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Yes.http://www.styleforum.net/t/372461/wrinkled-lapel-canvassed-suitAs you can infer from that, pictures aren't enough. A tailor would need to examine it to understand what is happening.Might not be possible now. Padding in there initially could have made the shoulders level. The raised shoulder might be making different amounts of shirt sleeve show. From the side, there's clearly too much material in the jacket shoulder area. Technically some of it might be the upper...
That's a brand-new jacket? That looks like puckering on the lapel, which shouldn't happen on a jacket, especially a new one. Also, the jacket is too short and the shoulders do not fit right. The left shoulder looks raised, for which a tailor should compensate. Overall, if that's a bespoke or MTM jacket, that doesn't reflect well on its tailor.
Nice idea, but some problems found in limited investigation: Options for large men seem inaccurate (correcting erroneous advice should be priority #1) One of the retailers receives such poor reviews from customers that it should be immediately removed from the site.
It's likely that second tie's pattern is too bold ("ugly") to some. It's the contrast of the dots with the background color and their absolute size and strange complexity. It actually looks better from a distance. The other looks dated, probably the combination of the geometric pattern and the colors.
It's unlikely to be a tee shirt, and 99% of the time it's okay to wear something more formal than that - but for guidelines, yes, ask the friend.
This is cheaper and possibly a little cooler (and very likely less durable). http://www.6pm.com/frye-carter-chukka-brown-suede?zhlfid=139&kpid=30878499&PID=6147257&AID=10705449&utm_source=VigLink&splash=none&utm_medium=affiliate By the way, lightweight socks - Viccel sells a version thereof.
West Coast? Getting warmer, at least figuratively speaking. If it's LA, the flash on a cosmetic surgeon probably is much more acceptable than it would be in most other locations. And what about shoes? That might be the second-most important apparel category for a cosmetic surgeon. Furthermore, to be blunt, this situation (cosmetic surgeon, major wardrobe upgrade) probably is best handled with professional assistance, because the appearance matters so much.
A striped tie with three colors (probably one stripe narrow) would be a solid addition. Perhaps also a two-stripe tie where one color is medium- or dark blue and the other is not white. A paisley would make sense. Some unusual materials such as wool and linen deserve consideration.
The Simon Carter has basically the same problem as the Armani. The crocodile strap is a minor issue, as in perhaps not an appropriate choice for a lower-level interview.
The products that contain ketoconazole might help slightly, but those likely sponsored shampoos are overpriced.
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