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It's Sunday so cut-offs, tee shirt and jesus boots.
If you have cause to doubt their provenance they are most likely fake.
Nor would it be the end of the world if he wore his pyjamas or night shirt. All three look pretty stupid though.
A black corduroy suit has very few useful purposes if any. Quite unsuitable for a wedding - supposedly a happy event not a funeral. So either get a decent suit, linen has been mentioned, lightweight wool, any colour but black or dark grey. If you can't get one stay at home and not make a fool of yourself.
Not satisfactorily - why on earth did you buy them if the colour is wrong for you?
Either dark suit will be fine, bright coloured tie as this is supposed to be a joyous occasion and unless the lawyers are already hovering should be OK. Always remember the old adage - 'Both the lawyers and the caterers reported it to have been a 'most satisfactory union!'
Given that funeral apparel these days starts its bidding at cut offs and Jesus Boots, it would be better to ask the family what they actually mean. Few men keep a 'funeral suit' these days and mentioning black suits here would earn you a stoning. I would think the most formal would be a suit and tie, no dark colours and a patterned tie. Mourners at my funeral will be instructed to be entirely informal, jeans and tee shirts most welcome. I see no point in treating a...
Can you not illustrate the pattern; not exactly a good idea as evening dress is the second most formal attire for a man. It is always in the class of less is more and there are few prizes on offer such a breach. There is a grave danger that you will though of as the door keeper or some manner of lowly flunkey,
Never heard of the vendor so no one can say whether the merchandise is best described as crap or otherwise. Given that it is a summer suit, mocs. are as formal as you need be. All the others are far too heavy for summer.
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