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It's arguably "very hard" to find athletic-cut suits in stores outside of big cities. They're available via the web, though. Also, Dior Homme sells some suits that are at least drop 10. Maybe a young guy expects to wear a suit as is (as though it's supposed to fit like that), but the market isn't going to cater to incorrect beliefs when there's hardly any profit to be had. Nobody disagrees that it's tough for major v-shapes or that a line catering to such men would be a...
It's probably because 1) even if the drop is right, other alterations almost surely will need to be made, 2) the waist can be taken in without difficulty for let's say 97% of men, and 3) suit separates are a workaround for much of that 3%. Also, no one really knows how much use for suits men with very large drops tend to have, and some of them would look odd in suiting that emphasizes a small waist. The idea would be more much valid if athletic cuts (drop of 8" or more)...
The other thread addressed most of that. To the bonus question, corduroys or anything heavier than typical jeans would look off with summery-looking footwear like that.
Based on that, options are endless [edit: woops]. Dress shoes maybe? No pairs were listed. Again, without "more information about the items purchased already," who knows - maybe they are so good that there is no reason to expand, other than a few more dress shirts.
They're more than good enough for a student. Also, a watch isn't recommended, for that traditionally is not part of formal wear.
Reports say noticeable side effects usually are temporary. Almost all transplant surgeons say patients with male-pattern baldness should be taking hair loss medications when they do work on them.
Short answer: what's situationally appropriate? It gets trickier because clothes usually are (and probably should be) multi-use (e.g., work and play), most men want to keep the same hairstyle throughout, and sometimes the situation involves trying to move up the ladder at work. After settling that, then it gets into what accurately, positively reflects who the client is and what he likes, can afford, and already has. One very focused on "dressing or appearing as one wants"...
Doesn't RMRS work with Alpha M? No matter how good the mass-marketed content is, it's just that. Writing an article aimed at the masses is inherently a flawed approach (albeit often still worth doing). Very few people can develop good style without interpersonal help from knowledgeable individuals. Anyway, this topic continues to be depressing, for multiple reasons. It would be nice if people would read the old "Image of Image Consulting" article (via the link below)....
Lands' End.
Should've waited at least a few hours before purchase. The one you did buy looks rather formal for a young man (mainly due to the double-breasted), enough that it's incompatible with jeans. Also, between the extra material and the flannel, it might run warmer than wanted. That aside, it appears to be well-made and tasteful. The Zara one has a more youthful look, but anything from there is unlikely to be of high quality and it has too much synthetic material.
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