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Some that fit!
There are so many so-called tailors, most of whom rely upon sweatshops in either Hung Hom or else across the border that is very doubtful whether they will be known here or indeed be worth going to. You can usually identify these by the prices for shorts and suits (or combinations) which are simply too cheap to be of anything remotely approaching decent quality. I would put this sort of spin off company in this bracket but decent tailors and other of those required...
Google will answer your question, have you even tried? The question is certainly utterly irrelevant here.
"Hats" are not worn, they are either caps or mortar boards.
The red one is vaguely casual but certainly not the blue.
That is all quite normal and your concern is utterly without merit.
At least if it is to be of good quality.
That link is to coats only.There are 3/4 DBs on the suit pages but all look hideous and would certainly not be a substitute for the OP's stated choice.
It really does not matter to anyone bar the most stupid client what you carry your papers in: It is the business at hand which is important. One of the UK's best known and successful men carries his papers in a supermarket carrier bag. That said the BV thing is hideous, but, if you like it or feel duty bound to satisfy your wife, get it.
Board not working correctly so all extra instances to be deleted.
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