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Mix in a few brands for suits (no black, please). Hugo Boss is okay to include, if it wells. (Study fit on this forum. It's one of the site's strong points, despite a slim-fit bias.) Maybe the biggest non-weight issue is where to buy (or at least try on) quality business clothes and shoes in Arkansas. Buying unfamiliar big items online should be a last resort.
[After reading more closely] Since the tailor would be making the items, the possibility of blacks not matching is low. People probably could argue endlessly about the look of French cuffs vs. single cuffs, but the former would have more utility after the wedding.
French cuffs. The answer to the vest color question was vague. It should only be black if the vest is bought as part of a set that includes the tuxedo. Otherwise, there might be slight color differences between the pieces and unappealing aesthetic results.
Buckle = monk straps? No, they're not formal. There's an article about belts on the site below. Solid black belt with solid brown shoes (or vice versa) is terrible, but matching is not required in most situations. Dark brown is a bit more versatile than burgundy, if only because it is more subtle. A possible problem with burgundy is what's vaguely called colors pushing each other apart. For example, burgundy bringing out the blue in blue pants. The lower half of the male...
He has a point - the medical community probably does not know whether long-term testosterone therapy is safe. Think of the information that has come out about long-term estrogen therapy. One possibility is the body reacting badly if therapy were ended in not a precise way. There are other ways to boost T, such as vitamin D, zinc, some kinds of exercise, and more/better sleep.
Most people don't want to deal with a modest amount of information like that. Then some of them wonder what's the point of going to an image consultant Many guys without much style knowledge do virtually nothing due to lack of confidence or have too much confidence and make bad mistakes. He did right by asking for help.
For a "short guy," the combination of dark pants/jeans with light-colored footwear is not good. The purchases themselves are solid, albeit with the shirts probably slightly overpriced.
Search for what? He got bashed in multiple threads for legitimate questions for which the search engine probably wouldn't show anything. Style Forum slowly has deteriorated due to such attitudes. If the wrinkle is really a dent, then the suit likely needs to be tailored in the shoulder, which might be a tough job. "Raise the hand" is too vague. It could be low armholes, but nobody here could know without more information.
Shirt sleeves too long on him. Jacket sleeves too long on almost everyone. Strange that men's awards season style has been improving for years, yet sleeves remain a problem that media "experts" ignore.
Well, if it's go-to-hell dress, okay, but only a very small percentage of the population should attempt that.
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