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Do you consider boots to be shoes? Some written sources say yes and some say no. It is rather annoying to have to differentiate between the two when giving footwear advice. On this topic, opinions of footwear professionals count more.
If the face and life situation would be okay with a shaved look, then yes, barring a transplant/concealer and/or a great response to medication. Assuming that's male-pattern baldness and not a rarer, more easily treated form of hair loss. (Read the article. It could help.)
It fits adequately. It should improve slightly after several washes. The sleeves might be slightly too long, but they would need to be pulled down for anyone to be sure.
If he had dark hair, the look would be much better. As is, too much focus goes to the tweed and the light-colored pants.
A few low-priced summery Lands' End "sport coats" at Sierra Trading Post.
[courtesy reply to new member] A mostly or fully white pocket square would be safer.
Typical Style Forum manners. The only recommendation was not to have the shoulders look like they do on the first two suits pictured. Broad shoulders are more authoritative, which is the norm in court. It's an assumption that he's not one of the few "skinny" men who are wide at the shoulders.
Black face is too casual. The white face could go with a suit, though the watch still wouldn't be ideal for that. Strangely, color works differently for straps, with black being more formal.
Seersucker isn't what most people would call a "blazer," and for anything other than a shirt it likely would be an oddity in China (a country that generally looks down on individualism). Someone commented on "excess matching," Keep that in mind re color-coordinating belts, shoes, etc. Tailoring denim usually isn't worth the cost.
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