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No. Boots and shoes are both footwear.Where did the other reply go? It was valuable and meant to serve as an answer in case anyone searched on the topic. (The clothing part is too broad to answer beyond "slim.") To be a bit more precise, some casual black shoes can be okay with skinny gray jeans (if they aren't light gray), but that's a small percentage of black shoes. Many more black boots would be compatible, along with many brown shoes and boots (brown's lesser...
Hmm, the color philosophy sounds reasonable, but you probably should own some non-gator dress belts.
That's an interesting reply in both its good points and bad points. It's somewhat contradictory, in that burgundy with burgundy actually promotes the kind of tacky, obsessive matching it decries. Generally it's better to mix burgundy with medium or dark brown. Matching in level of dressiness is a strong point, though there can be a slight difference (as in a dark suede belt with calf leather shoes)..
Too much looking at butts lately.As with the previous thread, too tight in the seat and probably needs a bit more fabric at the hips and wider legs, to provide visual balance. (The pants are emphasizing big hip bones.) It seems to need more fabric just below the behind, to avoid that big curve.
Odds are he won't return here, but it sounds like he has unusually short arms (and a narrow waist). That would necessitate much alternations on the types of clothes mentioned. Whatever it is, if he needs much work done on TM Lewin shirts, which come in a very wide range of sizes, there might be no good off-the-rack brand for him. More comments on the original post: Based on the low price, the Ralph Lauren in question probably is a Lauren, which is "rubbish" and should not...
Basically too late for this weekend, but in the future keep in mind that brown and light-colored suits (or jackets) generally aren't appropriate for evening events (though they're better than being the only one without a jacket).
Okay. Lots of typing for confirmation that never came. The plan sounds more reasonable than most. The parts that stand out the worst are the seeming 5-shirt first order (that's somewhat risky), the modification of many jeans (getting rid of some and replacing a few with other brands would make more sense), and not upgrading the overly DKNY tie collection. Underlying message: brand variety is part of almost any good wardrobe.
It was a truthful comment about the forum. People just aren't learning much. Much copying of trends instead, in this case slim-fit. (Interesting as to why slim-fit is so desired. It's probably more than just conformity.)Adding slightly to the pants width wouldn't make them wide-legged. Even if the legs were less bowed, the pictured cut wouldn't be flattering, bringing out hips that are relatively wide (should have said yesterday, add to the hips measurement). And pelvic...
An unfortunate example of things Style Forum should teach but doesn't.The pants need to be slightly wider to disguise the bow legs (probably would need a remake), and the seat is too tight.
Mix in a few brands for suits (no black, please). Hugo Boss is okay to include, if it wells. (Study fit on this forum. It's one of the site's strong points, despite a slim-fit bias.) Maybe the biggest non-weight issue is where to buy (or at least try on) quality business clothes and shoes in Arkansas. Buying unfamiliar big items online should be a last resort.
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