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Surely more to do with the cut of the suit and lapel width than preference?
All of them
Why have you come here to rant about this firm as a first post? Seems very odd, do you work for a competitor?
Just busy your self in doing something else, the threads on this subject have not yet revealed any happy outcomes.
Heaven knows what those things are but blazers they are not. I really do not know why you are asking - those are collectively worth only half your budget for one. The reality is that you will get very little for the money you are prepared to pay - don't bother looking now - just save up.
If it has been moved it is because that was the correct place. given that you seem to have ordered the larger part of the shop's stock you really should not expect anyone to be prepared to work through the options. Surely you are capable of deciding what fits you? Next time just go to a bricks and mortar shop.
The first one should certainly be returned (or burned), the second is a run of the mille sports coat NOT a blazer. It too should go back from whence it came if only because of that silly pocket above the normal flapped pocket on the right.
Quite normal so wear and enjoy them. Only machines can be perfect, hand made cannot be by nature.
Thanks .It is actually the inside of the finished coat that is of interest, the construction is interesting to confirm how it has been made. The inside finishing of some reputable tailors is often poor - as I have found to my cost. That was by a one-time Anderson and Sheppard trained cutter of considerable experience who should simply not have let both suits out of his shop. That taught me a valuable lesson.
Quality not low cost is the sole feature of your judgement - if you know what is best for you. Too many people equate quality and low cost or rather just forget the first and come here with tales of what went wrong and how should it be cured.
New Posts  All Forums: