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Fused coats are more like a piece of cardboard and frequently 'pucker' ie beak down around the lapels and chest which looks dreadful and simply says 'cheap...and nasty'.The fusing creates an unnatural stiffness in the jacket, making it lifeless compared to a similar canvassed coat.A canvassed coat gently to your shape providing a perfect fit, this allows the exterior panels to hang naturally.A coat with a floating canvas also expands and contacts depending on the body’s...
It will be interesting to hear what he says on this as well as some more photos. Still, a nice suit and a superb start to a life time of bespoke tailoring.
Contractual?That's some imagination.
Whilst I can accept that you are annoyed, swearing at them will not have helped your cause.
That is not what is reads like; There are all too many pointless posts in this thread presently and to suggest that RTW is a substitute for decent bespoke or should even be considered thus is beyond words.@HW is pursuing a sensible course and doing extremely well at it.
Why on earth would RTW reach this standard and why do you even commend this to him? He has done entirely the right thing in establishing a relationship with a tailor and this suit is the first handsome product of that.The purchase of RTW garments is entirely random, the cut varies on each and every occasion and there is no such thing which will fit anyone every time.I don't believe that I have ever read such an unhelpful statement in many years. Strive for the best you are...
You and your cutter have done a fine job!The length of the coat is spot on and the slant pockets certainly lend height. Combine that with the lapels and it works well for you. You've picked up the most important change needed, the trouser length/break which is excellent. That is a bit noticeable. The right sleeve head would be the only other point I would note, certainly for the future. That is a bit noticeable in this type of critique but, frankly, 99% of the people you...
What on earth is the "Comrade" about, this is not a Communist Front for anything..
Bespoke? You may get an odd reply but this web board is solely concerned with clothe and so knowledge of such things is limited. I assume that you have visited all shops local to you as well as used \Google extensively? Those would be you best start point especially as it is likely that you will have to be content with something similar but not the same.
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