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Interesting, thanks.Out of curiosity, why did you have the trousers made elsewhere? An unusual approach.
Hardly an adequate budget for that level of demand. You will either need to find more money or settle for less, I reckon.
It would be interesting to see how the inside of the various jackets are finished and the front and rear of the trousers without the you wearing the jackets. A new tailor on this Board I think.
Fake as the day is long! Just look at the badges, one is simply nasty the other is merely Gucci nasty.
Probably a charlatan - expecting people to fall for that.
"Trump" is not related to that Charlatans who would like to be president of the USA is it? If so avoid.
$575 is too good a deal, it is MTM at best.
This is a suit not a casual jacket - to match this to some odd trousers would look appalling and make you a fool.
I'd disagree - seems a very a very superficial piece about costume rather than suits.
+1Essential to build such a relationship with your chosen tailor, not simply buying something to take home as a trinket.
New Posts  All Forums: