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Mens Warehouse has them for $15
What length of shirt(regardless of cut) is the best, where should the shirt fall?? Im 5'11" 140lbs if that makes a difference
A little Background: My style of dress for the past couple of years has been light colored jeans, black sneakers, and either a solid colored slim fitting t shirt or a band t shirt. This style, or lack of style, was quick, easy, and cheap. Now after turning 20, I have decided that i dress like a lazy college student, and need to change. I want to wear button down shirts, dark jeans, blazers, and leather shoes, instead of the old jeans and tshirt. If I could start...
Im trying to make the transition form wearing sneakers all the time with jeans, into wearing some casual leather shoes with jeans...I am looking for a brown leather shoe, priced $70-110, that I can wear day to day with jeans and a tshirt/button down. Today I purchased these, but Im thinking the style wont work well with jeans: WHat do you think?? Any opinions appreciated. The shoes are very dark brown and have a good...
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