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These just evidence the pit falls of online purchase for such clothing. These forays almost always end in tears as the manufacturers have finally started realise. However unless you are a skilled judge of cutting, it is nigh impossible to resolve things such as divots by email - even if the maker really knows how to do which is rare. Sweat shop owners in India or China and not cutters/tailors they run sweat shops whose sole purpose is to send out as many finished...
Another good one, boring maybe for some but a good staple in a professional office environment.
Shoulders/back dreadful - large divots, ill fitting and not wonderful at the collar. Sleeves too short. If that is the second attempt I'd return it for refund. Don't be fooled by the alterations allowance, easy to add it on at the front and appear to be generous by giving it back at the end.
That might well be your clue as what they are not...
He might prefer not to put his name to something which he believes wrong. he is entitled to consider his professional reputation. If you don't like that then find another cutter who is less discerning. In such matters due deference to the man is well advised and he doubtless has to listen to many such infelicities in the course of his year.
No vents in an evening dress and should you have the lapels finished in the body cloth, then you will merely have a cream coat.
If you are buying a bespoke suit your cutter will attend to such detail: no need to upset him by thinking you know best - that's what he's paid for.
Sleeves of coat too short, far too tight in any event. Suggest give it back to whomsoever you bought it from and try some where else; remember that fit is a in direct relationship to cut and so a different cut would be better for you. Bow tie boring looking thing - in any event you are far too young for that - it will appear fatuous and you will be a laughing stock for even thinking about it. It's pre-tied so burn it. White suit, only for formal occasions if then, less...
Any shop - Marks and Spencers, John Lewis or if you prefer £1 Grotland. Hardly seems a matter worthy of a question for goodness sake.
New Posts  All Forums: