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That's likely due to sloping shoulders and accentuated by the fabric type.
Probably, but they might be driving shoes, which have limited usefulness.
Wool/linen is not as cool as pure linen, even if the wool is very lightweight. However, unstructured linen would wrinkle terribly. A navy jacket is too close in color to typical dressy blue jeans. Post #2 was mostly correct, but patch pockets at the hip aren't necessary, though on a v-shape, they'll probably look okay.
He has said his pants are custom-tailored. And they're too tight, frankly, which would be an argument against using his tailor.
It is casual, but still.... Maybe it's more a juxtaposition of summer items with cold-weather items.
It could go with light-colored chinos and jeans too, of course. Moleskins probably. However, a white tee shirt is too casual and a dress shirt maybe too formal. A sportshirt would be best.
That much money on cotton/poly items is not okay, especially when the fit is unsatisfactory.
The socks are okay. Most women aren't going to actively like any of the items, though. Sneakers will be too casual for many, the pants blah (jeans would be better), the sweater (color) boring and rather unmasculine.... Maroon/burgundy would be a better choice.
The socks don't have to match the pants, but they probably should be similar. A green belt would be a bad idea. The shirt should be bold enough that not much attention goes to the shoes. Green likely would look too matchy.
It's true that matching patterns is a likely misstep. A simple rule is to not mix two bold patterns. That's why the second combination looks much better than the third. Because in the last scenario, people would be looking at the apparel instead of the face. Also, purple is such a bold color that it's likely to be excessive if worn in more than one item.
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