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A symbol is better than text, but both of the above are acceptable
Is that you in the picture? Also, more information about the items purchased already and size information would be helpful - and you could afford to choose forms of help beyond anonymous amateurs.
This might work. http://www.petermanningnyc.com/products/fulton-topcoat-black
"I think I am size 42R or 44R" isn't specific enough. Waist size, etc. are needed. Otherwise, go to at least a Brooks Brothers for measurement before doing anything. Dark blue and dark gray are the only reliable color options.
Shoes? Black bluchers that aren't very shiny. (Brown isn't really for evening, while burgundy would look too matchy.)
That jacket could go with almost any gray pants, as long as there is some color contrast.
The pants probably are wearing out fast because they are too tight.
It should be possible. However, whether a tailor wants to do tedious work for not much benefit....
Not really. In terms of budget style, Topman and Uniglo are more similar. Urban Outfitters is maybe a slight step above that.
Black chinos have problems, including often fading prematurely. Black generally does not go with brown, at least not in the office. Navy can go with black or brown accessories. As for the biggest problem, yes, that probably requires custom-made clothing.
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