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Just recieved the PRL cashmere jacket that Rob offered earlier in the thread, and I have to say its even more imporessive in person than in his photos; it was certainly a steal given the price and Rob was great to deal with. I'm suprised to see the chocolate windowpane jacket still available (it's enticing) ...
Any suggestions for stretching out the thighs on a pair of 47s after they've already been hot soaked? On my pair, the thighs are simply too slim - but I like the fit everywhere else. After a day or so of wear, they haven't loosened up at all.
I bought a pair of LVC 1947 501xx jeans a few weeks ago on B&S, but after (hot) soaking them, they've shrunk a bit too much in the thighs. I tried wearing them around for a day, but they haven't loosened up at all. Any suggestions?
pm sent!
thanks, but I'm looking for something in wool for a little more versitile look (equally at home with grey trousers as it would be with jeans or khakis).
I'm looking for that perfect Navy blazer in a 38r, perhaps from RLPL. Patch pockets preferred, but open to other configurations. Buttons aren't an issue either.
I managed to buy four or five suits from the Fall 2007 season (MSRP = $2,700) for $400 each during the warehouse sale, but that only comes once a year. I can say that even on sale at their factory stores, BBBF have traditionally been around $750. Jason
Quote: Originally Posted by maomao1980 Meh...CNY Awesome coat. Details?
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast Same here, though I plan on keeping mine a fair bit longer, despite already having it for about 5-6 years I guess. I've sort of gone off getting new cars. The S4 does pretty much everything I need - comfortable, reasonably pacy, stealthy, roomy when needed. Unless I run into serious trouble with it (touch wood, hopefully not), I can see myself keeping it until it gets 10 years or so old. I've loved my...
b6 Audi S4 ... hoping to get ride of it soon and ditch the awd for an e92 m3 coupe
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