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Where do people get such silly notions? No, you could not be more wrong.Take care, pick stitching should be done by hand and therefore be irregular. It is something else that factories try to imitate using a machine and a good way to pick factory product out.
Midnight blue - capable of being both formal and informal.
Far too big to be elegant or fit your face but probably fashionable. The two rarely mix.
It entirely depends what is appropriate in your office given your position, be it high or low. I would guess if you do business with the government regularly, attire on those occasions is prescribed.
Don't like the look of the labels.
Why on earth Tom Ford - the label?
It would help if the link worked.
You are not at school so allow them to choose their, something bright and to reflect their own personalities. Even formal morning dress were that specified allows variety within a uniform approach.
I really do not think that this choice exudes any style or class even in an informal context as described. How about a mid-blue shirt, charcoal trousers and a more appropriate grey sports coat. Bright pocket square: I see no mention of ties so I assume that they are not required. That is a little more formal and appropriate and a little above your idea and certainly better than jeans.
First up for me too, did you actually try?
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