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No 'Rules' cover any aspect of men's clothing other than what is called a 'dress code' for certain functions. Wear what you think is best suited for yourself.
You are over-thinking this, you really do not need all this lot. Your shoes will be perfectly fine with a decent polish for the solids, a rubber suede brush plus aerosol neubuck or suede cleaner
Don't do photographs on line in any circumstances whatever and nor with people I do not know personally.
It will depend how warm you want to be: there is no bench marker, every one is different. You will also need to factor in 'wind chill' which can make it appear colder than the pure value on a thermometer.
Good afternoon Mr Hifilover Sorry to say I don't have the accounts immediately to hand but quickly checking the cloths involved against the UK prices the GT suits whilst made of Vitale Barberis Canonico cloth are from the cheaper end of the price spectrum and therefore I would not want to use those as a yardstick. However, there is a (reasonable) price difference but, as I note above, I am unable to compare like with like. I may well take better notice next year if I...
Horn buttons are really the only choice for such a suit.
And you, sir, seem to be in a minority of one!
10oz is OK if the cloth is something you prefer. In modern settings 8/9oz, is good and may be even better as the heat tends to build during the function after the meal or whatever. Few settings are old buildings without heating but with draughts these days.
Try made especially for him!
Advice - forget it. That is simply not long enough for any craftsman to turn out anything. Too many people believe that quality garments whether in Hong Kong, Italy or anywhere else can be created to fit in with ludicrous timetables. Eighty hours goes into making a bespoke suit and the baste (ie first fitting) and forward fitting (ie second fitting) represent most of that eighty hours. Why on earth do you believe any atelier can perform magic?
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