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Aside from cotton-linen, there is cotton poplin, which is not the most breathable form of cotton but it's still relatively lightweight and durable. A varied hot-climate wardrobe probably should include both.
It's oval. Other than shaving the hairline, there isn't much that can be done without probably undue effort. Cutting it slightly shorter, squaring it off, and brushing back at the sides would help.
No. It's not a length issue. The pants are riding up. A similar thing happens to sleeve sometimes.Re jacket length - normal doesn't mean acceptable. Next time buy a longer jacket (maybe go from a S to a R) and get the longer sleeves shortened.
The shoulders/sleeve problem is likely due in part to square shoulders. Yes, it probably would be better if the chest were a bit bigger. A relatively large behind might be causing the vent problem. The sleeve length is okay. Due to the loud pattern, fit is secondary and therefore passable - but the pattern itself is hardly practical.
When is Suit Supply's reputation going to deflate? Another jacket that is too short. Also, the fit in the upper back is lousy, likely due to rounded posture, and the pants are not hanging properly, perhaps due to clinging to the back of the legs and therefore riding up when walking - but ideally the suit could be returned due to the jacket length problem.
1. Depends on how shiny it is. The pictures give no hints whatsoever. Between that and ordering a suit online (e.g., too tight would look too casual and/or bad), it seems too risky. 2. Yes. Why start without black? What if there's a formal event soon that requires it? 3. Not ideal, but not a crime. This assumes there are some style differences between the two. 4. Bad idea. Any business wardrobe should include white dress shirts. Lack of variety might be interpreted as...
Nothing about the jacket's fit looks wrong, but better (normal angle and pose) pictures of the suit are needed.
Tapering aside, a hat shouldn't cover the entire upper third of the face.
Maybe $350 sale price for a quality sport coat. Try Nordstrom Rack, if there is one nearby. There's always Brooks Brothers, but for more money.Forgot one....
Light gray single-breasted suit, maybe with some linen, not trendy-slim, not boxy. White dress shirt. A simple non-black tie. Maybe a simple, virtually-solid pocket square, but not folded too neatly. No vest - too hot anyway. Only consider loafers if it's outdoors.
New Posts  All Forums: