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Lighting reduces certainty, but it looks okay, at least for festivities that end by early evening.
Look at the dents - the shoulders probably are much too big. It's very possible that there's a fundamental incompatibility between chest size and shoulder size. If so, bespoke might be the best solution.
Great job tracking that down. Unfortunately, it's a cotton blend. "Fair island cardigan" in Google might lead to something better.
Dark brown corduroys could also accomplish that. Split-toe shoes are another option. The white or light blue dress shirt need not be a solid color.
Almost any top (shirt or sweater) will shrink at least a little after the first wash. Nylon might make it shrink less than the usual, to where it might not be noticeable.
Yes, it is.If you've made a purchase already (hopefully the first one), you are hereby being informed that some of the problem with the arms is from very erect posture. A tailor can adjust for that.
Ribbed is not for business. Perhaps for pleasure:D For example, that probably could be worn on an evening date under a sportcoat in a moderately different color, if the weather isn't warm. With dress pants, chinos, or plain dark blue denim. Edit: actually a similar outfit probably is okay to wear in some creative professions, albeit not when meeting clients.
Have you tried having a size 44 suit tailored or bought a 42 or 43 in a roomy cut?
Warmer = Australia? Linen is an option. Some pinks and most shades of green will work within patterned shirts.
A shirt with a bold pattern that is moderately colorful is the easiest way to do it.
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