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All DBs have peaked lapels save a few oddities. Trek around the shops, not currently something that they want to foist on the public.
No black suits for your first (or at all in some opinions), so go form navy blue or charcoal. As to where avoid names such as Boss, all you are buying is label with a free dollop of shit thrown in. There are plenty of threads which will assist you so use 'search', 'Seek and ye shall find.
There are numerous so-called tailors in the TST area who will make you a suit in 24 hours. These are characterised by their touts, usually Asian, who will pester you in broken English 'you want tailor?'/'copy watch'/'copy handbag'. You may well be deemed to have a lucky face. All the merchandise they offer is total crap. No decent tailor employs such oiks. Having stayed in a hotel which is part of Ocean/Harbour City in TST I had more than my fill when walking to Star Ferry...
YOU appear likely to wear it so YOU should choose. The opinions of everyone else are irrelevant.
It is too long and also looks awful, such cloth is very dated - is it second hand?
You will only get rubbish this way, but do try it.
Quite normal, you feet flex and so does anything you put on them.
This is far too effusive to be real. How much is he paying you to post this lot?
Wear whatever you have, at sixteen no one will expect you to have a big wardrobe.
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