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Anything I happen to be wearing at the time including bare feet. Can't be doing with this nonsense about not wearing this pair or that - they're shoes for goodness sake.
As 12345Michael (etc) correctly says, it may well be fashionable. I favour elegant classic suits, they can be 'interesting' eg Solaro and some of the Zegnas to name but two you choose and pays yer month, if it does not work out next season, you still have it!
You need to be careful as monitors can distort colour unless of high quality such as Apple Retina 5k examples; only then unless they have been calibrated. What is so special about that blue? It looks vulgar to me.
Most jackets are fully lined so did you mean that? It is certainly not a USP and if that their claim then charlatans and a wish to supply the unknowing, preferably those about to go back to Chep Lap Kok come to mind.
Good observation! Where are their premises?
Ugly cheap looking things. I wouldn't.
For Saville Row you need to visit several houses and discuss your needs with each to establish the one whose work and cutter you prefer. There is no 'right' tailor nor any 'wrong' tailor they all have their attractions to someone. Eg Henry Poole favours a military cut and Anderson and Shepherd's house standard is a 'soft' tailored coat. Andrew Ramroop at Maurice Sedwell has produced some "edgier" garments so may be talk to him. Put your bank manager on the list as well!
I daresay they do, quality? Price is nothing as such, what thoughts have you had on this - the answer is not the 'best possible'/cost or anything like that.In Hong Kong the best quality would found at the likes of AMHC, Chan and Gordon Yao. The cheapest by accepting the blandishments of the touts at Star Ferry. You pays your money and takes your chances.
They will be nowhere near the quality of Hober or Cappelli, indeed they should not even appear as comparators. You get what you pay for and I have to say that Korea is not known for sartorial elegance. Do you not have some reasonable shops nearby where you can select something in your budget? Fake comes to mind and I hate to think of what they are made.
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