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People got carried away without addressing some key issues (while unfairly equating overpriced Hugo Boss with low quality): $500 is about the minimum a quality suit will cost, though there are some suits at that price point of dubious quality. Spending more than $1500 at a low rung of engineering senior management seems unwise. It was not explicitly said, but a first suit should not have any pattern, not even a very subtle one. It should be only be single-breasted...
The first pair of boots has a classic look, which makes it compatible with most casual cool-weather clothing. The second is slightly odd (for example, patchwork leather). Choose the first
To where it makes a noticeable difference, it's probably not feasible; but unless a tailor chimes in here, a visit to one is the only way to find out. To be qualified to evaluate that, the tailor probably should have experience in making suits and not work in a laundromat. There's an article on tailor selection on the website.
All the concerns are valid. Furthermore, the second looks like possibly a ride-in-it biker's jacket, which might come across as misrepresentation if not an actual biker. There's no rule that either jacket must be purchased.
1) Wrong part of the forum. 2) Thick, straight hair? That's more likely to stay in place without any product. 3) The first argument against the Caesar style is that it's boyish. It needs be balanced out by a masculine face (a la weathered skin, facial hair, gray hairs, or a large nose). 4) The second is that noticeable bangs are distracting, which means the Caeser needs to be re-cut very frequently.
A black grenadine or knit silk tie might be color-compatible, but a black tie is not for an English-speaking wedding. Replace the shirt with, for example, light blue, and the range of compatible ties will be broad.
Sloped shoulders. Could use some padding to camouflage. How much, if any, horizontally depends on facial width, which is unknown.
That is one of the few situations where an official collegiate sweater probably is practical.
Prominent stripes on lapels tend to make the chest look bigger. With that, the fitted cut, and the athletic physique, the end result might look too dramatic.
Provide a size and budget, please.
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