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The sleeves look slightly long, which should not cost much to fix. Other than that, hard to tell, lousy camera angles.
Now that the thread is back, here is the blurb about (working-title) Standard Interview Ties. Not-too-hostile comments are welcome. This is in the context of low-level and mid-level, formal interviews involving people who do not know much about each other. Ties should be in pure silk that is neither knit nor satin-shiny, almost always with a width between the 3.25 and 3.75 inches (partly due to body sizes), maybe 3-fold and definitely fewer than 6. The standard 4 or 5...
If the suit fits like it does on the product page, that is a problem. Wear black shoes. Almost any professional should own black balmorals anyway.
There will not be a personal list. Objectivity is everything here. Individual tastes lead others astray. There might be an interview-tie list. It requires some thought, including whether it is worth turning into an article.
There's no such list. Again, too many variables (personality, personal coloring, work environment, and so on). Maybe an interview-tie list (a subset thereof) is doable.
Looks too long in the body, not ridiculous, but with the sleeves worse, it probably should be returned in favor of something with shorter dimensions.
Well, it's been interesting and people haven't gotten very hostile. In reviewing the first post, he's probably in the UK. It would make sense if yellow ties are less popular there than in the USA. Also, the good thing about ties is that there are so many options that nobody should feel compelled to wear a color he doesn't like.
Actually, for men with the right coloring, pink deserves serious consideration as a summer tie, matte and not necessarily in pure silk.
Yellow and pink can look bad on some men, much to do with personal coloring. Gold is the safest shade of yellow, and yellow is better in a pattern than as a solid. Dislike for pink seems more based on associations, such as types of people who wear or the colors often worn with it (e.g., black shirt), as well as the satin finish that many pink ties have.
Black tie is more a formal tie (or something for a punk rocker). Yellow and pink ties are far more common as business wear and arguably could be part of a starter tie wardrobe (but probably should not be worn to interviews). If people want to say that black is okay in paisley or some other patterns or as a knit, okay, but it is never a business basic. "Trendy" doesn't mean "out of style" soon. Some items are always around and sometimes trends become the norm - but most...
New Posts  All Forums: