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Gray should work. "Non-church" is too vague to recommend a material outside of typical wool.
But does anyone actively dislike 'clean' denim? Which implies it's the safer option.
Eat a healthy diet, including vitamins and minerals. Get enough sleep. Lift weights. (We're talking good testosterone.) Keep the beard neat, of course. Still, if there are holes from alopecia areata or the color isn't great, a beard probably isn't worth the effort.
Outdoor summer Southern weddings make up a small portion of all weddings.Anyway, if before purchase she had access to close-ups and not just the stock picture she posted, then ironically she is the one engaging in deception.
Yes, but it doesn't look like the suit in the other picture and in almost no setting is seersucker formal enough for the groom's suit. Sounds like grounds to dispute the purchase with the credit card company.
It would look odd to take the jacket off at the event. Don't worry about black vs. midnight blue.
Arguably 3-button polos are better for tall people.
Too many contradictions in that statement. Choose Brooks Brothers or another relatively conservative retailer.
All those changes might help. Letting out the chest slightly might help just as much.
Also, get better sleep and make sure the exercise includes muscle-building, because the body probably is naturally losing some muscle and therefore isn't burning as many calories at rest. In addition, use a multivitamin and maybe separately a multimineral, to fight cravings. Use spices on leans meats to better tolerate their healthfulness, and allegedly some of them boost metabolism. Edit: the oft-ridiculed Dr. Oz has a long weight-loss list that's worth...
New Posts  All Forums: