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M&S does offer a high quality RTW suit and would be a good choice. Check that you are happy with the detail - one back pocket in this suit's trousers for example but otherwise go for it.
Ugly R Us?
Go to Ascot Chang for your shirts, collars can't be that special. Anyway how hard have you looked.
On-line tailor = disaster. Just look at the debris the be found here.
You pay for what you get, if the shoes are "a decent pair" then surely it is worth going back to the manufacturer who will have the lasts etc. at its disposal? Decent shoes bit require appropriate treatment and repay it with years of satisfactory service but taking a cheapskate approach to their care is somewhat ludicrous.
No, go to a shop and look at them yourself. Quite easy really - though a bit of personal effort.
Dark blue denims, chinos, grey/blacktrousers - indeed it is no different from most such sports coats.
Those that fit and you like. It is a nonsense to think that you can be dressed simply by posting such a comment.
They have never been away but basic manufacturers need something to persuade fools to buy things they have little need of because of 'fashion'.
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