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Not what your heading suggests. White carnation, tie of your choice.
Tie to go with suit of your choice. No flower if you are only going to the evening bash, flowers should be restricted to the ceremony itself.
Seems an admirable response, what is wrong with it?
A new one or this second hand thing?
Oil/tar? Was it trodden on as well?
Mafia Meeting per chance?
The UK, mercifully, does not have second hand shops in the US way. Working in an embassy would surely prompt you to dress properly to represent your country -= or do you keep the door?
Normally one would agree with that combination but that suit is dire and fit only for burning and the shoes too light.
Just buy in India - at the price it is not worth the effort to send. In any event, the Indian garment will such that it will be such that you "don't have to worry about getting spoiled."
Such perfect button holes as you suggest seem more likely to have been machine made, the human eye and hand is more likely to have imperfections, similarly with pick stitching.
New Posts  All Forums: