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Prominent stripes on lapels tend to make the chest look bigger. With that, the fitted cut, and the athletic physique, the end result might look too dramatic.
Provide a size and budget, please.
It looks better, but it's still too small in the shoulders and the cut is wrong. It needs more padding in the shoulders, and the large pockets are unflattering.
At 5'6", the standard advice is to minimize contrast between pants and shoe color, to maximize the perceived vertical line. Albeit light-colored shoes are generally too casual for the workplace.
Less waist suppression next time, too. It is causing a de facto horizontal line and therefore a cut-in-half shortening effect.
Sport jacket with gingham shirt is almost a fashion cliche, but in this case it might be a smart solution some days of the week. Purple-on-white stripe is another potential tool. Epaulet happens to be one of the retailers that sells moleskin trousers, which can be an interesting alternative to chinos in cool weather.
[accidental click on Thumbs up] No, in this situation, all opinions are not equal. There probably is no image consultant or stylist with professional training who thinks that patterns always (or even usually) "draw attention to girth ". Sometimes experts are worth listening to. And having to post pictures that disprove the all-patterns-bad thing (which possibly nobody else on the forum has ever claimed) would be a somewhat off-topic nuisance.
The bolded part is alarmingly inaccurate as it pertains to dressy clothing. Yes, horizontal stripes tend to emphasize girth and for example small text on a large man's shirt can look off, but generally those are casual items. A solid white shirt meanwhile can strongly call attention to size. Checks and vertical stripes usually are good tools for larger men.Also, sweater color probably should be medium-to-dark gray or dark blue, in a thin, smooth fabric (wool or cotton...
The first type of shoe still might be a negative at movies or when shopping. To offer a better example (albeit with possibly less foot support) -> http://www.myer.com.au/shop/mystore/mens-shoes/dark-denim-mn-del-rey-sneaker-435454480
That's a GQ look. What kind of help you want? Places to shop? We don't know your budget, location, etc. Edit: don't buy another black suit or wear a dark shirt with a tie.
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