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The upper back has extra material, and the right shoulder has a problem.
Location? What's the budget? There are many articles about tie quality and the details might be worth perusing, but apart from not wearing a polyester or worn-out tie, it's unlikely to have an impact on the job. Shoe and suit quality are more important, but the information probably isn't compiled into a few great articles to show you. Re dress shoe quality, "welted" in the description usually means not awful quality (though some non-welted shoes are good).
One could claim that both jackets emphasize the hips, and that's due to the soft shoulders and the pocket style/placement.
He implied he wants "roomy." If options are as limited as they seem, narrowing legs after the fact (if so desired) becomes a reasonable option.
Alarming Consumer Reports Study: Your Sunscreen May Not Work https://www.yahoo.com/beauty/alarming-consumer-reports-study-your-sunscreen-119035119448.html (or click just to see the woman in the picture)
Some Tommy Bahama linen pants meet that criteria, but they still probably will cost around $100. Unfortunately, cheap conservative-styled linen pants seem to have become rare in recent years.
Shoulder padding is not easily reduced. There appears to be something wrong with the shoulders and sleeves, likely due to the former. Also, the jacket is too tight on the chest, and the cut of the pants might be wrong for the body type..
Is there going to be a second date? The wrinkled pants would turn off some women, and probably so would the denim jacket and white tee shirt (but that's likely linked to socioeconomic background).
Not made with laces, not sneakers, nothing to argue.
The second combination looks best. The main focus isn't on the sneakers. The white footwear in the last two pictures is not sneakers.
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