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I would have to agree that you can wear brogues with jeans but really only with dark blue jeans when the occasion is casual but needs a twist of formality - say dinner in a decent restaurant where trousers would be OTT. you might wear them to accompany a blazer and jeans. For day to day use - no!
Why buy something if you do not have anything to wear with it - seems unbelievably daft.
Cleaning then 2/3 times a year will have taken a serious toll on them. you should only clean suits if you spill your lunch on them, else clean the chain of your bicycle when wearing one. Given the sad lives that they have led and the mistreatment they have endured burning may well be a mercy for them.
Save your money. Doubtless there would be someone willing to take it from you but it is not known as den of such people.
Thailand tailors are NOT better than those in HK - save perhaps the very worst. Chan. Gordon Yao at the top end, A Man, Lee Baron and Y William Yu further down. You will usually find one person who has had one they consider a bad experience with all but so long as you find tailors with a Cantonese heritage just avoid Asian touts such as those to be found at Star Ferry Kowloonside who simply peddle rubbish made in sweat shops. Avoid 'Sams' well known but a tourist trap for...
Do you disagree? Advice does not need to be an essay long.
Looks expensive for what it is.
Quickly before anyone suspects that you have been fool enough to buy them.
Lapels are absolutely fine as they are. Not too happy about the sleeves at the should in the rear view. Whilst braces with the trousers are an excellent idea, I might suggest that they are slightly questionable in the more casual surroundings of something for which a sports coat is preferable.
]Shooting at it will certainly leave holes which can be seen.
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