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A few low-priced summery Lands' End "sport coats" at Sierra Trading Post.
[courtesy reply to new member] A mostly or fully white pocket square would be safer.
Typical Style Forum manners. The only recommendation was not to have the shoulders look like they do on the first two suits pictured. Broad shoulders are more authoritative, which is the norm in court. It's an assumption that he's not one of the few "skinny" men who are wide at the shoulders.
Black face is too casual. The white face could go with a suit, though the watch still wouldn't be ideal for that. Strangely, color works differently for straps, with black being more formal.
Seersucker isn't what most people would call a "blazer," and for anything other than a shirt it likely would be an oddity in China (a country that generally looks down on individualism). Someone commented on "excess matching," Keep that in mind re color-coordinating belts, shoes, etc. Tailoring denim usually isn't worth the cost.
Where's the skepticism icon? If he can't explain how he could make the jacket accommodate the rear, he's probably lying, improving it slightly and fixing lesser problems to try to marginally satisfy the customer instead of losing income through a remake or refund..
The jacket is too small for the rear. The upper back looks too large. There probably is a slight sleeve pitch issue. The hacking pockets (slanted pockets) look weird. The pants are too tight in the hips and seat, which perhaps forces them to be worn too low. Almost none of those problems can be fixed much if at all. The sheer number of problems points to a refund, but makers as a rule resist doing that. Then again, unless there were no off-the-rack options, choosing MTM...
The pockets are at a proper height. They would be better if they were placed horizontally closer to the belly button instead of at the hips. The shoulders are too big. That ruins the whole look and cannot easily be improved by tailoring. Actually, the poor drape of the pants also is ruinous. Unfortunately, the suit seems to be another MTM disaster, begging the question of why not just buy off-the-rack?
Proper fitting isn't the same thing as having regularly used the brand for a while. What if it's unsatisfying? Take things slowly, and buy from multiple brands, such as that Paul Evans. There's little reason to have the same model in multiple colors.
Propecia's safety is the subject of many Internet debates.,., Studies indicate that Nizoral helps slightly with male-pattern baldness. The mechanism is unclear. The only likely side effect is scalp irritation, correlating with things like quantity and frequency of use. Some hair transplant surgeons assess hair loss for free. Doing that when uninterested in a transplant is an ethical gray area, and dermatologists probably are better.on average at distinguishing...
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