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No one believes advertising puffs like this from a first time poster.Clearly you have things to hide and your enterprise is best avoided.
Well Mycroft11Zero, your first test: Can you tell the difference between hand pse and machine pse?
It is foolish to make a choice based upon some celebrity's garment. Assuming that you are a regular and valued customer of your tailor you would be better telling him of your request and hoping he can find something. Don't build your hopes up though.
None of this lot is appropriate for a wedding. Take "informal" to mean a light grey suit not a charcoal one. The boots are fine for the pub or visiting Waitrose.
Burn it. Then try to cure the cause and then buy a new one.
Apart from hideous it has no name unless this company has bestowed one upon it. It is not of a generic style in its own right.
Newbies bumping things is irritating, this is not a free service. Additionally the street ware and Denim Board is better suited to this type of garment as reading would suggest. If this is from a film then it is likely to be costume and not retail. Take your self to some shops and do it the old fashioned way.
Whilst a good advertising puff, it tells us nothing of his work. Whilst a rack of coats is interesting I would be more worried about what they show. Their owners need to be wearing them (if MTM or bespoke) to have any value, if RTW, they tell us he stocks them...and nothing more. I see that it has also appeared elsewhere and is being 'reblogged', job done.
Nothing new in it.
Why are you not selling self tie bow ties?
New Posts  All Forums: