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You are correct, nothing wrong with either but one is obviously easier going on the wallet.
Expensive for a label.
Where do you keep it?
That one word beginning with a 'P' is reason enough to ignore this!
Have whatever the hell you want, that's not an issue nor is a DISCRETE monogram. However that is for shirts made for you; to put a monogram on any RTW shirt is the height of absurdity and just vulgar affectation.
Go to a bricks and mortar store and avoid anything not made from wool!
Ironing might help.
led That CT thing is made from recycled plastic bottles and seems like an affront to decency to call such man made rag as "Super 110s". That should be reserved for wool. Tailor4less sums it up in those last four letters albeit there is a word missing 'quality'. Unless you are desperate for a double breasted suit and your world will end without one I would suggest saving your money.
Main thing is, are you happy with them?There are quite a number of points which should have been picked up at fittings; I assume/hope that they were MTM not bespoken.
Those companies will make them for him, one of them badly.
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