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Watch pocket, bespoke tailors would normally ask if the client wanted it. However appearing without request suggests the trousers may have been made in an Asian sweat shop. Most trousers in some parts of Asia tend to have them. Very useful.
Burning it and then returning the ashes to the vendor seems a good start in dealing with this rag.
Don't even think about such a silly notion.
It will look very dated amongst 'ordinary' mortals.
Go to a few shops and look, easiest way.
Ascot Chiang is the best shirt maker in HK by far
That would be good, leave this one for sensible discussion.
Not really possible to work out where this thread is going - except to page 2 with luck.
Cords should be wrinkled. They are a casual country trouser for which a 'lived in' appearance is absolutely correct.
Stupid way to buy anything - that site is so gross as to be worthless.
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