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Just do as the label suggests - it is nonsense to immediately believe it to simply be decorative,
Yes, Sam Hober can meet your requirements - and certainly don't cost $100
Your wish is granted.Yes, burning it would be a substantial improvement on what we see here.
Four is considered correct. Five is vulgar and three denotes a cheap garment.
it might just help if you said where you lived!
My crystal ball isn't working too well today - can't quite see the rag.
Buy a new pair, natural degradation.
Get on your feet and go and look in the shops. Internet buying is not mandatory.
What injustice have they suffered?
You are like to many over thinking this. Forget about the concept of 'rules' so fondly implied by many newcomers who can't dress themselves. If it looks right it in the context of the function that you are attending it probably is.
New Posts  All Forums: