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You still wear them?
Are there any? I have never heard mention of Greece in the forum over many years. Let us know if you found one.
Watch and wait. Learn about the various fit issues and major on those price ranges that you are likely to choose. If you are going to spend £4,500 on each then your approach should be to determine the detailing of what you want, double breasted, braces, belt and so on, then go to Savile Row and call upon 3/4 houses to see the one with which you are most comfortable and then go ahead and make you first commission, If you are in the RTW arena then tarry and read, understand...
Very informative. It would be interesting to see some more of the bespoke houses as well as one or two on the UK Regional entities, many of whom had the proprietor/cutter and a few others the actually construct the garment: it might tell us something about the tradesmen of the past.
That is true but the quality is poor and so not a commendation. Notice if you go for a fitting at the high end places such as Yao, AMHC and so on, the tailor is usually brought to do the fitting, I have never yet met one under 555 and frequently a great deal older. I repeat, there are not enough good tailors to go round.
Worth what anyone would pay for such a repaired rag, (est. $US10) it you have doubts it is probably fake.
If it floats your boat...
95% Wool of some sort, 5% Silk. Google always remains a good acquaintance if not a friend.
Can you actually see the tartan you seem to despise so much? If you are blessed with better sight than the rest of us, fine otherwise buy it for the purpose you outline else buy something else.
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