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No! Take the shoes and that 'suit' back and start again. The shoes are ugly and informal and the blazer vastly overpriced for something made from synthetics. It is also a dreadful looking thing,
How little do you want to pay? For horn that seems reasonable although Brioni will be charging for their name as well as the product.
Light grey surely not a court colour even in Ireland?
Cad and the Dandy do a good job - I believe they offer bespoke at £900 which is close to your budget. Machine not hand stitching comes in at £550 I believe.
Dreadful, grow up and get something sensible.
Who on earth are they? Travelling tailors at best using overseas sweat shops. Web site basic to be kind. Rather than wasting time creating a new thread, what have you learned from using the 'Search' function?
You need to learn a great deal, that is an evening dress coat, doubtless orphaned and certainly ugly. It shows its age, badly.
I have met GY's tailors at odd times and he does some cutting but I know what you mean.
Just wear it, you are not a pair of book ends.
Because your post is dominated by brands and does not ask about a good suit as such. I think it is coincidence that the labels fit you rather than a true correlation.
New Posts  All Forums: