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Probably not. It sounds like the corduroy version of the Canadian tuxedo.
Also, buy different suit brands. There shouldn't be such a gap in quality between suits and shoes. There surely is something better available for several hundred dollars, probably via the Internet.
It's a shearling tartan plaid. It frankly does not look tasteful. Even without the possibly custom-made piping on the sides, not a good idea.
Too tight in the seat, maybe not fixable. The legs could be let out a bit to distract from that.
[not much effort put into this] TJ Maxx (at least dress shirts) and Nordstrom Rack locally. Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren outlets at https://www.outletbound.com/outlet-malls/tanger-outlets-grand-rapids Charles Tyrwhitt, TM Lewin, Lands' End, and L.L. Bean online
Buy-one get-one-free generally indicates low quality. Brand names don't mean quality (and CK is the only brand cited above that sometimes is good quality). It's debatable whether Men's Wearhouse sells any high-quality clothing.TM Lewin often has good prices on quality shirts.Lands' End's products are fairly ordinary, but it has an unusually wide range of fits for pants.
Besides the shape pointers, stick to footwear that is dark-colored and (if possible) matte.
This service, er, could be your best friend. At the very least, stop buying from Men's Wearhouse and use more respectable retailers such as T.M. Lewin and (for at least pants) Lands' End. Florsheim might be adequate for dress shoes, if the right size (unknown) is available. Also, don't buy blends with synthetics, except maybe for sportswear.
Those questions are too broad. There are many types of wool, all silks are not the same, and some blends have different percentages. But if price happens to be about cleaning, again, there shouldn't be any difference.
1TimeForumUser? Regardless, no, a wool/silk suit should not require care any different from a pure wool suit.
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