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Ignore them is best. You should not minutely examine and worry about everything you see.
They will make the shirts for you, no need to go into the work room yourself.They don't do such things as a "discount code". They are the top of the range shirt manufacturer and clients do not expect such things although established clients may have some benefits.
What nonsense
Those two simply produce rags which are not worth wearing.Sams' windows are plastered with pictures showing sundry notables who have been given suits as publicity tools all made in Chinese sweatshops despite the façade.Raja again copious advertising - crap suits, glued together, also all made in Chinese sweatshops despite the façade.A bespoke suit takes 70 hours of work to complete and that simply cannot be compressed into the windows of time they shout about.
Are the trousers not a (big) tad short?
Two roll one; quite a normal alternative but an acquired taste.
A fool's money is just as good as that of anyone else.
Try somewhere else with these, you will find slightly less than one taker for these abominations here.
What on earth is this for? It's absolutely barmy to think that a grown man cannot put on or take off his clothes. Even those I know with arthritis can manage and would be offended to be thought of as needing help in this way. Most people try very successfully to retain their complete independence, and take great pride in achieving this; that goes to the very heart of them ensuring they retain their self respect..
Advertising puff.
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