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Why the infatuation with online?
Cheap and quality are NOT bedfellows.
These are costume NOT frock coats.
Of all the events you may go to, one demanding evening dress is the one where you must be properly dressed if you do not want to be seen as the maître d' or worse a waiter. Starro is correct to suggest that but it is likely to be a lost cause so either get used to the idea you need another shirt or else look slovenly.
It looks to be second hand and previously butchered. I'd burn it and start again with something new which meets your requirements. Second hand for its own sake is a waste of money however cheap the purchase.
Yes, you assumed that this was a free advice service and are now unrealistically impatient. Have you even tried 'search'? This is a well rehearsed issue.
You should NOT keep it buttoned whilst sitting, that is entirely wrong and plain daft. This is probably the cause of this minor issue.
Black patent leather pumps are correct for accompanying evening dress - even if you believe it appropriate for a daytime function such as your wedding - it certainly is NOT. Your fiancée has no locus whatever to determine how you dress - are you choosing her apparel for the event?
Beware of salesmen, they often pick the most expensive cloth without enquiring into for what his customer s intending his commission to be used for, when he is to wear it etc. Simply because something might be considered good by one person it may be entirely unsuitable for the commission.
Try 'search' often answers your questions although I have not seen them mentioned. Looking for any web site they offer should give you a clue. Laziness is contagious,
New Posts  All Forums: