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"after nearly every wearing, or at least every week or two." Far too often an utter waste of money and effort which the shoes do not even vaguely require.The size of jar available reflects the true need for the product as opposed to your perverse regime.
Little changes - Online MTM remains a complete disaster looking for reason/sap to happen. The real issue is that you need to be happy with the person that measures and that he is not simply working from a manual and guessing the bits of which he is unsure. Unless both are in place you won't be happy with the result and neither will it fit. As to cloths I would assume any outlet has a seasonal bunch with a limited number available it. Having only had bespoke garments...
Surely just normal wear? The leather of the shoe must flex with the foot and some creasing results. Nothing to fret about. There again it is folly to wear second hand shoes so give them back and buy your own.
You cannot hope to buy your first suit online and no one can guess anything at all from that scant description. Try to avoid a disaster by either travelling to a Suit Supply shop, (requires effort), or else going to a local shop, (less effort). Either will bring far more satisfactory a result. You might even consider a bricks and mortar shop for MTM if there is one where the staff understand their jobs rather than variously following a manual or guessing the bits that...
To light a fire (with)
Why the infatuation with online?
Cheap and quality are NOT bedfellows.
These are costume NOT frock coats.
Of all the events you may go to, one demanding evening dress is the one where you must be properly dressed if you do not want to be seen as the maƮtre d' or worse a waiter. Starro is correct to suggest that but it is likely to be a lost cause so either get used to the idea you need another shirt or else look slovenly.
It looks to be second hand and previously butchered. I'd burn it and start again with something new which meets your requirements. Second hand for its own sake is a waste of money however cheap the purchase.
New Posts  All Forums: