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1) Small questions kind of thread, meaning should've gone there 2) The colors look good together, but in clothing, the more attention-getting color almost always should be above the waist.
A Gentleman's Best Friend? On ties, a location would help, and a budget is wanted. No point in recommending something in the wrong price range. Google with phrases like "tie shirt combinations" leads to some guides like this. http://www.tie-necktie-video.com/tie-and-shirt.html First rule is tie darker than the shirt. The mensimageconsultant site has an article about the types of ties needed for work.
The upper back seems to have excess material, and the shoulders appear to need to be rotated ($$), perhaps due to its occupant's square shoulders. By the way, the tie needs a bigger knot.
@Portabiti The pants are too tight in the seat, and the jacket has too much waist suppression. Plus, there are serious postural issues.
Looks like Style Forum missed out on a good deal. JCP appears to have sold out the item, link no longer useful, but Google provides enough information. Alas, they're gone now and no longer a wedding option?
That raises an excellent, almost unanswerable question. But put it this way - many men keep wearing their 20-something clothes (sometimes the same items) into their thirties when the clothes weren't that good to begin with. Definitely, it's fair to say that few men should have the same style at both 21 and 35, even if (despite reality) things haven't gone out of fashion. Anyway, mid-thirties, polo shirt and jeans with, for example, chukka boots or split-toe bluchers.
If medium or dark brown and, other than the wingtip design, styled quite similarly to the Allen Edmonds Park Avenue, it very likely would look appropriate. Obviously, a link or model name would help readers make the judgment.
A light gray shirt probably would allow the most combinations without pushing the look into foppish or underworld territory. In some settings, a white shirt would almost be required. It would be very hard to wear that with both a pink shirt and a tie.
It looks like at least part of the problem is that the natural shoulders are very square. That might mean any jacket will need pricey alterations. Also, there is such a thing as size 43 - why do people act like there are no odd sizes?
Why must the shirts be Charles Tyrwhitt? The actual choices look okay, but extra slim fit when the waist is 36"? Pants - some cotton and some wool, from (presuming the budget is low) a place like Lands' End. Plain-front, not adjustable waist, gray for the wool, tan for the cotton, and perhaps an olive or (if there's no jacket) navy. The shoe budget needs to be at least $150, bought new and probably in person - and "wide toe" as in wedge-shaped foot? Edit: and not corrected...
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