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It is a silly term used by some RTW suppliers which has no real meaning. They use it to trick people into buying specific suits. It loosely reflects some supposed feature of the cloth (as here) or some feature ( such as an extra passport size pocket) but that apart there is nothing to gain from buying it as opposed to some other garment. Buy whichever fits properly.
BUT you can learn far more from looking at what works in the street, this web board cannot be a running tutorial for everyone who is not observant. However did people learn prior to the web, you will next tell me that standards have risen generally because of SF. Get realAll you learn here is the opinions of a few: For example there is a comment about purple in post2, I profoundly disagree. Purple can work well against p[ink shirts, blue shirts and others, I would consider...
Yes, very much so!Despos gives you good advice but do not be surprised if the bonfire looms. By the way do not be tempted to wear that coat as an odd jacket, that would look awful, burn it as well in company with the trousers.
Your chosen name suggests that you work in the UAE - would you not be better to copy what others do out there. What do your colleagues wear?
You really should be able to dress yourself - suggest that you get some ideas by looking around at others, see what you like etc.
and generally unknown here - just the one advocate....
This suggests that you have not tried them in a bricks and mortar shop - that would be your better approach rather than speculate.
Overcoats and suits are not normally bought as a matching set - the idea is somewhat stupid. Your vest should match the suit coat and trousers.
Despos can better answer but: It is second hand Already much altered Does not seem a worthwhile option.
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