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Tapering aside, a hat shouldn't cover the entire upper third of the face.
Maybe $350 sale price for a quality sport coat. Try Nordstrom Rack, if there is one nearby. There's always Brooks Brothers, but for more money.Forgot one....
Light gray single-breasted suit, maybe with some linen, not trendy-slim, not boxy. White dress shirt. A simple non-black tie. Maybe a simple, virtually-solid pocket square, but not folded too neatly. No vest - too hot anyway. Only consider loafers if it's outdoors.
Not that many items should come from one brand, but Volcom fits the criteria well.
There's no way to much advise without knowing (preferably seeing) what is meant by "vintage looking dress." That said, think "compatible with" instead of "match," which tends to look silly.
Let's start over. Light blue suit allows almost any tie that isn't extremely dark or near-white, though to try to get away with it an office calls for a moderately conservative tie. Midnight blue suit goes with a dark or medium-color tie. Avoid blue suit with both a blue shirt and blue tie.
Brown with a tan is discouraged, because many people seem to dislike combinations of brown clothing. If the jacket were leather, that would be a passable pairing (leather > color).
Refusal to wear a blazer means there probably are no good options. Therefore, no real difference between the white and the light gray. The tan shoes are too light-colored, though.
That's probably not something MTM could fix. Custom could, or perhaps altering.
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