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I'm afraid that you have bought a second hand suit which does not fit you. Cut as well as style/size are all equally important. Put it back on fleaBay or if you did not pay much above its real value $5, £3 just burn it and spare yourself the effort.
How does one wear these? Would 'Men's Style' or another forum not create a lively discussion.
Quite - best way to find one of these is google. In fact had PTR1988 done that he would have found such suppliers!!!!
Seems like a wild guess: Why?
Chinos, woollen trousers given that there are all manner of degrees of 'casual' and that term does not carry any meaning whatever. In fact it is probably correct to say any pair of trousers other than suit trousers can have a place within 'casual'.
It's Sunday so cut-offs, tee shirt and jesus boots.
If you have cause to doubt their provenance they are most likely fake.
Nor would it be the end of the world if he wore his pyjamas or night shirt. All three look pretty stupid though.
A black corduroy suit has very few useful purposes if any. Quite unsuitable for a wedding - supposedly a happy event not a funeral. So either get a decent suit, linen has been mentioned, lightweight wool, any colour but black or dark grey. If you can't get one stay at home and not make a fool of yourself.
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