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From the rear, it looks too big in the shoulders. Maybe it's a slim-fit suit jacket secretly underneath (that's supposed to be mildly funny). The shoulder excess contrasts poorly with the otherwise slim fit.
Maybe discolored by oil from rather unusual hand sweat? It's probably technical possible to redye the entire jacket, but virtually no financial sense to that.
The capsule wardrobe request seems to have been met, but wearing the same watch, belt, and shoes each day is not okay. Especially for footwear - people will notice and the shoes will wear out quickly.
For a while, it was Braun. That brand might have already begun releasing a new line, and Phillips has it own new high-end series.
There are shampoos that help prevent hair loss or grow hair. Some contain minoxidil, and there are others without it that are believed to be mildly helpful. It's a fact that their ingredients can get into the bloodstream (via the skin). Meanwhile, there's probably no real evidence that botanicals or oils help, though it's plausible that they could lessen inflammation. (A problem with some of those natural products is that they can cause reactions/inflammation.) An article...
Go for it. The hairstyle in the video would be a big improvement.
Nice color and fabric. So close to great, but the shoulders are slightly off and the jacket is too short, which probably can't be fixed.
The shoulders are too big. Return. Update this thread or another one the next time there's a question like that, for more replies.
Someone said, "There's really nothing more to say."But there is - those are lousy color combinations. 1) The tie is too similar to the suit color. 2) The shirt and tie compete with each other; a lighter blue would be better. Also, the first tie is too narrow, and arguably the knots are slightly too narrow in all the pictures.Possibly nitpicking for a normal person, but a newscaster likely risks such feedback from viewers.
Those are the right questions, but he might be gone. Still, since there are others built that with shorter arms, Dior Homme is another possibility. Mr. Crane probably needs MTM or even bespoke, due to the extreme arm length.
New Posts  All Forums: