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use a bus/tram/train or walkfollowing the instructions ordry clean if you believe them to be fragile in some odd way.All seems to be a bit of a fuss about nothing.
"Finance" is a very broad church and does not help over much but there is nothing inherently wrong with it for business use. What is of greater concern is who "E Thomas" the cloth supplier actually is and whether "Super 150" is robust enough. However if it one of half a dozen in use it should not come to much harm. Expensive for what it is and from it you have bought it.
That is still a suit jacket and my original comments apply equally to that as well. A suit jacket is simply not a blazer. Cut to answer your second question, the number of times people have put up a suit jacket because the trousers had been injured and it looks no more right now as then. Ignore shops, they will tell you anything that they think you believe to get merchandise out of the door.
Dry clean if they are that fragile.
Horrible things, surely with modern heating everywhere these are outmoded in the twenty first century?
You could wear that with Chinos or jeans upwards!
Both look dreadful
That URL is to a suit, if you were thinking about buying a suit jacket as blazer forget that silly idea. Suits and casual jackets are quite different and thus to buy the 'wrong' one and create an orphan at birth is quite not a good idea in the slightest.
Doubtless there are differences in production processes but that is quite irrelevant, they are both satisfactory cloths.
It is quite impossible to comment on that suit with that posture. The brown shoes/belt are OK but the notion that you should have a bag (that does not look much like a suit case) to match is nonsense. In general you are over thinking, no one will actually notice your clothes unless you turn up in shorts. You then actually get the job given it suggests something about your character that you are not just another clone.
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