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Drink too much and your wish would be granted!
Good, I doubt that you will regret it in the slightest.
Iris has fared extremely well in several reviews here. Few if any others have matched them.
Blues, pinks, black, greys. Pick tie with care.
Second hand: He has more idea than you.Burn it and don't be a cheapskate. Don't be beguiled by a label, that has no bearing on it.
It is utterly "ridiculous": Understand the advice that you have been given and don't clutch at straws to support this silly request. You must decide if they fit your feet not what a feature looks like: None of your suggestions are measurements of fit.
In a skip? Doubtless made in some far eastern on south American sweat shop. If you want to replace them you surely need to go to some shops and see what is on offer today.
Pictures of your lower leg and feet are of no earthly use to determine which fit - and have no other interest to anyone I imagine. Which shoes are suitable is determined by what goes on INSIDE the shoe and not appearance. Only the wearer can decide which are comfortable to walk in and wear generally. The human race is not blessed with X-ray vision. How they might behave over time cannot be predicted as you would wish, only generalised.
Note Chris Despos' advice on lapels, follow his experience.
Which sweat shop made them?
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