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'Altered' because they don't fit or "made", bit of a difference. You might be better changing the header from your name to what you actually want to talk about.
What point are you trying to make with all these rambling posts, with pretty colours emphasising sundry points?We all know that that many "tailors" in Hong Kong use sweat shops, many Saville Row tailors use 'out workers' who are just freelances. So, one might hit lucky and find a work room at the upper end of the market, you might also hit one which is at the bottom end (most are), that is choice. What do you think that the Asia touts at the likes of Star Ferry,...
Yes you should but why not send this image from IG to Tom Ford.......If they can't tell you, then rake round all the stores and concessions Google reveals. There is no magic way, as I say all my black magic aids are unavailable.
That really is far too many sub brands to market successfully. Confusing at best, and does not define what "Ralph Lauren" actually stands for, leading to confusion and lost sales if someone buys the cheapest, realises that it is cheap and steers away from anything marked 'Lauren' as a result. All that said, in clothing and opposed to marketing territory, all you buy is an over hyped label which is not worth the money!
Probably, but is there something special about it that pushes you to buy some old second hand thing whose history you don't know?
Cloth yes, fit and quality, "Comrade" is spot on.
You should look more closely, there are three long posts detailing my experiences where people were interested to read them and deal of others!I don't do fools gladly I agree, that's not how businesses are built or much else for that matter. The trouble with many posts is that people don't think; "which is the best". the answer will always be 'the one you like and can afford'. No one else is going to be seen in it, dead or alive so you must answer your own question....
OK, your reports on them?
Not in the slightest, all salesmen would tell you that their goods are the best possible in the world. Sales speak proves nothing whatever, objective consumer reports might..As to anger, how do you deduce that?
New Posts  All Forums: