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Entirely your choice. You will have to decide what your friends might think about it.
Fused, you are buying a label not a good quality garment.
I haven't!Chance had it that when I first went to Hong Kong in 1995 I happened upon Ascot Chiang when I was looking for shirts and for some reason was in the Peninsula shopping gallery and ordered four I think. Separately I went to Chan for two suits, really by following the writings in Guide books (no internet then). Neither the suits nor the experience at Chan impressed me at all, I felt as if I was a nuisance wanting to trouble them and, as I had, they wanted to...
So true, given that President 45 is a disaster for the rest of us waiting to happen with policy made up as he goes along and changed day by day a bit of tape to hold his ill-tied tie together seems par for the course.Now is Hilary going to jail today or does a blue tie mean she is up for a Congressional medal instead?
There is no such thing as a "tailcoat Tuxedo". There is 'black tie' which is evening dress (tuxedo to Americans) with a hand tied black bow tie or 'white tie', which is a tailed evening coat, stiff white wing collar and shirt, waistcoat with a band tied white now tie. This should properly be worn with opera pumps and not day to day shoes of any type. These items are not a mix and match child's dressing up basket. They are specific forms of dress which many (but not...
How strange a first post is a diatribe which is critical of Yoox. Put up job by a competitor?
Were Trump to have tied it properly the loose end would have slipped into the keeper. As to the tape, try any old sellotape etc. There does not appear to be anything special about it at all.
Yes, dreadful rag.
I am pleased that I have patronised 4 of these although I do not rate Chan. I am pretty certain Gordon Yao has his own work room as well. I have had suits from the other three this year as a private 'competition' amongst them. Chiang will fall by the wayside - not because of quality just a preference for the other two.
New Posts  All Forums: