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The ties and fine, forget about the waistcoat/vest and don't be tempted to try to make the 'groomsmen' match you or each other. Let them be themselves and not look as if they were part of a band or, worse, the waiting staff!
Its black and not especially the sort of thing people would want to buy, probably better to simply put it up for sale on eBay and let the market decide.
Gordon Yao without any doubt whatever.
The Yao suit shows its innate quality so well whereas the YWY just looks completely inferior especially as it is a second attempt.
He appears to be a bespoke tailor so one would expect the quality to be superior to any MTM.
One that fits! You cannot determine from that measurement what size in any make will fit. Go to a bricks and mortar store.
Heathered wool? Tweed?
It will be "going" for what the shop keeper thinks his customers will pay. What you suggest is simply nonsense. Even if you had such a list what use is it?
All quite natural arising from use and nothing to do with cleaning or the lack thereof. just use a leather cream or even shoe polish from time to time.
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