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Some people probably think that wholecuts that are black, high-shine, and unadorned (no brogueing, etc. ) look feminine. Also, some men dislike them because they can make feet look huge. That's similar to what someone said about emphasizing an unattractive last shape.
Those prices seem excessive for cotton- or linen-based jackets that probably are only meant for somewhat casual settings a few warm months of the wear. The RL Morgan jacket probably has the most value, because its darker color makes it usable for more (e.g., evening) situations.
The jacket could be narrowed at the waist, and it looks a bit long. The sleeves are too long. The problems in the upper back, upper sleeves, and shoulders might be posture-related. Upper back and length issues are minor alterations.
yoox.com and bluefly.com are some of the bigger, reputable discount sites for items like that.
Probably a cosmetic surgery residency. Aiming for 3 suits and 2 pairs of shoes sounds like the right start. Anyway, how about first providing suit size and shoe size (length and width)?
Off-the-rack and bespoke, there aren't many options for quality, fashion-forward suits, and they dwindle when extreme height is involved. (Tailoring cannot really turn a full-cut suit into fashion-forward.) It's possible that Ralph Lauren has something adequate.
Austin? Anyway, that is going to be very tough, partly from size alone. One bit of advice would be suede footwear. For example... http://www.florsheim.com/shop/style/12117-245.html Also, belts could be somewhat creative. Subdued gingham shirts ought to win brownie points. Quite possibly obvious: slim-fit if not overweight.
Because there was no reasoning stated. Possibly there's an exemption for a craftsman, but for the most part wearing multiple exotic leather items will look like needless showing off. A wallet doesn't really count, though, for nobody actually holds the wallet in his hands most of the time
It's probably best to not mix exotic leathers, including items of the same material. That means, for example, a gator belt only with regular leather shoes and so on.
There's an important word, "health." Many men cannot get a good fit or enough support via cheap shoes (many of which only come in one width, for example). Some who ignore that increase their chances of developing foot problems. The costs thereof will substantially outweigh the direct savings from cheap shoes.
New Posts  All Forums: