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MTM - from a brocks and mortar store.
Don't wear an "undershirt" . That it would increase the size you need through the body is hardly a surprise.
Just wear it, looks entirely OK and more a figment of your imagination.
If you don't normally wear one, then don't for this interview. You will be self conscious and probably fiddle with it at the interview.
Buy something that fits rather than fret about either the brand or a trifling detail such as this.
Nonsense, whilst not the flashiest site that ever existed it does its job well.
Having had a quick look at it and the type of outlet, it would appear to be cheap tat and well worth avoiding.
Try Google
Have you asked the manufacturer when that pattern was made? If it is not current it may not be possible to get it. If it is current as the manufacturer who might stock it or be able to get it. Simple really.
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