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Well that's a constructive contribution. Or is it merely intended to increase your post count?
A bespoke tailor will, within reason, make the style you want although you might move out of the comfort zone of some with ultra modern styles.
Peak lapels are a matter of preference, "flashy" is not relevant. They would be fine for a funeral.
Navy, grey both fine. Forget all the old fashion nonsense about black for funerals.
Why should anyone offer a discount - what separates subscription to a public web board from the norm to even justify the thought?
That look is simply boring, the jacket looks like an orphaned suit jacket and the trousers are too close a match. Start again.
Welcome.To pick off your questions, I would recommend that you only have ONE tailor and then try to develop a relationship with him so that he understands what you want/like and value and refine his pattern for your suits.ClothI would suggest that you need a light weight wool, let no one suggest you have any man made fibre in it.Question 4You are a lawyer and that profession is uniquely conservation and I recall that the HOG Kong judiciary is largely based on the English...
Coat too short, too small (vents opening, back pinched when button fastened) dreadful divots in the back Trousers Too long (esp. front) Less than wonderful at thighs/seat. Don't worry though, few will notice.
Nonsense: Such shirts can be made in various colours and patterns which you would not normally use for business with tie and suit. I have a number of such shirts made by Ascot Chang - a high end short maker.
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