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Go for it. The hairstyle in the video would be a big improvement.
Nice color and fabric. So close to great, but the shoulders are slightly off and the jacket is too short, which probably can't be fixed.
The shoulders are too big. Return. Update this thread or another one the next time there's a question like that, for more replies.
Someone said, "There's really nothing more to say."But there is - those are lousy color combinations. 1) The tie is too similar to the suit color. 2) The shirt and tie compete with each other; a lighter blue would be better. Also, the first tie is too narrow, and arguably the knots are slightly too narrow in all the pictures.Possibly nitpicking for a normal person, but a newscaster likely risks such feedback from viewers.
Those are the right questions, but he might be gone. Still, since there are others built that with shorter arms, Dior Homme is another possibility. Mr. Crane probably needs MTM or even bespoke, due to the extreme arm length.
Let out the jacket (waist suppression) in the back. Then the length will be adequate there and the vent won't flare.
Okaaay. It's still too big in the chest by regular fit standards. He definitely should not size up.
So-called "small questions" usually are ignored. It needs to be said that that fits poorly, too big in the chest and probably the shoulders. It's an out-of-shape-middle-aged-man look. Also, the pants look too tight at the hips.
3. Water should be warm, not cold, because the follicles need to be opened to clean and treat. Also, supposedly Propecia side effects subside reasonably fast.
The shoulders are slightly off, also. Maybe the main issue is that the flap pockets are unflatteringly positioned at the hips, creating somewhat of a pear shape.
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