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Label shopping?
You buy what fits, not what the label says. Go to a bricks and mortar shop and don't be idle.
If they are second hand then forget them. If you can't trust what he says that he cannot be much of a friend.
Fit and comfort are the two key tests.
You are not going to a funeral so forget any ideas of wearing a black suit. Unless you are a regular at funerals or an undertaker, burn it both for being a Boss and its colour. Suggest you buy another RTW to replace this rag after the fire.
Burn it and buy a new suit. It is worn out and cannot be repaired satisfactorily
Surely you can find your way around the High Street of out of town Shopping Centre. Clue: start at Marks and Spencer.
Do what you want, stop guessing what others might be thinking and get on with your life. You only have one and wasting it has little sense,
"after nearly every wearing, or at least every week or two." Far too often an utter waste of money and effort which the shoes do not even vaguely require.The size of jar available reflects the true need for the product as opposed to your perverse regime.
Little changes - Online MTM remains a complete disaster looking for reason/sap to happen. The real issue is that you need to be happy with the person that measures and that he is not simply working from a manual and guessing the bits of which he is unsure. Unless both are in place you won't be happy with the result and neither will it fit. As to cloths I would assume any outlet has a seasonal bunch with a limited number available it. Having only had bespoke garments...
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