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They are there to be used. This baste stitching first appeared in the days when protesters for this cause or that used to put incendiary devices in them in shops. Then it became a norm to show them better. Just remove it and use them as you will.
The shirt and tie are fine but the creature on the right lapel of what I assume to be a lab coat is out of place. can't however see the trousers or shoes.
You do not say where you might be dining: that will condition your dress.
Don't own any with single cuffs.
Too tight, too short and untidy bathroom!
Put it back and get something decent - that looks dire.
Start again
Of course you should, what nonsense is the suggestion that you should not?
+1,strange what working for a minor broadcaster does for the ego.
You do not need sunglasses. That is nonsense Vest - possibly at your choice Suspenders preferred but you will likely want to remove your coat at some point of the evening so probably not.
New Posts  All Forums: