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Where do you live?
Chowkin offers you the correct advice - it is a PoW and should only be worn with matching trousers i.e. as a suit as was intended.
Bear in mind "Midnight" and "navy" are two quite distinct colours and not one as you suggest. Midnight blue will need your needs - burgundy shoes would look good.
I'd burn that lot.
The principle is OK, but the execution is an ill-cut poorly fitting rag.
Grenadier is right
You should not praise your own company - no one will believe you unless they are unbelievably stupid.
If you can find a decent tailor he will know how to deal with the cloth - if you are intent on finding one in |India, I doubt that you will have much luck.
It would appear she has no clue what she is doing - take it to a better tailor to be corrected.
If you have really been "lurking styleforums for a while" you would know better than to publish a photograph of a motor car and a dark one of a coat with parts obscured. That is neither use nor ornament and no one will be able to make any comments - other than about your misplaced hopes.
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