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Quite so, one person is guilty of that!$500 US or $HK500? The former I resume?That really is not very much c$1 US = $HK7.You have one piece of advice which, although I am not at all familiar with the low end of the market I would certainly counsel you to ignore the blandishments of the touts at Star Ferry Kowloonside for both suits and copy watches.
They won't look right, he bespoke them and therefore they are to his requirements. You cannot define a bespoke garment by size in the manner you seem to believe correct. As a lawyer, you should be adept at understanding the nuance to be associated with broad brush words.
Choose: One for cold climes (blue), one for wet (green), you know where you live and the prevailing weather so straight choice.
"A super 130 is typically a very good fabric", is only partially valid, it can be satisfactory for the office as you suggest, BUT the descriptor is no indication of quality. Given that this appears to be an unidentified Chinese consist (if it actually exists) it is very likely a piece of rag fit only for polishing shoes or burning.If Google does not identify that brand then it is likely to be further condemned as an ill-cut piece of rag. No one has yet brought the...
Presumably cheap because they had gun shot holes in them.
Why do you persist in wearing such things?
It's this suit that is in question, none other, but without knowing its provenance I have offered a selection of causes. Clearly its owner is concerned and therefore the only way to purge that concern is burn it, give it away or send it back whence it came.Put simply it doesn't fit properly; I favour burning but I am indeed harsh because I am fortunate never to have owned either an RTW or MTM suit in my life. If it is either MTM or bespoke then solutions are as described,...
No, as you asked. Are you suggesting that the membership list here has been hacked?
Seems far-fetched to have left it until seven days before but just get what you are comfortable in wearing: no-one is going to notice. and congratulations enjoy the day
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