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The self-promotion, high prices, sponsorships, bland styles mixed with sometime dubious personal tastes.... Of course some might then say yours truly promotes blandness or is lousy in other ways (certainly isn't perfect) - for sometimes people just like being critical.
If that's 8M and an otherwise standard shape, something like... https://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/shoes/oxfords/PRDOVR~43275/43275.jsp?color_name=boulder (albeit darker brown would be better) http://www.zappos.com/johnston-murphy-hartley-plain-toe-black-calfskin Shoes should be tried on first if possible, though returns are easy with Zappos.
That's not surprising. Meanwhile, Rockports and Doc Martens tend not to look like proper shoes for the office. How about providing size info and an approximate location?
As he said, the shoes.... The Clarks are hardly an upgrade, because they are too casual for most offices (don't lace up enough). The pair of jeans has a marginally acceptable fit. The pants are too long (most of them clearly so) and pulling at the hips - they might be as well be replaced. White pants are not for business, by the way. The belts look adequate. The yellow shirt looks bad.
That's likely due to sloping shoulders and accentuated by the fabric type.
Probably, but they might be driving shoes, which have limited usefulness.
Wool/linen is not as cool as pure linen, even if the wool is very lightweight. However, unstructured linen would wrinkle terribly. A navy jacket is too close in color to typical dressy blue jeans. Post #2 was mostly correct, but patch pockets at the hip aren't necessary, though on a v-shape, they'll probably look okay.
He has said his pants are custom-tailored. And they're too tight, frankly, which would be an argument against using his tailor.
It is casual, but still.... Maybe it's more a juxtaposition of summer items with cold-weather items.
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