs, say, 7 pairs of socks per season. Cashmere in socks likely will reduce their lifespan.
With a lightweight, hardly wool summer suit, such as a loud seersucker. In other words, due to not just color but also material and blucher styling, they are not very useful with suits, but they do look nice and can be worn with many less casual outfits.
From the front, the jacket looks okay. From the other views, it's evident that it is a size too big on the upper torso (e.g., 38 vs. 39). At the same time, it might be too short and likely would be too short in a smaller size. The pants are a disaster; it's not only a length issue. Probably the only remedy is to try a different brand. Also, one shoulder looks higher than the other. That is a common problem that might be correctable with fitness changes, which is simpler...
If not slim (which brands like Suit Supply almost require), Jos. A. Bank Signature Gold (half-canvassed). Maybe even as a 2-for-1 deal. But only if the basic fit is good. Navy and charcoal, yes.
To be blunt, the first step is to wear something heavier than tennis shoes. They do not provide enough warmth.
If the coat (or jacket) is very similar in color to whatever would show underneath, that can make the look weird.
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