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Should you not be paying for this like other traders?
'Search' I would suggest - you will learn more than by hoping people will repeat what they have already written.
Why is "long time lurker" such a common opening gambit? Not sure why JRRADICK bumped this, may be a clue hidden there. Mute offers you good advice.
16 oz is very heavy for wear inside a building so go for something much lighter - wear a coat if you would be cold. Forget tweed, that is not for a sports coat unless you are hunting or in a rural area hunting yak or whatever there is to catch. Patch pockets have no place if you want to look half way well dressed though.
Oxblood goes quite well with navy or midnight blue. However forget the metal work, this is a more formal suit and odd bits of iron or steel have no place whatever.
Only you can decide if you have spent too much
How strange, two newcomers on the same day asking after a brand not commonly mentioned here. Have either of you used 'search' or was that not your instruction?
Don't buy second hand shoes, bad for your feet. These look scabby as well, take them back.
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