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Not in the slightest "beautiful", I'm afraid; It is nothing better than an out of date rag. As ever, this is costume, not clothing and if you must have something of this ilk (which is your privilege) then either trudge around bricks and mortar shops (best) or Google. I'd not hold my breath that something will turn up, were I to be you. In that case try MTM.
A normal process, nothing unusual.
.This statement:"Neither pair is new in the box but both are in near new condition -- almost never worn."is also untrue.
Those look to be the same. The answer must always be what you are most comfortable wearing.
Another one over thinking a non-existent problem. Pleats are NOT fragile Cannot be destroyed Do not magically disappear for no good reason when hung up They do not "go crooked' Do the creases fall out gratuitously?
Neither is suitable for the staid world of lawyers. Stick with the tried and tested midnight blue or charcoal for your first suit and the inevitable interviews then broaden out later when you are more at home with your new colleagues. Rock no boats at this stage of your career.
It cannot be too bad for use on some occasions assuming that it is not to be your only square!
I think flannel is simply too heavy even for the UK. Most office buildings are air conditioned which enable there to be a temperature appropriate to the day. Whereas heavy-weight cloths drape well, this creates no basis for their use hence one rarely sees them. For the middle east I would suggest that you avoid even workhorse 10/11oz cloths and stay in the 8/9oz range. If you have a cutter who can handle su-8oz then one or two (at most) is sensible. Remember that not all...
There is always a case for all of us to reduce what we have in our wardrobes so go ahead, you'll not regret at all.
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