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A bison leather belt can be purchased for less than $100.
If you say so. However, it's probably still a bad idea for a German politician to wear a brown tie.
Not to an interview, one would think. Also, an inflammatory but serious question: are brown ties now okay in Germany?
The jacket might be too big in the shoulders. Side view needed to make an educated guess. Also, the jacket might be big in the chest.
For belts, pebble grain, suede or leather that does not come from a cow is a simple way to add "flair" without standing out too much . No reptile skin for a job like that, please.
Perhaps the safest tie for an electric blue suit is matte mid-gray. It's hard to think a tie would be necessary, though.
That's only enough to make an educated guess. For example, new haircut like this.
A regular spread collar might not look right, but a semi spread collar possibly would look better than a point collar. That would depend on face shape and other features. Of course collar size and fit and general fit of the shirt are very important.
Andy's Forum probably is more knowledgeable on local resources in that particular area.
Why wouldn't that be possible? (Though most definition will appear after dozens of pounds are gone.) Just lift weights a few times each week. Without that, the improved diet and jogging probably will lead to muscle being lost along with the fat. Also, sleep enough and take multivitamins to help metabolism.
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