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+1,strange what working for a minor broadcaster does for the ego.
You do not need sunglasses. That is nonsense Vest - possibly at your choice Suspenders preferred but you will likely want to remove your coat at some point of the evening so probably not.
look and what your peers wear and copy the makes.
MTM - from a brocks and mortar store.
Don't wear an "undershirt" . That it would increase the size you need through the body is hardly a surprise.
Just wear it, looks entirely OK and more a figment of your imagination.
If you don't normally wear one, then don't for this interview. You will be self conscious and probably fiddle with it at the interview.
Buy something that fits rather than fret about either the brand or a trifling detail such as this.
Nonsense, whilst not the flashiest site that ever existed it does its job well.
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