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Dark gray, if "socially" means mostly evening events.
Fit already was addressed. Color was not. Indeed, that yellow is unflattering. Subdued pink should look much better. Light green probably would look okay.
The suit fits badly from the back, too big and possibly with the wrong sleeve pitch. From the front, something is wrong near the top button. The suit's sleeves are not too short.
One shoulder is higher than the other. The problem at the lower back likely is mostly from lordosis. There's also too much material for the entire back. The collar shouldn't be lifting off the shirt like that.
It should be fixed, if possible. It's for a tailor, in person, to determine exactly why, aside from the excess length, that's happening. It might be due to the underlying dimensions of the lower body, which shouldn't be shown here.
The jacket is too tight in the upper back. The pants are a mess, length included. By the way, the shirt sleeves are too long.
No, nobody needs to buy too much. Mistakes will happen, but if people disclose enough up front and get good feedback, they can avoid making many of them.Anyway, addressing a line in the first post to help prevent mistakes:For the trousers I was reading that medium gray is recommended but what about the other two (brown and blue?)For wool, medium gray is a good wool color, but wool as the norm in a SF tech workplace? It's vastly inferior in cotton. Blue isn't ideal for...
Things like flashy hairstyle, jewelry, and recognizable face - viewers then don't put too much attention on the sneakers.
Yes, there are green eyes and almost no one with eyes approaching purple (Elizabeth Taylor was one). But unlike blue, green eyes are rare everywhere. Blue eyes are common in some places, where much of modern style comes from, and as a color purple is almost a substitute for blue. Also, blue compliments more skin tones than does green.
Black shoes would be better than mid-brown for "evening casual." And those Cole-Haans have soles that are really too casual for a jacket. Wear a white shirt. The other easy option, blue, wouldn't go well with blue pants and a blue pocket square.
New Posts  All Forums: