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"Around here" is? Would dress boots be acceptable at work? Anyway, consider a "storm welt."
The Tilford looks like it needs the sleeves shortened and some adjustments to the upper back, but that is easier than fixing the shoulders, which the Pat Zaleri would need, if it is not hopelessly too tight on the upper torso.
That looks like financier wear. It probably will make a bad impression on some others in the music industry. Minus the pocket squares and gaudy watches, things would be better. Also, the tie with large dots doesn't work with the other clothes.
Between the attachments (which most people don't want to open) and the lack of an explanation for the feedback now wanted, what is there to say?
It looks too short on the models, and 50% polyester is too much. Anyway, those measurements aren't precise enough to try to find a specific peacoat to recommend. It's much safer to buy outerwear in person anyway.
Can't say without knowing what time of day the reception is. because evening colors (not the shirt) typically should be dark. As an aside, reddish shoes do not require a reddish belt. (Feel free to read the article about belts.)
First of all, the Tailors thread.... That said, the jacket looks too tight in the chest, there's a disparity in the amount of sleeve showing (might be due to movement), and the legs need to be slimmed down. Good job of using the mirror to get so many details in one picture.
Most likely nothing can be done about the pants (one of the risks of buying slim-fit clothing). It probably is worth getting the jacket adjusted, even if the pants are eventually shelved.
Not too long, but something is amiss. Possibly the pants aren't wide enough to fall nicely around the shoes. They seem too skinny relative to the upper body and feet. Has the jacket been tailored recently?
Re shoes - nothing decent and new likely to be had for $100 max. It sounds like a size 33 is needed for pants. Lands' End is one of the retailers that has that. If you want local ideas, please provide a location. Also, it is unclear whether cotton or wool is wanted.
New Posts  All Forums: