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I purchased two pairs of 527's today, but when wearing one of th pairs the ass is all bunched up from between the pockets through the crotch. Is there any way to fix this? Should i wash the jeans and then wear them still damp?? Also how do I keep the waist from streching, and reverse the stretching?
Mens Warehouse has them for $15
What length of shirt(regardless of cut) is the best, where should the shirt fall?? Im 5'11" 140lbs if that makes a difference
A little Background: My style of dress for the past couple of years has been light colored jeans, black sneakers, and either a solid colored slim fitting t shirt or a band t shirt. This style, or lack of style, was quick, easy, and cheap. Now after turning 20, I have decided that i dress like a lazy college student, and need to change. I want to wear button down shirts, dark jeans, blazers, and leather shoes, instead of the old jeans and tshirt. If I could start...
Im trying to make the transition form wearing sneakers all the time with jeans, into wearing some casual leather shoes with jeans...I am looking for a brown leather shoe, priced $70-110, that I can wear day to day with jeans and a tshirt/button down. Today I purchased these, but Im thinking the style wont work well with jeans: http://www.zappos.com/n/p/p/7197093.html WHat do you think?? Any opinions appreciated. The shoes are very dark brown and have a good...
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