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Yes, it is time you learned to dress yourself.
Its OK but with that audience style does have a bearing. The pocket flaps suggest that it is hideously modern.
Suit not suite and photographs needed, fit is all that matters these days so....
Hideous: I should refuse to have anything to do with such a style.
Your standard inner pockets?
Not enough pockets to my mind.I have two ticket pockets - and on both sides. None carries a large weight or bulk but it means everything is in its place. This coat seems to lack a pen pocket.
probably the darker one but you have not read the instructions on photographs and the trousers could make or break both
nothing is fashionable in the sense you mean but a base ball cap for a student. A panama for your grand father.
Fake and as cheap quality as the price suggests.. He is selling Tomy garments not the Tommy which you would like.
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