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Is this serious? Surely he can dress himself and in any event he should look at his peers and follow their lead.
Why is it that so many people here do not know the good and bad shops in their locale? It is a recurrent theme of many newcomers.
Buy two pair of trousers. Suppliers are not in the business of saving you money.
Looks thoroughly dreadful
Of course there is, why on earth do you ask? No lawyer would wear one to court but otherwise they are quite normal in many circumstances.
Absolutely right
AgreeHowever as it is so close to the wedding, (presumably the invitation only arrived yesterday), stop worrying about this dreadful garment, most of the more valued invitees will not notice.
Entirely personal preference and the purpose of the garment. There is nothing whatever to debate.
It has, why bump it twice in such a short space of time?
Absolutely right: You cannot rank Henry Poole, Stephen Hitchcock or Anderson and Sheppard other than as equals, yet their coats let alone trousers are very different: Poole has a very structured style owing a great deal to their military background yet Hitchcock and A&S offer a very soft style.You must choose which approach you prefer; the finished products will be equally as good.
New Posts  All Forums: