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Yes they can and they look just as bad as an orphaned jacket.
Your premise is a nonsense but this screed is far too long to read - this board is not a soap box. Précis it if you really want discussion.
You'll never be a photographer. Absolutely nothing about these images enables the question to be answered. They need to be full profile/back/front etc and not dingy dark things such that all the detail is quite hidden. The wall of a toilet is hardly a good background either,
Once you get to 50 time to start throwing some away.
You are not going to get "high quality tailors" at those prices in London. You 'search' this forum to find some tailors but reconsider your plan to spend so little.
A splendid rant about nothing in particular but it does not change reality one jot, whether you like it or not, the person has no duty to humour you.
Why, he has no obligation to humour someone who he does not know.
Stick to fully canvassed and avoid this salesman's shoddy tale.
Pleats are fine and on a well cut pair of trousers look good on anyone. Badly cut look poor on anyone. You pays your money and take your chance.
You need to get the basics right: There are so many shades of back that getting a match is night impossible unless a bolt of the original cloth is to be found. Wearing ill-matched trousers and coat is a huge no. You would be better to hire than go to this event looking like a scare crow.
New Posts  All Forums: