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That's about as stylish a look as can be done with a red vest. It's extremely casual. Also, no vest goes with a short-sleeve shirt.
Budget also is highly relevant.
Jeans. Shirt with a large, colorful (probably not green) pattern. At least that way not all the attention will go to the shoes.
Those loafers look tan - but it hardly changes the advice. Light blue cotton pants also would be compatible. The socks, by the way, are a shade too dark.
That's a problem with much advice on the Internet: it's a mix of sensible and incorrect.The most incorrect part is light above, dark below. Even with an unfastened jacket covering some of the shirt, it still somewhat cuts the wearer in half. A medium color on top would be better.Also, going sockless (as in the picture on the right) violates the article's advice and unfortunately draws the eye downward. Shiny (or otherwise showy) footwear when not necessary also has that...
Unfortunately, casual shoes don't follow rules like that. Arguably, however, a casual shoe wardrobe for the workplace (almost an oxymoron) should include brown bluchers probably in something less formal and shiny than calf leather. Between the fit uncertainty and ample budget, it seems prudent to visit a J. Crew store to explore its footwear.
If everything fits well, wear the dark gray suit with the white shirt to the evening event. A solid, matte burgundy silk tie would be fine. Suits 2 and 3 are marginally acceptable for the daytime event (ought to be solid and not very light-colored at this time of year). With a a light blue shirt and almost any medium-colored solid silk tie (but not brown). A tie with much black in it is improper for a wedding in most countries.
For footwear, it's always best to start by stating a budget and the length and width. That often will eliminate many brands as options.
Shrinkage after laundering?
Go for sport shirts. Those that are subtle, with probably no more than 2 colors and if patterned only with thin vertical stripes or small checks. Stay away from brown for shirting purposes.,default,sc.html
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