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Does anyone know what happend to the Nudie Straight Sven? I think they were discontinued and I cant find them in the US...
Does anyone know where to get brown jeans??? I found one pair at diesel, but they were not my size... Im looking for a low rise, straight fit... THANKS
Would sand suede clarks desert boots and black imperial kings work together? Im trying to find good shoes to wear with black jeans...Any suggestions?
PM sent
H&m's(San Francisco and Plesanton) didnt have a single suit is a 38. Zara had nothing interview worthy. I wasnt able to make it to Nord rack before closing. I am going to try the brooks brothers outlet today and hope that I can find something kinda in my price range.
I have internship interviews coming up at the end of the month and need to purchase a suit this weekend. I currently have zero suits and a handful of sport coats. I am located in NCali and am planning on going to SanFrancisco to pick up a suit. After searching and lurking, it seems like I need to get a charcoal suit, no pinstripes. My budget is $350, preferably abit less to account for tailoring. What stores would you recommend? I was thinking of going to H&M due...
Nothing special... What shoes are those??
I PMed you earlier, but went to the thrift store today and picked up a suit jacket for $1.07...I think it will get me through an interview... Anyway, thanks for your geneorsity.
Thanks for the post, it will really help me with my suit and sportcoat purchases, I always had questions on length..
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