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The statement in bold seems hard to believe. More likely, most gyms only require that the footwear is athletic and closed-toe.
Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren, Nordstrom Rack, etc. It's basically a matter of going to stores that carry your size and finding something with the right features* that is discounted. J. Crew also makes some navy wool sport coats, but its quality is probably lower than the other options. *By the way, the jacket in picture #1 has patch pockets, which are too casual for many uses. The right choice shouldn't have a ticket pocket, either, in case a discounted jacket includes...
Due to the lapels, keep looking. Any outlet malls nearby?
#2 is more likely to fit and it is pure wool, whereas the other one has some mystery fabric. Furthermore, the Italian-made jacket might have been made by Chinese workers, and it appears to have a strange weave (possibly barleycorn) that reduces its usefulness. Lean toward #2 or something similar with wider lapels.
Also, the fit of the pants is a disaster, unwearable as odd pants. The seat, the tapered legs.... Besom pockets should have been chosen for the jacket, for more of a v-shape. The bad outcome is partly the result of poor style choices - why don't more people ask for help first? A refund therefore might be hard to justify.
Probably something dark (not necessarily in a solid color) and not bulky. Please start with a size and a budget.
The question is very broad. Instead of struggling to find an answer, a very basic point: don't wear those with heavy or dark-colored pants, and don't wear with henleys or tee-and-no-jacket..
Found almost nothing with Google. Discussion about color would be better than just voting.
At about the same price, the Brooks Brothers pants should be higher quality. 3 pairs of corduroy pants sounds excessive. Maybe just try the BB and go from there.
To add more quirky writing, "It's all about location, location, location." If there's another quality retailer nearby wherever that is (not New York?), maybe someone will be able to point it out.
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