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Anything you like but too formal to go with shorts, chinos and jeans fine.
How many funerals does someone have to go to for them to be relevant? Black is a colour which is very often specifically ruled out at funerals in the twenty first century.
This is an extremely good look, quite casual yet ordered.
Seems unnecessary over kill: BigbadBernard' offers the best solution.
Whatever you like is correct. There are no rules whatever but if you remain unsure just look around you and see what others do.
If they don't fit you should not have bought them. These are simply nonsense, old wives' tales at the kindest. They may have been cheap but they were far from a bargain, throw them away and remember to buy the correct size next time.
Here today.... tomorrow
Silk knots Ok with jeans but the principle is very weak.
Whatever you prefer is the best advice.
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