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Universal Works is pricey by almost any standard. Converse and Vans probably should be classified as "low-quality," and it would be easy to argue that it's never wise to wear low-quality footwear - but footwear isn't technically clothing, so.... To bring up a name that maybe has never been stated on Style Forum: the Macy's brand American Rag. Low quality, but with a look that's more fashionable than typical department store menswear. However, this is not an endorsement.
This thread is about buying despite low quality, but feel free to help us out and list some low-priced brands of solid quality. It's not easy to do that (albeit this brand is an exception ).Also, Levi's isn't low-quality, and its prices have been increasing.
This probably has been done before, but in 2015? Expecting the usual suspects such as Zara and H&M. Lines (e.g., Stafford from JC Penny) do count. If you can explain why you like despite the quality, that would be nice.
It's an overcoat. Finding the exact one is not worth a reader's effort, but this is similar http://us.asos.com/ASOS-Wool-Overcoat-In-Light-Gray/176yvf/?iid=5159158&cid=3606&Rf989=5078&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=36&sort=-1&clr=Lightgrey&totalstyles=56&gridsize=3&mporgp=L0FTT1MvQVNPUy1Xb29sLU92ZXJjb2F0LUluLUxpZ2h0LUdyZXkvUHJvZC8. Picking one that can be tried on locally is the safe way to go. It should not be hard to find this time of year.
First of all, if the shirt is truly that yellow, no good. The sleeve length is correct, but the shoulders are too big (if fixable, pricey), the upper back likely is a mess, and the jacket is too boxy (needs some tapering around the waist).
Shoulders, collar, back, and waist (letting out slightly), plus adjustment for dropped shoulder or crooked spine. If the tailor wants too much money or doesn't seem confident the collar can be fixed, rethink the purchase.
Better than the black/white shoes? Yes. But the sole is still too athletic-looking and not really compatible with any style of clothing (except maybe security). Items get severely discounted for a reason.
Depends on the shirt, hairstyle, etc. If the rest of the style says office, the shoes wouldn't work. To repeat, the shoes with the white soles, assuming they have the black uppers pictured, look terrible. Frankenshoes. Jeans cannot save them.
The shoes with the white soles look terrible. The other purchase is okay, but the shoes aren't as versatile as the Leonard Principi would be.
Okay, but even in, say, Southern California, linen suits (and arguably suits in general) are uncommon. Anyway, this is getting off-topic.
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