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Might need a 37R from a more traditional-cut brand.
Fewer jeans and shorts, more lightweight pants such as linen, unless you plan to buy them there. A white dress shirt should be part of the trip. The graduation apparel sounds fine.
The jacket is too short, too tight in front, bad at the shoulders, etc. Return it if possible.
It would be better to lean toward Allen Edmonds or another brand that can be tried on before buying. Though that's less important with loafers.
Also, the pants are too short, and due to the cuffs, that's clearly fixable. Only taking the suit to a tailor will tell if he or she can make the shoulders look good.
The shirt sleeves are too long. The jacket itself might not have length problems. Still, it looks bad, at the shoulders, the top button, etc., and it's wrinkled for some reason. The pants look too long. The worst thing is the cut - everything emphasizes long and thin. The next suit needs to fit looser in the body and limbs.
Your size and approximate location, please?
Not tan. Not a versatile footwear color and not traditionally an evening color. Also, in a casual environment like a bar, it could easily get discolored. That leaves black and mahogany. The former would be iffy with navy chinos, which are limited in usefulness anyway. Those two dark colors probably would not look right with light-colored pants. In other words, there's a need for a different pair of quality footwear to wear with some of the items. One shouldn't have just a...
Not enough info. Need to know approximate location, business dress code, and more about the other dress shoes owned, assuming the Strand isn't the only pair.
That's getting warmer, figuratively. These discussions never cite the existence of lightweight underwear. There are even differences among boxers, which let's hope he wears something similar to. Socks make a difference, also - lightweight mostly cotton socks probably are best for the situation.
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